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Man character read that online. When we think of frontier towns in the wild west, we tend to envision them as lawless places, constant gun fights and violence. We also tend to dismiss this image as one of the many myths of the american west, but what does the actual evidence say well to find this answer? I had to dig deep into the data both modern and historical. Currently, the title of deadliest city in the united states oscillates between saint louis and baltimore, with a per cap at a murder rate of around 60, meaning that every year, if you were to randomly select 100 000 people in the city at the start of the year 60 of them would be murdered by year’s end again, that’s, not the total number of murders, that’s per 100 000 residents in 2020, the highest murder rate in the entire world was los cabos mexico with a per cap at a murder rate of 111, nearly double the Rate of america’s deadliest cities now some view viewers might be wondering how did these figures stack up to violence in the wild west? Is it more now or was it more violent, then, to answer these questions, i consulted the historical violence database at the criminal justice research center at ohio state university. In doing so, i was able to access per capita homicide rate tables for many areas in the american west during the 19th century, which allows us to accurately compare murder rates across time and place.

We’Ll start with the rowdy kansas cow towns at the height of the great cattle drives roughly 1870 to 1885.. During that period, the residents of dodd city faced a homicide rate of at least 165 per 100 000 adults per year about three times higher than the deadliest city in the united states today and even deadlier than the deadliest city in the modern world. But it’s interesting to note that dodge city wasn’t the most violent city in america at this time or even the most violent in kansas, the cow town of caldwell, had a per capita murder rate of 168. Ellsworth was 2′ and abilene had a whopping per cap. At a murder rate of 317, as for mining towns bode california had a per cap at a murder rate of 129. bannock montana was 367 and the deadliest mining town, which just so happened to also be the deadliest town in the american west least scoring the data. We can access was deadwood south dakota with a per cap at a murder rate of 442, which is seven times higher than the deadliest city in the modern, united states and four times deadlier than the deadliest current city in the whole world. Again, it must be noted that we’re intentionally looking at the wildest towns of the wild west, here still a random sampling of western cities, show vastly higher murder rates than today. In the mid to late 1800s, san francisco’s per capita murder rate was 31.

. Today, it’s five sacramento was 47.. Today, it’s seven denver was 106. today it’s nine, even entire states have followed the same pattern. In 1870, colorado’s per capita murder rate was 137. Today, it’s three montana was 212. today, it’s three. Even for its time, the west was a far deadlier place than the cities of the east. At the same time, los angeles had a per cap at a murder rate of 198 new york cities hovered around five. Now, with all this said, we must understand the small population of the west skews our perception a little bit. For instance, in 2020 there were hundreds of murders in chicago by comparison in 1876, deadwood only had around a dozen, but chicago has millions of residents, while deadwood only had a couple thousand. So, statistically, while there are far more murders in big cities today, they are far less in proportion to population that is on a per capita murder basis. Regardless the wild west was well the wild west, and it was this astonishing level of violence amongst a relatively small population that necessitated the need for lawmen, which came in a variety of forms. The primary lawmen of the old west were u.s marshals and under them would be deputy u.s marshals. Then you have county sheriffs and under them would be deputy, sheriffs and town marshals, who had deputy town marshals serving under them, but there were also other men involved in various aspects of law enforcement, such as texas, rangers, pinkertons range detectives and bounty hunters.

U.S marshals were officers of the u.s district courts, as the position was essentially a political one. The men that held these posts rarely had law enforcement experience. Instead, they hired experienced gunfighters as deputy us marshals, to do the hands on work. This would involve policing federal crimes. Such as bank robberies, mail, robberies or desertion from the army, many of the most famous outlaws of the old west were pursued by them, including billy, the kid the dalton gang jesse james and butch cassidy’s wild bunch, as they were federal agents. They didn’t get involved in local robbery, shootings or murder unless commissioned as deputy, sheriffs or town marshals, particularly when the latter needed experience tell must be said. These guys were the real deal dog and deputies who never hesitated to shoot it out with dangerous men and unfortunately face the consequences of such courage. Between the years 1872 and 1896 103 deputy u.s marshals were killed in the line of duty. Yet, despite such costs, they often got their man if you needed proof of that. Look no further than the old morbid photos of upright dead criminals, surrounded by us deputy marshals who were notorious for taking such photos in order to provide proof that they had done their duty in order to receive payment for their services. As we shift from districts to counties, the next layer of law enforcement officers were county sheriffs who, like u.s marshals, were elected officials, often lacking an actual law enforcement experience similar to u.

s marshals, county sheriffs, depended on deputy shares to do most their hands on work as Their name suggests county shares were an overall charge of a particular county. Their duties included, maintaining the county jail, serving court orders and collecting taxes and fines as an incentive for doing their job. Sheriffs were often allowed to keep a percentage of the taxes they collected when circumstances required county sheriffs could deputize ordinary citizens to assist in protecting towns and forming posses to capture fugitives. As we shift from counties to towns, we reach the next level of law enforcement officers. Town and city marshals, unlike the elected positions of u.s marshals and county sheriffs town marshals, were appointed by the mayor or city council to effectively serve the role of chief of police. As we’ve seen with previous officer types town, marshals, hired several deputies to help carry out their duties, these were often called deputy town marshals, town constables or simply policemen when necessary. Town marshals were calling county sheriffs and their deputies for assistance and even deputized local town folk. As well, the most common duties, the town marshals, included serving civil and criminal warrants, maintaining the town jail, locking up, disorderly drunks, recording arrests and collecting taxes and fines. Pinkertons were professional detectives that worked as part of alan pinkerton’s national detective agency, while most folks call them detectives. Pinkertons actually prefer the term operative, which, admittedly sounds pretty cool. As for their specific duties, pinkerton’s engaged in the protection of express companies and railroads, both of which routinely transported large sums of money and other valuables peakerton operatives were also hired to detect the identity of train bank or stagecoach robbers and track them down.

It’S important. To note, however, that pinkertons had no legal right to actually arrest the outlaws or thieves once they found them. Instead, they gathered evidence identified their targets tracked them to a location. Then alerted local law enforcement to bring the outlaw into custody. The agency’s symbol was an open eye with a motto: we never sleep underneath it. A variation of this motto was the eye that never sleeps the agency’s logo and motto became so synonymous with successful detective work that it eventually led to the name private eye being applied to all private detectives who happily embraced the association. Suffice it to say the motto was brilliant successfully, striking chronic paranoia in the minds of outlaws everywhere. These guys were the bloodhounds of the american west. Who would stop at nothing to get their man if they could track butch cassidy and the sundance kid 10 000 miles? South of their headquarters to a ranch in argentina rest assured, they’d, find you too texas rangers were originally formed as a quasi military force tasked with protecting american settlers from native attacks in texas. In time the skill sets they developed were utilized to track and capture outlaws, horse thieves, cattle rustlers bank robbers and any other criminals that threaten the safety and well being of texan citizenry texas rangers were notorious for their mobility tracking skills and fielding the most modern weaponry Available by the mid 1870s texas rangers carried colt single action, 45 caliber peacemakers and model 1873 winchester carbines ensuring that they are never outgunned.

Due to the success of the texas rangers. Other states followed suit, creating the arizona rangers in 1901 and the new mexico rangers in 1905., powerful cattle barons and associations often employed range detectives to look after the owner’s stock. These weren’t cowboys these were professional gunfighters that patrolled ranches you didn’t want to tangle with these guys. Well, they had no legal authority to carry out violence. They certainly did so, and they were very good at it, whether it was shooting hanging or simply driving off wrestlers range detectives employed. Whatever method was necessary to get the job done Music in the past, i did a whole video on bounty hunting. So if you want to dive in the details of that, you can check that video out now i fittingly placed the bounty hunters last as they were at the bottom of the law enforcement totem pole. Any man with a gun, nerve and a motive could be one. Despite having zero credentials, training or experience, these lone wolf individuals who chose to engage in bounty hunting were generally seen as amateurs, scavengers and low moral men willing to kill others for money, as one might expect. They were therefore poorly regarded among settlers in the old west, while the game has a dedicated bounty hunter role. Historically few men, if any engaged in bounty hunting as a full time. Job because rewards were not offered frequently enough to allow for the development of professional classic bounty hunters who could make a consistent living at it.

Now all that said folks look very differently on bounty hunting when it was performed by respectable lawmen or deputized posses, but this was a side venture for them, not their full time occupation. All right now that you guys know all the different types of law enforcement officers. Let’S talk next about how you can outfit your character as one to start. We must understand that most traditional law enforcement officers, that is u.s, marshals, sheriffs, town, marshals, etc were a simple three piece, black or other dark colored wool suit. The only real way to distinguish one from another was the badge which is sadly lacking in red dead online still, you’ll want to begin by putting together the standard suit for this you’ll want to start with the black stove pipe square toe boots and the black tuxedo Pants up top start with the everyday shirt in white. Technically, this should be a pullover shirt, but rockstar restricts certain ties to certain shirts, so we had to stick with it, even though the collar isn’t technically correct. On top of that put on a black vest, i recommend the black paisley vest again it isn’t perfect, but it suffices then add a black wursted coat and puff tie and you’re all set. When it comes to hats, we finally get to see some customization bat masterson, who served as the sheriff of ford county kansas of which dodge city was. The county seat, was famous for always wearing a black bowler hat, who read it online? This would be the derby hi hat in black.

The legendary wyatt earp, who served as deputy town marshall of dodge city and later in other positions, also wore a black flat brimmed hat in red dead online. The closest option to this is the stalker hat in black pat garrett, the sheriff of lincoln county new mexico and the killer of billy. The kid preferred a black hat, with a slightly curved brim and a high crown in red dead online. The black cayuga hat is the best option: the gunfighter long haired jim cortright, who served as fort worth city marshall later as deputy sheriff deputy u.s marshal hired killer and private detective wore a very unique light. Colored short brimmed hat with a creased crown. While there is no perfect option for this in red dead online, the cordell hat seems to be the closest to accurate. Some traditional lawmen had a bit more flair in the way they dressed. The famous deputy us marshal bass reeves, who made over 3 000 arrests killed. 14 men and may have been the inspiration for the lone ranger preferred to wear a unique checked suit in a tan, wide brimmed low crown hat. To get this look and read that online, i recommend you start with nosalita boots and the striped studded pants. On top. Stick with the everyday shirt in white tan, traditional vest and the folded string tie the coat here really makes the outfit so make sure you pick up the checkered. Every man’s jacket combine that with the tan military scout hat and you’re all set, then there’s wild bill.

Hickok, the town marshall of abilene kansas, who seemingly just wore whatever the hell he wanted to no other lawman, was his original in dress wearing buckskins on one day, a fur hat the next and a flamboyant suit. On the other, to keep things simple here, i put together an outfit based on a famous photo of hickok, while he was serving as the town marshal of abilene. Think of this as a foundation on which to build start with the black stove pipe square toe boots and the black stripe vendito pants on top you’ll want a white lace up pattern. Shirt over that place. The black richfield dress in the narrow, handkerchief hickok was famous for his long dusters and read that online. The shotgun coat is perfect for this. As for a hat, go with the tan military scout hat now, as hickok was notorious for flamboyant dress, you can easily spice things up here by simply switching out the vest and neckwear. After that, you can try changing your shirt to a coffery, ruffle shirt and throw in some plaid pants, such as the green tartan, studded pants remember. This is wild bill hickok. He wore everything, even a red sash, which comes with corrales shirt by the way. So, just about anything’s possible, now let’s move on to the alternative, lavan outfits like most law enforcement officers, pinkerton operatives wore dark, three piece suits, but they also wore light gray ones. Their hats were usually black with slightly curved brims and creased crowns.

One of the best examples for this is charlie soringo, who successfully went undercover to infiltrate the wild bunch and was responsible for over 100 arrests during his illustrious career, while pinkerton’s wore suits in their offices, they wore much more utilitarian attire when out on the trail tracking Down outlaws going off charlie serengo’s trail attire, you’ll want to purchase the brown tornado boots and clerk pants up top go with the everyday over shirt, long, sleeve, fully buttoned and a dark brown military scout hat, while there’s an immense variety of clothing, worn by texas rangers. What is clear is that they tended to dress like southern range, cowboys minus the chaps and dust. Judging by the archival photos, i found most seem to prefer tucking their pants into their boots. Now we see this with pinkerton charlie cerringo as well, who is also from texas, so it’s plausible, that this was just texas style at the time. One of the best examples of texas, ranger attire is illustrating the photos of famed ranger john hughes, who served in that outfit for several decades. The texas rangers not the same pair of clothes, he’s, perhaps most famous for his ride of vengeance following the murder fellow texas. Captain frank jones in mexico in response hughes crossed the border and tracked down those responsible when the smoke cleared, he and his fellow rangers had shot dead or hanged. 18 of them like bass. Reeves hughes may have also been the inspiration for the lone ranger, particularly since the book that the series is based on called the lone star.

Ranger was dedicated to him by the author to achieve john hughes’s texas. Ranger look you’ll want to purchase the worn stovepipe square toe boots and the black padded saddle work pants up top you’ll want the striped collar over shirt, narrow neckerchief and the black traditional vest cap yourself with the tan military scout hat and you’re good to go. When going for a range, detective, there’s, no better person to emulate than tom horne, who served as an army scout cowboy teamster stage, coach driver and a pinkerton agent before becoming a range detective throughout his career horn, killed an estimated 17 people which would place him at The top of that morbid list compared to all other law enforcement officers, horn didn’t mince words when it came to his job, calling himself a cattle rustler exterminator after allegedly shooting and killing an innocent 14 year old boy. Horn was subsequently captured by the u.s marshals and convicted murder as he faced death on the gallows horn was such a badass that he adjusted the rope around his own neck and told the wavering executioner to keep his nerve. Like the texas rangers tom horn, didn’t. Wear wool suits opting instead to dress in cowboy fashion, which was a better fit for his work as a hired gun on the open ranges of cattle country to achieve his range. Detective look: go with the worn stovepipe square toe boots, depot pants and the alvarado chaps up top you’ll want the frumpy shirt and the pattern bandana for a hat.

No surprise you’ll once again go with the tan military scout hat, which is the best representation in the game of the ubiquitous stetsons boss of the planes, which was the most popular hat of the old west. Like several of the previous alternative, laven types, bounty hunters had no standard outfit, often just reflecting the regional dress of local cowboys farmers or town folk and there’s already enough examples of those in my other videos that there’s no reason to spend any more time going over. It all again but here’s what i can tell you with 100 confidence bounty hunters did not wear all black leather outfits with gold. Ornamentation of that i can assure you, thank you folks for watching. If you guys enjoyed the video, please make sure you like, and you subscribe also, if you want to farther support the channel, please do so on patreon. We got a whole bunch of perks on there so think about joining it’s a whole heck of a lot of fun. I think you’ll enjoy. It also be sure to check out the man burst history outfitter shop, where you can get all your gear for the modern, frontier and sports channel in the process. Have a wonderful night we’ll see you folks, next time before i go, i just want to make sure that i thank my patreon patrons tyler bottleshock rodriguez chasing victory, ashley guertinson, teddy bad boy. The innocence rich christensen hurt and wade. Comrade krieger man, vs moose, johnson e bryce, v, zonk frieza’s, cyber noah ovens, the red baron sneaky ninja and yinzie.

I also got to make sure to thank my silver and bronze here, patreon patrons. Well, you guys are absolutely fantastic.

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