Arsenal F.C., Aston Villa F.C., Premier League, Mikel Arteta v Arsenal – Mikel Arteta – 'Pepe Has Become A Threat, Team Pushing Each Other' – Presser

I think it was the team collectively the way he played um. It goes that we should have scored the dominance that we showed and we need to keep going and obviously, with ten and nine man after watching the game back the fight, the resilience of the team, the passion with their plate is incredible, and my price is there Because we still have chances to score a goal, even with nine players and – and that was completely down to them, how much they want to fight and the spirit that uh they have around them. Aston villa are going to be pretty frustrated after that defeat to west ham. Dean smith said that the best team won, but what did you make of their performance i’m? Not here to judge their performance they’ve been fantastic through the season and they beat some top teams. They’Ve been in a really strong run and, and they beat us when we play them here at home, so we have to make sure that we go there and we win the game. Thank you, mikhail. Good luck. Thank you. Roger skye, hi mikel, hello, hi, um. First of all, can you just update us on the david luiz appeal and how hopeful you are that um it could be overturned i’m, very helpful and that’s. Why we put the appeal on because we discussed, we went through all the images and um and we think that the broadcast should be overruled that’s, what we put up here and when do you hope to hear the outcome of that? I don’t know how long it would say but uh, hopefully today we would have more information than the latest.

I got from the club of course got sent off there. The other day you mentioned that matt ryan had been carrying an injury. Can you give us an update on on him whether he’s been able to train and then, if he’s, not available, that you’re confident in alex to cover he’s not been available to train yet and uh alex is available. So we will have the choice between him and alex for the weekend. You say there will be a choice to be made, though, even though matt hasn’t trained yes, if matt is able to train – and they are both feet – that we have a decision to make if matt is not fit. Obviously, alex uh will be ingo, he’s available to start an available selection from the start well, he’s available. He played a few minutes after 10 days, not doing much and hopefully, in the next few days he feels uh, good and uh. He is available to contribute to the team, and just a couple more from me. If i can ask about the form of uh pepe, it really seems to have um hit, probably the best form since he’s been at the club at the moment. What’S been the key for him. Do you think that, even when we made the decisions, not too plain that he kept working hard, he has improved in a lot of um areas. Um he’s been much consistent through 90 minutes and and he’s a threat.

At the moment, he’s been scoring goal, he’s been assisting players, he’s been a real threat and he needs to continue doing that and just finally from the um concussion subs, i think you’re the first match in which they’ll be permitted this time around. Are you in favor? In favor of that, and what sort of guidance have you been given in terms of how they’ll be used? We’Ve got a meeting this afternoon with the premier league to have much more information and clarity about how we can use them and what the rules behind it. But i think it’s necessary opens another possibility and when something um dramatic happens on the pitch at least, we have the ability to replace that player thanks a lot michael. Thank you, george for the bbc. Thanks mark hello, michael hello, um, michael in a weird way, was david, louise, better off taking out the wolves player on tuesday night, in the sense that he would have only had a yellow card, but he could have done some damage it. The law is not right. Is it in regards to what happened on tuesday, but we know the we know the the law for me is more about the decision and and what happens in that instance, and there was a very similar incident, even though david is behind him and against manchester united. It was on the side of the player that completely changes the angle, the purpose and how much affects the player’s ability to finish the action, but it’s still a similar situation.

I think they will look at it. Okay, is there a concern that david keeps getting himself in these situations? I know it’s happened a couple of times with him before in a chelsea match. You know, is that something he needs to work on? Well, if you look at the two images, we can have a long long debate here so it’s just to to put the finger on david, in my opinion, is not fair. Okay, um is there a possibility? I know you said that pepe’s playing really well that aubameyang. He will be dropped for aubameyang because he’s your captain and your captain comes back into the team. Well, at the end, they have to play the players that are in in best form and everybody has to end the right to play and um and participate in the games and that’s what everybody’s doing pushing each other to raise the level. You can see that the level is being raised because everybody’s playing um at their best and there’s still room for improvement, so everybody has to keep pushing and just the last one from me that 46 minutes on tuesday night. Do you think that was arguably probably one of the best bits of football you’ve done this season from your team? Maybe yes, i think, for long periods, uh, we looked very close to what we want to be as a team and and then we have to get that into results. And when you have those moments in the game, you have to go through your phone up and and the game is over.

Thank you. Good luck. Thank you. Ian talks for hi, michael. How are you i’m good thanks, um three transfer windows are awesome and, as you said, the other night you, you were happy with. Certainly the first 46 minutes um at molyneux. Do you think the team now is beginning to mold into what you want it to be long term? Yes? Well, the first transfer window was a very rice one because i just arrived the other two. We had a little bit more time. If you see the amount of transactions that we’ve done in this window, it’s it’s incredible um and credit to the club created to to edu for the work that uh. That he’s done because it’s not easy in one window to to get the amount of things that that we don’t. I know that most of them it was to to get uh some players out and and create some space as well around the team but uh, but it’s still not an easy thing to do in this window and in this market. So no no burt, never villa park. Um and matt ryan has had an injury. I mean it would just be so gutting for him wouldn’t it an arsenal fan he joins arsenal let’s face it. He’S, probably not very limited. A chance to play here is his chance to play. If he doesn’t play through injury, i mean how sorry would you feel for him? This is football, and and these things happened and that’s uh that’s.

Why, when, when we allowed mad macy to go, we knew that we had to get somebody else, because these things can happen and unfortunately, when you let’s need them and actually happen. So we are more protected now having much as well in the squad and let’s see. If he’s fit, but for now alex is fitted one two sendings off the other nine. I know they weren’t for serious, foul play or anything but pepe set off this season of jacker as well. Are you worried about in on occasions the discipline of the team? Well, when i was worried about the discipline, it was in two locations with uh, with nico and with granite and uh, and we should avoid that, and we talked about it. There are other ones that are moments in the game is a split of a second. You have to make a decision, there is a referee that has to make a decision as well and there is much less to control from our side. What is clear is that when you have five red cards in these periods, you’re going to lose a lot of points and – and we we would have some of those points – will be in a completely different position on the table. That’S for sure there are no teams with five red yellow cards that’s there on the top. It doesn’t happen last one from me. Um has defected arsenal this week, but it has in the past and it’s affected other clubs this week until about online social abuse of players, um i’m, not gon na ask you how we go about stopping it.

I want to ask you about how you feel emotionally and how, how you feel and what you do with the player when it happens at your club. There are all type of different abuses and i think it has to be eradicated completely. I think social media has a big responsibility on that, because then you talk about the mental health of the players and and the public people and how exposed they are and i’m all open and and for people to have their opinions, but not just to be insulting People abusing people and just using a stream behind somebody behind a mobile phone to tell whatever you want about a person that you don’t even know and and that’s for me, has to be eradicated because it’s causing a lot of damage in in football. A lot of damage to public people, so i think we have to be really strong on that and i think you guys as well have a big part to play to support us and, and the industry here take care, mikhail. Okay, thank you mark from pa good morning, michael yeah, just just going back to the goalkeeper situation at the weekend. Um. Would it be strange to ask alex to start and to play in the premier league, given that you’ve he’s just been removed from the europa league squad? Would that be a strange conversation to have no alex knew his role um before we sign him and obviously he knows his rule, and after we signed him, we had a plan on the on the goalkeepers position and we could not execute the plan.

The way we wanted, because for different reasons, but alex rowe, was very clear – around the sport and and and that hasn’t changed and then he needs to end his opportunity and he needs to end his place. Whether it is third, second or first depending on his performance, and he needs to push for that in terms of kieran – you said that on tuesday night he wasn’t close to playing because of his previous injuries you having to manage him differently to how you would maybe, With another player, coming back, no it’s it’s a different injury in this case um – and you know, kiran – is a player that really pushes himself and he has to be able to to to perform physically as well at his best, because he cannot hold himself and even In training he cannot hold himself, so we are trying to manage in the best possible way, find every possibility to give him the best chance to be fit as quick as possible and um. And we are here to support him as much as we can and try to get him fit as quick as we can giving you guys are clearly managing him. Do you have any concerns on the horizon that the scotland games are coming up in a few weeks time and you might end up having to go and play 90 minutes a few times? No, what i want is that he’s fit to play with us as soon as possible and then, if he’s and he needs to represent his country there, we go it’s a one of his dreams and and he needs to fulfill that but uh.

What i want is that as quick as possible, he’s going to play for awesome, he’s been out for a few weeks now – and i know you said just just now – to read him that you’ve had an incredible transfer window but we’re signing a left back. The only thing really that you didn’t achieve that you would have wanted to do. We cannot do everything, as i mentioned before, there were so many things that we had to do in this transfer window. We had to focus in what it was a priority for that and we almost did everything we wanted to do and there are things to do. But when you talk about the discord, evolution, it’s going to take time and and a big effort, and then things have to happen in your way as well and that’s, not the case all the time. Thank you. Thank you james espn morning, mikhail um, just just on the goalkeeping situation. Again um alex ronnison. He is somebody who’s who has faced a little bit of criticism when he’s played do you think people have been maybe a little bit too quick to judge him given he’s. Only just arrived at the club, yes, but this is the this is what you face when you, when you play for a big club, you know, and people expect to go when you go out there to give your best number for at the top level and and If you don’t you’re going to get that criticism, you you know that’s before you join the club, you know that you are exposed all the time to critics and as well.

If you do really well everybody’s going to be praising you more than to any other club, and you have to be able, if you want to play here to handle that pressure, do you think it’s been a bit of a culture shock for him? I don’t think so i think he knew and and he expected uh he expected that and – and he needs to handle that we are here to support him. He’S played some games already here. He’S played some good games yeah. He had a difficult game against the manchester city, the other night he came on and i think that he did well. Can you give us a bit of an idea about his character because we haven’t really spoken to him? Do you think he’s got the strength of characters to be able to cope with it yeah and he works really hard and he’s fitted really well around the dressing room, he’s, a a really nice boy, really humble and and he needs to be away from all the Comments and focus in his work focus on improving and when he’s got a chance to perform the best possible way and just finally, for me just a general one on var. If i can is it, is it changing the way you’re having to coach, but particularly with regards to defending? Is it actually changing the sessions and the advice that you’re giving your players? There are some things that uh that we have to be more careful, for example, with the handball uh roll around the dependency area, that’s for sure the way you have to stop the crosses, they will have to block shots and it has to affect – and you have To train it yeah.

Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, james so reminded that session go live at 10 o’clock.

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