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Dr swift, very good. Thank you. Well trustees. It is january school board appreciation month. I know that i hear from trustees that you sometimes that you would rather not do this part, but it is very important for uh ann arbor, public schools and for our community um to recognize the service of our trustees. Each january we’re pleased to take just a few minutes to reflect on and honor the trustees of our board of education. Your commitment to the ann arbor public schools into the service that you so willingly give throughout each year when asked most folks in this community and in so many communities, aren’t really sure exactly what school board members do yet most understand that trustees have an important role As leaders in the community trustees of the board of education give many many hours each week and do the thankless work involved in serving at the local level. Many of the toughest challenges that we face in our ann arbor community, particularly during this 2021 code pandemic trustees, are there to serve trustees. Take on the responsibility for governing the education of our children in the ann arbor community, first and foremost, school boards, and this one in particular, look out for students, education and children are not a lining line item on the budget that you review. Students are the critical mission of the daily work of our trustees. Um trustees have a long history in the united states dating back to the 1800s in that idea of local governance of school districts.

Folks may not realize it, but 90 percent of u.s children attend a public school, and today more than 90 000 locally elected officials govern over 13 well it’s about 13 600 local districts, um serving more than 50 million public school students. We appreciate what our trustees do in completing the good work on behalf of our children, in that our trustees are community leaders committed to do what is right for all our children. Um trustees are courageous leaders and sound decision makers who take their responsibilities seriously as superintendent. I, alongside the ann arbor, public schools, team and community, want to share our gratitude. Thank you for the work that you do um. We are so proud to be a part of this organization and to be a member of community uh where our school boards can lead and serve as you do so. On this 27th day of january 2021, we say a heartfelt thank you to secretary susan basquet, serving since 2003 trustee crystal dupree serving since 2021 trustee jeff gainer since 2017, president brian johnson, since 2019, vice president jessica kelly since 2016, treasurer rebecca lazarus since 2019 and trustee Ernesto carrajero since 2021. Thank you trustees. We appreciate you in the service you so generously give to the eighteen thousand students, teachers, staff and parents in our ann arbor, public schools, community um, mr clooney, has a video and then miss osinski will finish uh. By sharing with you, um a treat uh that will be coming to your home soon, and so with that mr cluely.

Each january communities across the country take a moment to thank the members of their local school board during school board. Appreciation month. Trustees of the board of education give countless hours to do the often thankless work necessary to run a successful school district working together. The seven trustees that comprise the ann arbor public schools, board of education take on the responsibility for governing the education of our children. Their public service officially includes developing and adapting policies curriculum in the budget, overseeing facilities, issues, hiring a superintendent and approving collective bargaining agreements. Yet the reality of serving on a school board involves listening to and representing the community on complex issues, large and small, with the knowledge that in many cases, any decision they make will leave members of our community upset, even in this most challenging of years. The ann arbor public schools board of education has worked to keep the district focused on teaching and learning, offering quality, arts programming and keeping students, staff and families safe and connected for all of this dedication. We thank the ann arbor public schools. Board of education. I’Ve had two children run through ann, our public schools from kindergarten all the way through graduation at pioneer and community, and – and i just want to say thank you service on the ann arbor school board – is – is incredibly important, it’s incredibly impactful and uh and, as you Know it is incredibly difficult uh, you know you are dealing with our most precious precious resources, you’re dealing with our children and you’re doing so in an environment where uh, where you don’t have control.

Uh people look to you for decision making, but you are so bound by uh by law and resources. It is um it’s, tough work but and it’s work that will never satisfy everybody that there will always be challenges. There’Ll always be folks who, who disagree with the decisions that you come to, people whose opinion you value will disagree with you and that’s hard work. Our educators, which includes the board of trustees, assist in preparing these children to be clear, think areas to be able to tap into that potential to to live a meaningful life um to to be productive and useful and be real contributors to this community. I think the board is doing a tremendous job in a very difficult situation and it’s it’s not easy to make decisions when you have constraints of policy on the local and the state level. And you have such a large number of people that you’re trying to take care of and be responsible for and provide a good education on top of all of the other complexities of a pandemic. That it’s, just, i feel like. We really are lucky to have a group of people who are centered on trying to find a solution and move forward, rather than being stuck in the details and getting distracted by the chaos of the pandemic. That’S around us i’ve been active in politics and policy and governance now for over 15 years, and when i’m asked, i routinely say the hardest job at any level of government is serving on a school board.

You are charged with absolutely the most precious and important resource. We have in our young people and our children. You serve long hours. You serve intense in intense meetings with with policies that will shape lives, and you do so in a way where you know. Unfortunately, the thank yous. The pats on the back can be few and far between. I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a fantastic school board appreciation month, and i just wanted to say you know it is not an easy job doing what you do. You have an amazing and awesome responsibility at the school board level: i’m, really making sure that the next generation of leaders is educated. I know that my time at ann arbor, public schools was fantastic partially, due to the work that school board members did and the work that you all continue to do will ensure that future generations are able to lead and be an amazing part. Not only just of our community but of our state of our nation and of our world. So thank you so much for your work. We all really appreciate it. Trustees are courageous leaders and sound decision makers who take their responsibilities very seriously as superintendent i, along with the entire ann arbor public schools, team and community, want to share our deepest gratitude. Thank you for the work you do. We thank your children and families for the time they have sacrificed with you so that you could be in service to all our community’s children.

We wish you the joy and the reward of selfless service. Thank you school board for keeping us safe. Thank you board of education, thank you to the board of education for your dedication and your service to the students and the teachers of ann arbor and for keeping us safe and working hard to do so. Thank you so much. Thank you. School board: just gracias, school bird board, we’re gon na have your school board; muchas gracias, school, board, Music, Music! Thank you board of education for prioritizing the safety of your students, staff and the community. During these troubling times. Your work truly makes ann arbor an exceptional place to learn. I know that when all of you stepped into your board of education role, a global pandemic was probably the farthest thing on your mind, and yet here we are so it’s, even more so important that at this time i reach out to extend my appreciation to all Of you for the countless hours that i know you’ve all put in and the commitment that you all continue to demonstrate to the educators and to the families within our ann arbor public school community. Thank you so much. We appreciate you. A2 steam appreciates our board of ed trustees. Thank you to our board of education from the dicken dolphins. Thank you board of education. Thank you. Ann arbor, public schools, board of education on behalf of clay middle school, i’m shay carter, i’d, like to say thank you to the board of education.

For all that you do. Thank you, ann arbor, board of education for prioritizing health and safety in this uncertain and unprecedented time. Staying home has been the difficult choice and it will be so worth it when we can gather a together again, knowing that we did every single thing we could to protect every single member of our school community. Thank you, Music. Music. Education. Cool. Thank you. Thank you, mr clearly great job. You guys miss amy olszinski has prepared for you, um and i hope trustees that as you serve year over year. This is not anything you ever tire of, and that is the gift of a piece of student artwork, and this comes from roman and miss miss christina ruffin’s fifth grade class at abbott elementary it. It is a kaleidoscope, piece of art and um any missile synthetic. So the kids did this at home with the kaleidoscope, app and they’re. Just spectacular, very good so you’ll receive this, and it has the little note in the corners so that you remember roman in fifth grade from abbott elementary is the artist um, and these will be coming to you and i hope that you will enjoy them over the Coming years and they’ll serve as a very tiny token of our deep gratitude for your service. Thank you. Thank you very much trustees. Any comments, trustee kelly. Thank you! Um! Every year, when i see this on the agenda, you know there’s like a aw shucks, like don’t kind of moment, but this year i thought on the agenda and literally groaned i’m like oh, no, not this year, there’s just so much distress right.

There are so many people in such complicated situations and and really going through it this year, and i i i wouldn’t, be surprised if i’m, not the only one who saw this and just said, but we’re not doing enough, because we can’t fix this. All and and and like people aren’t happy right now things aren’t going well, and but i know that all of you come here because you want to solve things. I know that in in each of your hearts is, is the desire to jump in when it’s hard and make things better for people, because you’re not doing it for the past on the back and the big paycheck that’s for darn sure so um. I i personally groaned when i saw it there, because i think i share that that trouble lean feeling that we’re not fixing it for everyone right now, but as a parent, if you have three kids in the district as a parent, i just appreciate knowing what’s in Your hearts and how hard you’re all working – and i want to say thank you to my colleagues and the team that makes it possible um, and i also want to say thank you to roman, because i will have a spot right here on my wall with, with The other student artwork that i’ve collected and i cherish so so thank you to roman and thank you to my colleagues trustees. Anyone else all right well. Well, i will, i will just say thank you so much first to mr cooley for that wonderful, video and just putting all that together uh.

Secondly, to the the kids um. You know i i do agree with uh with trustee kelly and that it’s it’s been really difficult to please everyone, and we know that that we’re, that we fall short in some cases, but it’s it’s really uh, encouraging to see the faces of the kids and to See that they’re still uh engaged and um – and you know just to it – makes me feel good as well to have trustees that that work so hard, uh and and to make these decisions with and to have the tough conversations and asking the tough questions. So, thank you all so much. Thank you, dr swift and your whole team for uh. For all that you do and also i wrote down roman from abbott too, as a as an abbott, grad, uh uh. So many fond memories of the abbott and centrums and all that stuff, so so um shout out to roman.

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