School, Ohio Major central Ohio school districts cancel classes, delay due to snow & poor road conditions

Look at the level one and level two snow emergencies right now, pretty much all of central ohio that we’re taking a look at the yellow, of course level. One, that means the roads are hazardous, but the other half the ones in bright orange, the delaware, madison, pickaway, fayette, ross counties. You are all level two, which means you should not be on the roads unless you have to be because that’s when it’s really dangerous. All right, we’d like to check in with meteorologist jeff booth right now and uh. We saw the blue bands on your map, we’re just wondering how soon we can expect a little bit of a break from this. Some of us are starting to see a little bit of a break, and actually i was just outside looking outside of the station, and i can say we still have some light snow it’s, not as heavy as it was earlier, though today so that’s, good news things Are going to be improving through the morning hours, which will give crews a chance to get out there and get ahead of all this, but one of the issues we’re dealing with is the blowing snow. It makes it tough once you clear off the road guess what more blows right back onto it and we can see out in heath newark area. They are getting those roads clear but notice that snow kind of moving out of here from north to south, and we can still see a few flurries up in the far north but notice we don’t have as much of that dark blue as we had earlier get On down just southeast of the city, it’s a different story: circle in the lancaster you’re, seeing a bit of a snow band up through newark as well and more of that action out into athens out through parts of vinton jackson, counties even down into portsmouth.

So gon na have to give yourself some extra time, good five, maybe ten minutes to clear off that windshield this morning, gon na be kind of kind of busy out there. Temperatures are coming in in the mid to upper 20s. It feels like we are in the mid teens, though, and as we head through the day, we’re going to watch the snow move out of here, get a few breaks in the clouds in the afternoon and hit 27. we’re tracking. The next big cooldown, though we’ll, tell you what day it arrives and how long it lasts coming up. Molly brewer, though, is watching the roads and molly we’ve had two busy days in a row, but i think today is a little bit worse than yesterday, only because we’re getting the active snow and the winds are not helping. I agree, jeff. If you are headed out this morning, a lot of those road conditions are tough. This is a look at some of our highways from our odot cameras. I wish i could show you some of the columbus streets, because you know, even as crews treat the roadways like jeff said that refreeze and that drifting snow doesn’t help. I saw a shot earlier of broad street and mcnaughton that just looked completely snow packed. But here is a live. Look extra caution here: we’ve got a semi off on the right hand, side of the ramp from london, grove port road to 71 northbound, not a good space to be, especially when those ramps are as slick as they are.

If you are heading out again a reminder for you, on 71 we’ve got a crash on 71 northbound and southbound blocking the left lane near state route 56 mount sterling, a second crash on 71 southbound about a mile north of there traffic moving 35 miles an hour In both directions and really that’s the case across the board, we have a lot of delays out there, a lot of yellow and orange popping up on our map very early on this morning. Now christa frost is headed toward delaware. This morning and krista on the roadways, you’ve got a different perspective. What are things looking like for you yeah, so molly? We just turned on the section line: road, just off of state route. 36, like you said, headed toward delaware. Things are just really covered. You can see blow right or snow right in front of us that’s blowing over the roadway, and actually i think there is a car that we just passed this off to our left side of the road. I just noticed that so and that’s the third car. So far, i’ve seen this morning, then that’s veered off into a ditch or off the side of the road. Another one that i mentioned earlier off of 33 and then we passed one on 36 as well, so really want to take it careful as you can, especially on these back roads, a lot of snow just all over the roadway blowing and drifting, especially as we have These fields that are off to the side now, if you’re headed into a more busy area like columbus, downtown delaware areas, the places that you’re going to want to look out for those highways, the ramps getting on and off the highway.

That’S what’s really made me nervous. This morning, just a lot of slick spots and those haven’t really been plowed that well at least this morning. Not yet now we have seen a lot of different salt trucks and plows out this morning, especially from different counties in different cities. So they’re working on that. But still just take it easy and a lot of these northern areas definitely under a level two snow emergency. So if you don’t have to be outside, don’t go outside of course, we’re gon na stay out here and just keep an eye on these roads. Definitely uh hoping that these conditions get a little better but we’ll check in with you in about 30 minutes or so and let you know how things are but i’m going to go ahead and send it back to you guys in the studio, all right krista. Thank you so much for that. We do want to check latino ramos he’s in picaway county and they are under a level two snow emergency, tino yeah. We can tell you as well at this point here the thing to be about being under a level two snow emergency. It allows some of the work crews to try and get busy in terms of getting all these roads clear, but look at this intersection right here. This is a prime example of what we’re dealing with in pickaway county, completely covered, getting a little slushy, now getting a little messy but very difficult to travel on it’s slick there’s, no doubt about it as you head into pickaway, county and we’re in the circleville area.

Right now, i want to show you some video too, because when we arrived earlier this morning and that’s when we saw everything completely covered and we’re talking completely covered when you drove in here, it was probably about 40 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour that We saw in terms of trying to get to circleville itself very slick underneath and roads were covered with snow itself, so as you’re working your way in here today, again with a level two, if you do not have to be on the road like krista said, please Do not do that. I want to bring you back here live if i can, because i want to show you something real, quick here, this worker right here. He has been working on this parking lot for some time now. This is a lot that was clear. This lot was clear yesterday and now look at it.

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