Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League Cassidy on Bruins Comeback OT Win vs Flyers, David Pastrnak Hat Trick

As i said, i thought our power play was sloppy and slow. Didn’T do much to get us back in the game. It’S more five on five um tonight power play we needed it um i mean i thought we had some decent. Five on five looks uh couldn’t finish, obviously the first other than the first play of the game um but came through for us, so um it’s, always it’s, always good to win no matter what dan, whether it’s one nothing four three whatever and you can do it On the road coming back, not you know not abandoning ship, i mean, i know the third goal. We probably pressed a little too much on the pinch got caught there, but i think we were we weren’t selling the farm. We still worked hard. Try to get the you know the the next goal and play the right way and drew some penalties, so it worked out for us. We’Ll go next to steve. Conrad uh bruce’s could have been uh one of those games where frustration could have taken over because you pretty much dominated that first period. Um it didn’t happen, though, can you just talk a little bit more about the the resilience of this team? Well, we’ve done that a lot i mean if the people have followed us know that every first period has been tilted towards towards us. For the most part, i think the game two in jersey was not but game.

One was the islanders. Were some home games washington game the first game up there, not the last one. We started the first five minutes well, but not the the last 10 or 12., so we’ve been on time with our starts in terms of wanting to go and get ready to play. We just haven’t finished that well in the first period tonight, looks like it might be different you score 15 seconds in or whatever it was and uh, but at the end of the day, give them credit uh. They bent didn’t break, got back in the game made. Some plays finished themselves so, but i think our guys knew um steve again, like the other night, that we were fine, it wasn’t like we were getting dominated and i think that’s the difference. Sometimes, when you inability to come back you’re sitting the bench going boy they’re, not giving us much, and i think both these nights, we knew that we had opportunities uh, they were there. We just had to stick with it and bear down and get our break and we did joe haggerty. What does it say about pasta that he can miss all of training camp, the first few weeks of the season and then third game in? He has a hat trick and five goals. You know in the in the first few games, it’s funny, i told i told him my experience is sometimes what happens with guys when they miss that much time or it’s a whole off season.

Is you lose your timing? A bit your hands and your timing are a little bit out of sync. You showed me, you know, usually your legs are there because you’ve been skating, lots that’s, not the issue, it’s, the bumping and the grinding the timing of taking a pass and not getting hit, and all that, but obviously he’s on a mission um good for him. We need it: he’s he’s, the guy that he’s here and he’s here, uh predominantly he’s, uh he’s, a scorer right. You need those guys to win hockey games for you, um who’s done it. The last few nights um clearly looks energized ready to play and we’re thankful for it and grateful. Are you just uh, anticipating at this point, that there’s gon na be a lot of three point games during this season, just evenly matched teams and knowing how valuable all the points are. I think i i do in our division. I know that that you know there’s. Some five playoff teams from last year, uh three that improved themselves this summer so feel like they can get in that mix. So for us uh we expected that um, but i think the other teams would say the same. I don’t know about the other divisions again. I’M, not following them as close, but i suspect it will be um. You might get a little bit of breakaway. You know come march where teams feel like maybe they’ve got to really push to catch up and get those those um points all to themselves.

You you may find that i don’t know because it’s a little different this year with every you know, game, you know being basically a four pointer so but right now, i i think teams want to accumulate points any way they can it’s hard to be disappointed. When you get one, i know why uh sorry, um washington was the other night and they let it get away. Then they got their two soaring uh philly tonight uh, you know they’re gon na be disappointed. They didn’t get two, but certainly one you put them in the bank this time of year, it’s important thanks richard we’ll go next to jimmy murphy, hey coach, um! You know one thing i noticed about the the apostle i mean the top line. There is just not only playing great offensively, but just the the pressure they’re putting on the other team and the way they’re making that team get tired out there and really work uh for that puck. If you can just comment on that, just the two way game that they have going right now. Well, if you watch them i’m sure a lot of people in the league would think they’re a line, rush, uh goal, scoring sort of trio and certainly they can make plays. We saw pasta a great individual move in the first one good play by charlie guys going to the net, but they are a four checking. Puck recovery make plays after the original playing off the original shot.

Uh put other teams under duress. So they do it a lot of different ways: um and that’s a credit to them. They all have good sticks. They all have good second effort habits, good reloading habits, um and again the power play when they have time and space they they just read off each other very well. Obviously pasta’s last goal: there bernie’s sliding it over they’ve done that a number of times that’s, just chemistry, so um it’s nice to watch. You know when they’re on we got to get. Obviously the question always is you know we got to get some other guys going. Uh question always is: do you split them up to help other guys and listen, we’ve debated it back and forth, um and i’m sure we will, as this year goes on, but right now let’s enjoy it. Last question for coach kevin dupont butch. It looks like you’re. Increasingly comfortable with with either five forwards on the power play or four forwards in the end there is is: are you feeling more confident with it? I know it’s, obviously an anomaly well until it starts going the other way on us and we really have breakdowns because uh we don’t have a defenseman out. There then we’ll look at it. Four forwards, i think, is pretty standard now on most teams. First unit, probably the exception or two throughout the league um, you know i don’t know if i’ve seen it yet. Maybe a team like san jose that has a you know a carlson and a burns.

You know, but a lot of teams probably use for. I don’t know if any very many teams are using all five uh forwards: uh it’s, something we discussed uh in the past. You know you know if torah were to leave um he’s gone and now we’re, trying to build grizz and charlie into that again. It’S situational uh, we like both those other guys kevin um, but when you get behind and there’s, you know certain amount of uh time left and we’re comfortable with cretch up top he’s been up there. Six on five he’ll rotate up there on a normal power play. Um got great composure under pressure, so some advantages keeps him in the game uh, because sometimes that unit, if he’s not on that unit, then he’s only getting the tail end of 30 seconds and he’s an elite power play guy. We just don’t always have room for everybody, so that’s the thinking, um and we’ll stay with it as long as it’s, effective. Whatever helps us win uh if it’s a bit unconventional, so be it but we’re out there to score goals on it and um probably won’t see us. Do it a lot in a in a tie game or for a head uh, especially if it’s later on and um we’ll just keep using it when we, we feel that uh the risk is worth it.

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