Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League Game Highlights | Bruins vs. Flyers – Feb. 3, 2021

Beautiful move the quick little play off the post and finds the back of the net, but the change of pace right here between the legs that was a set face off, play the face off win by bergeron. Then you score what 10 12 seconds in Applause left circle: beautiful movement, all the way in front and he’s denied another gorgeous chance, poster knife, almost a second one: fires it high and wide. But what a move here by pashanak we saw the move on the goal. Voracek pays lauracheck again looking for elaine to shoot back, the boy has coil stick now boyle at the top of cross, the shot score hayes yeah. All the confusion started with hayes earlier on. In the shift when he knocked the stick out of mcavoy’s hands and that created some confusion in the d zone, a switching of sticks, myers gets it to the half wall. What a pass here by sanheim and hayes makes no mistake, as grass gets a piece of it, but not enough and philadelphia able to pitch in van reeves back stays out after out of the box, the shot and fred stanhein the rebound scorers, the lead Music Applause Comes out of the box and is able to apply pressure on the boston defense, a good job to shield the puck win, a battle yeah. They get a fortuitous bounce, but the worst by van riem and the finish by voracek and the flyers have themselves the lead.

It’S, a broken play, a tough play for ras to kind of figure out there’s, no chance that he would find board check on that back door right here. On friday, Applause he’s below the goal line, marchand gets it three corrally on the doorstep, trying to punch it in and heart got over to that left post and makes the save up here by carter. Hart this play from behind the net marshawn finds corrally and you see hart is able to seal that post on pass. Two i see waved off slides through the back here of the linesman along the board and martin comes out with an opportunity. Rodney’S therapy, with a fan of he drive, he scores joel farabi, sixth of the year that’s, the right part of your screen here, james anne rheem, styke wins the battle chips it out into the neutral zone and the flyers are off to the races two on one And farabee knows he has to elevate that barring down on london didn’t give him a pass. That was flat. Applause at first the referee was waving it off. I thought it got the inside of the post. It did with pastrnak with the quick release and it’s back to a one goal game the big moment in the hockey game work it down low. The bruins are able to do that. Marshawn finds nick richie down low, who finds bergeron in that soft spot and then a great play by bergeron to find pastrnak, and at that point carter hart is in a lot of trouble and pashanak buries that puck there you see the official steve kazaria.

He was waving it off just dump. One in here will carry in he’s, bought it off kostanak over there. For the moment, krejci at the top with spacey breaks, one doesn’t get through burst around the rebound turn around. They started they score it’s. The hat trick for pastrnak who’s tied the game with 15 seconds left the shot, never got through the sprint around by bergeron and look at david pastronok. He just worked himself from the outside. He got closer, he got closer and when you’re on a roll, the puck finds you and you put it into the back of the net. So boston will end. The period here on a power play could end the game right here, creachy at the top fakes it. The drive, does not get through from pasta, not terrific job by who felt it hears it from his teammates as he went down to get it and we’ll watch. How the bees get set up he’s at the top defensively for philadelphia pastrnak in the circle, creachy fake astronaut in front they score the bruins win, it’s bergeron, the captain in front set up by pastrnak and the perfection line does in philadelphia in overtime. That was it here tonight: power play get to work and it’s been fantastic. All game, pashanak and krejci do a little back and forth.

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