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I know you’re a big dog breeder. Are you going to train your bulldogs to sniff covet 19 or what perk is frozen vince? What do you think about the coconuts Music it’s, an interesting concept? Yeah, i mean it’s an interesting concept: i’m interested to see how that works out. Yeah just got to be careful. You know that those dogs don’t need to go to the restroom or anything. You know that’s the one thing you got to be leery of all right: welcome to the jump i’m george sedano and for our fearless leader, rachel, nichols who’s, headed to boston for the lakers celtic saturday night on abc i’m joined remotely by nba champion kendrick perkins. Who will join us in just a second of course, future hall of famer vince carter coming up perk shared his all star starters on twitter. Yesterday, vince is going to tell us if he buys what kendrick is selling you know with his all star picks, but first we begin today’s show with my hometown miami heat and it has not gone well for eric spoelstra’s squad. Miami blew an 18 point, lead last night to the clippers, who didn’t have paul george and kawhi this all in front of the fans who were sniffed by dogs that we mentioned earlier and again it was their fifth straight loss for miami and after the game, tyler Hero said this group is good in the locker room, we’re just going to figure it out soon.

A big part of the problem is the absence of jimmy butler for 10 straight games, he’s been out due to covet 19 protocols. We saw a much slimmer version of jimmy on the sidelines wednesday night. His status is unclear for saturday’s game against the kings, so the heat currently ranked near the bottom of the league in win percentage, offensive efficiency, three point field goal percentage and dead last in rebounds per game. So vince i’ll ask you: how worried should he fans be right now about their squad uh? I honestly think it’s it’s it’s some concern uh, i mean obviously their fearless leader and jimmy butler um, not there um, looking slimmer than ever and it’s about you know. Well, first and foremost, it’s about making sure that jimmy is okay, he’s safe and he you know he’s able to get himself back into game shape and get back on the floor because i mean he brings a lot to the table for the miami heat uh. You know his voice his play. You know his effort on the court so but right now they just have to hold the fort down until he gets back and yeah it’s it’s it’s a concern. When you know you have an opportunity, uh against a clippers team, that’s missing their superstars um, both of them and you have a double digit lead and – and it falls apart. That is a concern because they pride themselves on their defensive culture and the atmosphere and just closing games and being able to take care of business and it’s.

Not getting done right now. So hopefully jimmy gets, gets, gets, better, gets get back on the court for them and it can go back to their winning ways perk what about those guys from the 305? I know you were big on them last year. What are you seeing from them right now? Well well, unfortunately, george the goons from dade county has been affected by injuries and coke and the covet protocol and it sucks but here’s the thing. The heat are in trouble right now, because the east is stronger, it’s, no more of this weak eastern conference. To me, the east is just as equal as the western conference, and you have a lot of teams right now, like the pacers, the hawks, the orlando magic, i mean the cleveland cavaliers that are getting better, even though to be six even the next to be six Games under 500 right now at this point and not playing really good basketball, inspiring basketball and have to play catch up in this strong eastern conference is just not good right. Now george and i it’s hard to say, but the heat are in trouble, they got to pray because it’s first 48 right now, yeah, i don’t think there’s any question about it. Perk when you think about it. Like you know, look the jimmy situation is big. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. I thought vince nailed that and look it. It i’m not gon na act like i’m, a doctor or i even know anything, but i do think that considering he’s been out this long, it probably shows you how serious the kovitz situation was within the miami heat organization um.

They have dealt with injuries. They. I think they’ve only played maybe half their games with at least eight players um like that that’s, a big problem right like when you’re when you’re fielding a team with a bunch of g league guys i don’t care how good eric spoelstra is. I don’t care how good bam has been and they’ve both been great. Thus far, this season that’s a big problem to overcome, like it’s a challenge. I do think that we’ve seen this team, though, when their back is against the wall uh if they can get right. I still feel like they can be one of those teams that can sneak in to the play in situation or maybe even to that eighth or seventh spot in the east. But george, like you said like like, like perk, said brother. You get too far down down the line. It’S gon na be almost virtually impossible to get yourself back into contention to get into the playing game because you’re, like i think she said, six games uh under 500. Well, you keep pummeling down there, it it after a while it’s it’s, even when jimmy gets back, because he still has to get in game shape right. He has to get back into that high level basketball shape that he’s capable of being in you know it could be too late. All right, let’s move on here, the nba all star voting started earlier this week. Perk you shared your all star starters for each conference on twitter yesterday.

Carry on uh, take us through your selections starting out west. What do we got here? Well, first of all, you know you got lebron james right, i mean think about it, he’s playing at extremely high level at an mvp type level, so that was a no brainer. You look at stephen curry, a guy that probably if the war, if he wasn’t playing with the warriors, they probably would not have won the game this season. So almost averaging 30 points a game, look at what dame lillard is doing being the dame dollar that we know putting up. Third, almost 30 points a night, and then you talk about big jokes, the joker. His number speaks for himself jamal murray hasn’t been playing up. The par like we expected him to play, we thought he was going to take a tremendous leap this year, after what we saw in the bubba and he hasn’t so jokers has been carrying this devil nugget team and i would never question a great greg popovich again When he make a comparison like he did saying that yokish is the new larry bird. I believe him okay and then paul george. I know everybody want to talk about kawhi, leonard and rightfully so, but paul george is having one of the best seasons of his career. He’S, shooting uh uh he’s, shooting 50 49, 50 48 from the 3 and 90 from the line to some ridiculous. That number like that and he’s playing some inspiring basketball and guess what he took a lot of heat in the bubble.

He took a lot of heat. This plo, this uh off season. He said that people were gon na pay on all the smoke podcasts and he’s, showing up so not only is he talking to talk but he’s, walking the walk and that’s. Why that’s, how i selected my all star starters in the western conference? Do you and vince got a problem with it? George, okay, let’s let’s let’s go with vince first at vince. What do you think about perk selections? I, like the selection there’s only one person that uh is kind of of question. If you would and it’s paul, george and and everything you say is a thousand percent correct.

What do you think?

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