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, I’m, a registered strength, conditioning coach and also a fellow of applied, functional science., Oh and I’ve trained Patrick Mahomes, since the fourth grade. Let’s get into some of the stuff we like to do to get ready for the season. Patrick’s training goals Are simple: win the Super Bowl., So in order to do that, priority number one is to be resilient.. He’S got to stay healthy. Today, we’re gon na talk about 3D power implementation with med, balls. We’re gon na talk about track, work and we’re gon na talk about strength, training for Patrick Mahomes., Medicine, ball training is so important to Patrick’s regimen because he likes to produce Power for multiple different angles in the way that he plays a position of quarterback. So for us implementing, medball, throws and medball rotational passes and shop hoods from multiple planes. Emotion, number one and implementations number two is very important.: Situp medball throw.. What this helps Patrick do is understand how to use his body from the waist up in order to execute overhead throwing power.. You hinge from your hips, lift your upper body off the ground first and finish and fall through all the way through.. When you finish and throw the ball, your hands should almost go past. Your toes like a hamstring stretch. And obviously you want to hit the wall as hard as you, can., Medball, Granny Toss.. What this helps Patrick do is learn to get extension from his hips.. So a lot of times, we’ll cue him to throw his hips through his head.

. This is going to help give him flexibility in his spine in the sagittal plane and learn not to over rely on his upper body to produce power. Medball shotput throw.. What this helps? Patrick, do is learn to draw power from his spine and translate that power into an upper body finish.. So when he sets up he’s going to be laterally facing the wall with his elbow high in the back and then I cue him to rotate his heel high and then finish with his elbow all the way through the ball.. And obviously you want to hit the ball against the wall as hard as you, can. Partner, pass rainbow medball slam.. What this helps is frontal plane power., So for him to be able to catch. The ball reversed the direction of the ball and slam it down by his foot, works on that frontal plane power.. Now this has a lot to do with linking your obliques to your lats and learning how to finish and hinge through your hips. In the frontal plane. upbeat music Track work. Sprinting running drills are incredibly important for any type of thrower or quarterback. For a couple. Reasons. Number one: it primes what we call the spinal engine., So everything from your belly button to your neck. It makes work. In working in an athletic way that you can’t get from the weight. Room. Number two: it helps with scapular range of motion and upper body. Speed: development.

And number three: it helps with range of motion, flexibility and mobility in the shoulder gird. Single leg, broad jump.. This helps Patrick learn how to decelerate in the open field.. If you’re sprinting a lot of times, you go from one to two or two to one to redirect or change pace in a game., So this is about deceleration properties and also the ability to explode off of one leg. Hurdle bounds, help Patrick understand, coordination and timing. With his body in space and his feet underneath his body while moving through space., This is also going to help with lower body power and amplitude. Every time your foot touches the ground.. If you’re going to do this drill, I would recommend super setting with full speed. Sprints. Sled push., We utilize a sled push for Patrick for foot, mobility, flexibility and stability, also learning horizontal power and strength. And making sure that he can finish and hit big lines as he sprints and also finishes through his hips.. The backwards sled pool is used for posterior chain reinforcement., Also teaching the body how to pull through different transformational zones., For instance, teaching the hamstring how to extend the knee when you’re moving backwards and also keeping the back stable, while you’re moving with resistance going backwards. Patrick Uses the lateral sled drag for frontal plane, strength and also teaching the foot how to roll through lateral movements and have strengthened stability all the way up. The kinetic chain.

, The other thing that it does is allows recruitment on one side of the body for stability, while you’re moving and coordinating through different strength positions with the lower body. Get up. Sprints help Patrick learn how to get out of difficult positions and rise up to a position that he can sprint in perform in.. They also help with big toe flexibility, mobility, stability and flexibility of the ankle, and also teaching him how to propel his upper body and spinal engine to run fast. Cone, speed, drill. The cone speed drill is for balancing coordination and agility concepts.. Can you coordinate grabbing the cone and putting it back and also hit good angles with your shins Move, fast. upbeat, music Weight room exercises are important because they help us with the concept of resiliency.. The stronger an athlete is, the more they conduct power and the more they can conduct speed.. So it gives us greater opportunity to work those things without high risk., Elevated split squat., Patrick uses, elevated split squat to work strength and an in range of motion.. In this position, you need to work, slow and have isometric holds for up to five seconds at the in range of motion.. We use the three position: isometric pull up to make sure Patrick has stability in three different positions in a vertical pole.. This is important because at every single position you have a different muscle, recruitment patterns and different stress on your soft tissues.. Overcoming isometric trap bar deadlift is to make sure that we maximally recruit all the muscle fibers in the body, but also it’s about stability of the lumbar spine.

Cable push pull. The cable push, pull is about rotational power and it’s about relative rotation in the spot., Pull. As hard as you can, as you rotate and punch through., Patrick uses the hip thrust to make sure that his hamstrings and his glutes work together effectively for hip extension.. I recommend three sets of five with a five second isometric hold at the top., So that’s a peak into how Patrick Mahomes gets ready for Sundays. And remember it’s, not about training to be the next Patrick Mahomes. Focus on yourself be the best you.

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