School, Ohio Bay Village Police Department hold press conference after Bay Village High School placed on lockdown

m. The bay village police department received a cough and, on the phone, was a male’s voice, reporting that an individual was in the high school bathroom with guns and knives, threatening to shoot up the school. The school resource officer was advised and our other officers that were working. The road were dispatched, the school was also advised and put on a lockdown. Mutual aid was requested from the surrounding agencies. A systematic search of the school was conducted and no credible threats nor weapons were found. Students were subsequently transported to bay, presbyterian church and are being reunified with their parents, so that is still taking place at this point in time. Our detectives will continue to investigate this matter and as of right now, i know some of the rumors out there. There might have been some hostages, um or people in bathrooms, and, and that is false – there were no hostages uh. We found no, like, i said, no credible threats and no weapons were located so and then i have a copy for you guys as well. Can i just ask, do we think that this was an actual local person that did this, or would this have been like? One of those spammer type calls that happened over recent months? We’Re still investigating that um it does tend to be more local than anything, but, like i said, our detectives will have to follow up with any of the leads that are gone coming in so far you said male.

Did it sound like a child male 1 or just an older male? I mean it’s hard to tell you, could tell it’s a male’s voice but it’s hard to pinpoint an age on. It. Did the call come into 9 1 1 or was it no dispatch? So who was the call who took the call officer? Zack perky took the phone call, okay, yeah and it came in a regular eight. Seven one one two three four line got it: were you able to trace the number and see we’re working on that? Can you address the impact this? Had i mean we saw police from all types of departments and the fact that this was appeared to be a hoax, but yet you had to use the quality resource. Absolutely i mean it it’s, something that we take very seriously and it affects not only our community but all the communities. Like you said, we had agencies from all over here, helping us out from rocky river lakewood west lake, north homestead fairview park, avon lake ohio state highway patrol the sheriffs were ready to go. We had fire departments on standby, just in case we had other agencies, calling us saying we’re here, we’re ready to help you out, so it not only impacts bay village, but it unpacks all these other agencies and all these other cities that came and helped us out And what was the process once you got in? You had the room to room and get the kids out.

How did that process play out? That’S, correct, that’s, uh that’s, held by our officers that were down there? They set up a command center and then systematically started going through the school just to make sure it was clear and from your vantage point in your role in this, how difficult is it to try to figure out what exactly happened when, as you acknowledged earlier, there’s A lot of rumors there’s, always things like that. That happen, how difficult it’s very hard uh and, like you said you, we hear lots of rumors and then obviously you have um parents that are very concerned about their kids in the school. So they’re they’re calling to talk to us. You have staff members that are trying to find out what’s going on in their own school and helping us out that way, and we have other schools within the city too. It wasn’t just bay high school that was put on lockdown. You know you had everything from uh the child care center at glenview school all the way through the high school, so the middle school, the intermediate schools, the elementary schools, everything was put on lockdown for hours. While we made sure that everything was good to go and how many kids would have been in the school because they’re in a hybrid right so yeah, it would have been full well, i’m, not sure if bay high is doing a hybrid right now. I think um that would be more of a question for them.

I don’t know how many kids are in the schools right now. Do you feel good about your preparedness now that you’ve seen how everyone reacted to this possible situation? I do and obviously something it’s something that we will debrief after this and um. Like anything questions, you know, what did we do? Well, what can we have done better um so that you know, obviously we keep continuing to prepare ourselves as these con. You know for it to happen again. Can you release the call? Can we put that out maybe see if anyone recognizes the voice uh not at this time, but um that’s, something that we’re looking into at this point in time? What kind of charges could they face? Um for one thing, inducing panic and that’s, obviously stuff that we would have to get with the prosecutors on after everything was all said and done. So, just because some parents might be wondering why bust the kids away from the campus, as opposed to just doing a standard dismissal, it’s a reunification process, it’s a pro the process that the schools and have put into place, it’s an accountability thing. So they can take the time that’s necessary to check off the kids that have been taken to the school and account for everybody at the end of the day. So i really do have to get going. I i got some copies here. If you guys guys want it, thank you very much for your patience.

Oh one of the things, if you guys can um help us put it out there. Please stay off of lake road right now, we’re trying to get the buses from the rygate lake road area, which is on the back side of the high school down to bay, presbyterian, church and there’s. Just a lot of traffic with you know. Maybe the parents can use wolf road to get down that way. We are trying to get the buses down lake road to get to bay, presbyterian church, so any help you guys can do with that. Getting that out to the people for us we’d greatly appreciate it. That would be great.

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