Vaccine, Laredo Interview and b-roll of RAM hosting at Laredo College

So remote air medical is bringing a team of volunteers from various states down here in partnership with the city of laredo and laredo college to assist in a mass vaccination event for covid19 and we’re partnering with laredo college. To support the community and laredo college is very kindly helping us out with lodging that’s one of our biggest expenses when we travel and these historic rooms. We’Re staying in at fort mcintosh, are going to be a great thing and a big help to us. As we support the community, there will be 12 of us total on this trip. We’Ll, be here approximately one week, we’ll be departing beginning on saturday, saturday evening to sunday morning, oh yeah, we’re, headquartered in rockford tennessee, which is east tennessee and uh that’s, the only remote area medical headquarters. However, we have volunteers all over the united states, so we travel all over the u.s to where we’re invited to to help out any way that we can and typically we’ll do about 75 to 80 expeditions a year. Covid 19 impacted that a little bit last year, but we did help out with some drive through testing sites and some other functions, and this year we look forward to continuing our clinics. In addition to, hopefully doing more of these vaccination type events, the great thing about what we do is in addition to the many doctors, nurses, optometrists dentists, we need we need anybody that will be in a general support role.

Anybody that’s willing to pick up a broom or help set up a pop up tent or just do general support type labor, so anybody can help with remote area medical. For this particular event, there are limitations on who can apply the vaccines, but you still need some general support. People as well, so in our case we’re bringing six medical providers and for general support personnel to help out. This is our first vaccination event, so we’re happy to have loreto check that box for laredos being our first vaccination event, yeah it’s awesome. Well, i can’t give you a lot of detail on that, because i wasn’t in the initial conversations. So once i was handed the mission i was happy to come down here. I love south texas and any excuse to come down here to help some people out it’s a great community and i’m glad to be here. I just really appreciate again the lodging. That is a really big expense for us annually and that’s. Just a tremendous help, can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Thank you very much sure. Thank you, sir. Today we are commemorating the the visit to acknowledge and appreciation uh to this group. This national group of corpse uh regional medical corps that come throughout the united states to the different areas that need assistance in this case, this very unique group of volunteers. With many years experience they’re coming here at their own volunteerism to provide assistance in many areas to the laredo community doing this pandemic from what i understand, they’re going to be assisting in not only the logistics but in the record, keeping and many other areas that might Arise that are necessary that the communities help from their expertise and being able to address an emergency pandemic.

Yes, of course, this has been a collaboration with the city with the city, health and the city, officials and so it’s been an understanding that we were going to be able to cooperate and assist laredo through the collaboration with the city to provide any assistance possible. Fortunately, here at laredo college, we have this – this incredible dorm this assets here of this campus i’m. Sorry we have this incredible asset, a campus, a historical campus that has many facilities that can be ha can have many uses today, as you can see here, we have this this incredible officers headquarters. We have over 12 of them that are available. They used to house the families of the officers. Therefore, we have converted them these into dorms and today, of course, for this week, since they are empty throughout the semester. We’Re going to allow the volunteers to be able to utilize them adequately, and i know they’re going to be here for several days. Yes, most likely, although they’re destined to be here for a week, we expect them to return and we hope they do come back and assist the loreto community in many capacities in this whole vaccination process again at loreto college. We are ecstatic to be able to provide these assets to the community, because this is part of laredo. This is a history of laredo this. This campus was set up here to assist at one time to defend and now it’s here to help and improve the quality of people’s lives, and this is what we’re doing here today: we’re providing this these assets to be utilized adequately to house this incredible help of Experts that will be able to assist the loreto community during these very difficult times during the pandemic campus and foreign hey.

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