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We feel that it’s our responsibility not only to keep our community safe, but we have a responsibility to take action in you know. Leadership is action, it’s, not position. So what we’ve done is we’ve offered our services. Our teachers are volunteering with us here. Every volunteer here is an lib employee. Most 95 of them are from my campus and what we’ve done is we’ve organized the clovis vaccine drive here at martin, high school and we’ve been vaccinating people since uh one o’clock, everyone gets a call back. Everybody gets an email back making sure that everybody understands that. This is going to be something that is beneficial to them and to their families and, most importantly, we want to show that here at martin high school, we are serving our community and our students and their parents and their grandparents. We want to make sure that everybody is safe and healthy upon arrival. We organize them in groups of six, so i can already tell you off the bat that we’ve had 12 rounds of six cars show up and we organize them in lines. We make sure that they don’t have any coveted like symptoms. We ask them a few questions once they’ve cleared that protocol and their name appears on the list, but we make sure that that list, your name is on there that you do have an appointment that only you that have registered are going to take the vaccine today. Once they get their immunization card at that station, they move on to the third station, which is the vaccination station.

Our nurses are taking care of that. They have carefully followed all the guidelines to make sure that the vials are correct and that they’re viable and they’re perfect and then once we give them their shot. They have to wait uh 15 minutes to see if there’s any reaction very proud to say we have not had anyone with a reaction today and after they’re done waiting. They go ahead and drive home. You know, i think elisd did a tremendous job of lining this up. I think uh uh. There are several schools here in the radio through lisd that volunteered to come out here and help, and you know we had a lot of our football coaches out here. A lot of our other head coaches out here, helping out along with the nursing department and our administrative staff – and you know, took a team effort to come out here and get this job done. Well yeah. They have a, i think, it’s it’s, a pretty good it’s, been organized so good. You have to get vaccinated and i mean i’ll be safe for everybody. You know i feel much better. Now that i got my first shot see you recommend Music Music. I got here about probably about hour and a half before they started it. It was a small process. Like i said everything went smooth, i mean they, they lined us up parked us, and you know we were ready to to go whenever they were going to start.

The vaccination but it’s for a good cause anyway, so it’s for everybody. You know it’s it’s, a good cause for everybody. You know see we can get control of this virus and get it over with. There was not too much, i i’m, not afraid of chops. Everything went smoothly, it doesn’t hurt everything like i said. Everybody was very nice and and the truck didn’t hurt. Actually my mom actually got it recently, and the only thing that i was just kind of iffy about was just the reactions that i can get. I would say just to take it.

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