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So these are one of my favorite videos to record upcoming players. So brian reynolds does it ring a bell for anyone – maybe maybe not but he’s american. I think he’s from texas, dallas fc, but he’s going to a s roma. This should confirm at any minute. Second time now – and i don’t know too much about this guy. I had to look him up real, quick and he’s an rb but he’s tall. You guys he’s huge, he got pace and he likes to take on defenders and i have not checked out the highlight videos but a few clips in there. I was like this guy just seemed like a monster honestly, and i will definitely keep my eyes on him. I’M very curious because more americans are coming to europe they’re, making an impact there. They can adapt. So i wish this guy all the best but yeah we’re, going to check out this video welcome to as roma ryan reynolds, so yeah i’m gon na stop rambling and let’s check this video out let’s. Do this brian great pass? He loves to go forward. Attack hey! I hope he don’t, like that he’s gon na adapt, learn the language italian is so important and just to fill at home, make that your home, you know and proof it’s gon na affect the whole thing. So i hope Music he’s ready, i mean i’m sure you they know what to do that’s. What i’m saying like if someone comes at you, you just trying to do something: dribble, not just pass back like that’s.

What he’s doing i like that? I only watched a few seconds, but just keep going forward embarrass them getting some great assists curling the ball inside the ball was that him see those low crosses Music nice. Where did he come from and just imagine having someone i’m not sure exactly how tall? He is but he’s tall, maybe 190 centimeters something around there. Having someone like that running towards your pace with dribble i’m trying to take you on he’s, not afraid it’s, a scary sight see. How many is he passing by. I know this is uh. Mls is different, but still, but you sticking out there, you got ta go someplace else. You know, it’s growing over in america, see he’s gon na test. You nice little slide Music, nice. His speed is definitely definitely one of his strengths. You see in multiple situations. Oh, you better finish that one give him that’s this. That was a good ball. He scored all in the hey, oh right, pleasure right! Look at that that’s what you want to see that’s what i enjoy watching Music and he’s strong that’s, the thing: okay! Nice! Yes, yes see, he had to follow him, like brian literally embarrassed that other guy he had to follow and do something i like your style. I hope that the fun is okay, whatever, oh, i hope, i’m, not in the way that you guys see this too hey hold on. Let me move myself, i feel like i was in the way, so you guys couldn’t see see him Music.

The thought was nice, though great it’s iq Music got no chance, he’s a step better. He constantly want to move forward. The attacking let’s say silent. I like watching i’m, not gon na lie. I would not have eyes on roma so now, like. I want to see him on his babies. What are we gon na? Do Music that’s the guy like he was trying to get the vote for his life? Nice, nice, oh Music, very skillful, nice, oh Music, he’s, feeding, some great balls and he’s, not like oh nice, he’s like physical, too, he seems strong see. This is what i like. He could just pass back and just keep going now, who’s going to take you on. Let me see trying to get the ball trying to get the ball all right, he’s going to expose you take your shot. Why not wait bye great ball, very good iq, his vision, Music instantly, pushing forward nice tackle? He couldn’t get rid of her, though we got ta see him in europe. It’S gon na be different, but i think he’s immature how old he’s like 19 or 20 years old, so that was the video guys. I hope that you enjoyed it i’m. Definitely gon na keep my eyes on him and see how he’s gon na do. I wish him all the best, but yeah don’t forget to leave a like comment and subscribe if you’re new – and i will see you guys very soon with another video.

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A.S. Roma, FC Dallas, Serie A, MLS, Juventus F.C. ferenza stampa, #Reynolds: "Roma la scelta migliore per crescere" #ASRoma

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