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2021.. This is season four episode number four and the subject today is the 50 state and u.s territories quarter so join us as we explore the 50 states and the u.s territories, washington quarter in the world’s most exciting hobby, Music, so there’s, our 50 state district of columbia And territorial quarter folder the written coin folder. We look at that, but first i want to do a short presentation on the 50 state quarters now i’ve identified here, six different types of washington quarters. The first one was the silver washing quarter, which was 1932 1964, and that was 90 silver and then in 1965 they came out with the nickel clad washington quarter. We talked about that the last time and that ran from 1965 to 1998 and now one of those uh years two of those years they came up the bicentennial core 75 76, which is also nickel, clad, copper. Then they came out in 1999. They came out with the 50 state quarters, so it turns out that uh that they decided to pass this act of congress called the 50 states character, coin program act and the reason was to provide for 10 year circulating coin program to commemorate each of the 50 States and for other purposes, i’ll just show you what this thing looks like here, so there’s the actual act of congress, it’s public law, 105 124. It was signed into law on december 1st 1997. and you can see it’s got the uh the the front.

There says uh divide for 10 year: circling perimeter coin, there’s, uh let’s, pull down here a little bit show you a little bit what’s in that thing. There’S another section called findings here and there was there’s a total of uh four to some sections in this uh. This act, but they what they did was they decided to have five states per year for 10 years, so would run from 1999 to 2008 and they will be issued in the order of state’s entry into the union, and the reason i gave was promote knowledge among Youths about individual states, the history, the geography and national heritage – i’ve just summarized here what these sections were. We don’t read the whole thing, but they have six sections and the first section was called the short title and it just gave a name to the act, but there was a 50 states current coin program act, so people could refer to it with the proper terminology. Second was called findings that’s, why they gave a reason for the act and the third section had to do with issuance of redesigned quarter dollars over a 10 year period commemorating each of the 50 states, and this describes what the coins were supposed to look like and How they would be issued that’s the main part of the uh act there’s. Another part. The fourth part here section four actually was a totally different subject under the united states dollar coin and it was called the united states, one dollar coin act of 1997 and this authorizes susan b anthony one dollar coin, but we’re not gon na.

Look at that today. That’S a different subject and section five was the rule of construction. Basically said the dollar coin was not to replace the dollar bill and section six is another coin, totally a different subject: the first flight commemorative coins and they were going to issue some gold and silver commemorative coins. Now, just uh a little bit more information about this coins, the uh after 2008. That was the end of the state quarters, but they decided in 2007. They wanted to have it go. Uh include the district of columbia in the u.s territories, so in 2007 they signed in some new legislation that included the remaining six u.s jurisdictions and those were number one: the district of columbia. There were two common wealths puerto rico and northern mariana islands. There was three territories: guam the u.s virgin islands and american samoa. Now this might be good for you to memorize this, so you can know what the six territories united states they want to. Uh include because they’re talking about actually making these states at some point, they might actually be making states and they would have representatives of congress and they would have each would have two senators so that’s again. It’S, like dc puerto rico and northern mariana islands, us virgin islands and americans samoa now here’s, just a little bit of information about the uh metrics it’s, exactly the same as the nickel, clad copper quarter came out in 1965., absolutely no difference and it’s, mostly uh it’s.

Mostly copper with some nickel and it’s uh melt value is about five cents, so it’s worth a quarter, these things aren’t worth any uh great amount of money or anything, and the next thing i want to is show you, the uh, the mintage figures – and this is Worth looking at here, uh because they issued them in the order, they became a state. So in 1999 they did the first five um states to sign the ratified the constitution and their first one was delaware, which ratified the constitution in 1787.. So they got the honor of being the first coin that was issued and then pennsylvania in new jersey, followed in 1787 and georgian connecticut in 1788. Then in 2000 they did the next five states – massachusetts maryland south carolina, new hampshire and virginia. These all all joined the union in 1788. They ratified the constitution in that year and then in 17. In 2001, we got the next five states: new york, north carolina, rhode, island, vermont and kentucky, and the first three there was the was the last three to ratify the constitution. New york, north carolina, rhode island, that was in 1788, 1789 1790. vermont actually joined after the union was formed. There was the 14th state in 1791, followed by kentucky in 1792.. The mint then issued in 2002 tennessee, ohio, louisiana, indiana, mississippi and that was from 1796 to 1817 is when they joined the union and we move on to 2003.

They issued illinois alabama, maine, missouri and arkansas, and they joined the union from between 1818 and 1836 and then in 2004, michigan florida, texas, iowa and wisconsin joining union between 1837 and 1848.. Now you can always remember that texas joining you in 1845. Just maybe you want to think of like a 45 call, 45 pistol and concentration in florida also joined 1845., and then we move on to 8 2005.. We have california minnesota, oregon, kansas and west virginia, and that was from 1850 to 1863 and california was also easy to remember. If you recall there was the san francisco 49ers the football team, they were named after the the oil, the gold miners in 1849. So, the very next year in 1850 they made california state and in 2006 nevada, nebraska, colorado and north and south dakota joining union, and that was from 1864 1867, but i have just happened to have here. A coin. I’Ll show you here. This is a design. I i forgot to mention this that the design of the stakeholders they took the the date is not shown on the front of the coin, but uh. If i flip it over here, it’s actually shown in the rear of the coin. So there is uh. There is nevada which was issued in 2006, they joined the union, see it says, 1864. says it right on the coin and it’s also called the silver state. So you get a lot of information on these coins here.

You learn a lot about history, so that was 2006 and uh. Then we move on to uh 2007. We got montana washington, idaho, wyoming and utah and hours in the 1890s. Basically, from 1889 to 1896 those states join union and then in 2008 we got the states that joined in the 20th century, starting with oklahoma 1907. Then new mexico and arizona 1912, and it was the states number 4748 for a long time, there’s only 48 states and then in 1959, alaska and hawaii joined the union and became 50 states. So so that was the end of the 50 state quarter program. But then they did the in 2009, the district of columbia and territories quarters so uh. They started with dc and then puerto rico, guam american samoa, u.s virgin islands and north american islands i’ve also included here. The vintage figures and i’ll just go back to the first page here, the first uh 1999. You notice that there were like three 400 000. They started with for each coin. By the time they got to connecticut they had. You know 688 million coins issued from each mint massachusetts has a lot maryland, has a lot new hampshire. A lot virginia had a real lot 943 from the philadelphia mint alone, and if you jump over here to uh the terrorist show, you see they’re only down to like you know: uh 53, 45 million 42 million, even 35 million for north america, islands that’s.

Why it’s hard to find these, you don’t find them too often they’re kind of hard to come by so uh anyway. That’S our presentation now we’ll move on to our cornwall hunt: okay, so we’re ready for the coin, roll hunt so i’m, just gon na put down my uh state quarters book. This is my uh smaller book. This book only has each uh. You know each state. One coin for each state, doesn’t have the p’s and the d separate. So i just open it up here and you can see here. This book is pretty well filled up. I got most of the book most of the coins i’m only missing, mississippi, michigan and oklahoma. As far as the state quarters – and i have as far as the national, the uh territory course – i have district columbia already in puerto rico, i’m, just missing guam american samoa, u.s virgin islands and northern mariana island. So we see if we could find those today so here’s our job quarters i’ve been saving these quarters from my change. Just i didn’t go to the bank, getting walls of course or anything. This is just uh. You know change. I got from buying stuff and stores and i’ve been sorting them out between the different types of quarters. Are they done? Let me just dump them out here and Music we’ll see how this looks so here’s a close up of the quarters. These are the ones that we searching through there’s, not that many but we’re, only looking for seven coins and hopefully we’ll find some of them and uh and we’re not going to search them on the camera.

It takes a little too long, so we’ll be back in like maybe a couple hours and see how this came out. So we searched to the jar of coins and here’s. Our results you see, we got uh got a whole bunch of coins from the earlier years. There’S, like new jersey, we’ve got new georgia. A bunch of them got a bunch of uh new hampshire’s and virginia and new york’s. So well, you get a lot from the early years because remember the mintage was very high for those years, but we did manage to find the mississippi that we’re looking for so there’s one ad for the book and we got a handful of coins from the middle Years we did not get michigan and we got some in the back end here in 2000 we got oklahoma well, 2008 oklahoma, and we got new mexico. We got arizona, it was 2000 remember that was 1912. They joined the union. We got alaska and hawaii, which is 1959 to join the union. We also got the district of columbia, but we didn’t get our other four coins that we were looking for for the uh this territories. So we managed to add uh missouri 2002, so i’m going to do is just put that under the microscope. So let me go to the two shot here. Oh by the way i got here as a placeholder. This happens to be a uh bermuda coin and it’s a 25 cent per meter coin, it’s exactly the same size as a quarter as diameter goes.

I think it might be a little thicker and that’s a 2003 uh 25 cents, so uh i really go and get the uh i’ll transport. The uh missouri quarter over here so there’s the mississippi uh 1817 quarter uh the 2002. Have we managed to find i’ll just blow it up here so that’s it? There it’s called the magnolia state again they entered the union in 1817 and uh. That was our air for today, so that’s the corner hunt. For today we had a pretty good uh, pretty good search. We ended up finding just one new one, but we only needed seven.

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