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Any second Applause is one of the great amphitheaters of the game. You are welcome to it and indeed to one of the grandest pictures gross a buccaneering run from the Applause defender. Oh that’s, a terrific save from the keeper tony crows really must have felt he had the measure of the keeper then, but how wrong? He was Applause. That’S a decent ball: they can go again. Applause gross! Oh! What a wonderful stop! Tony crow’s sparked a tremendous stop there and, i think it’s fair to add he just wasn’t, expecting it Applause. Oh, they could break here he’s through oh good. Take it he’s good for it and the balls come out. Oh great, save real class. Well, what can i say, truly wonderful, goalkeeper, just kind of walk around and let others do all the chasing, but instead Applause the way it might be flowing one way, but there’s still time for some ed gets away from his opponent goes for goal. Applause! No mistake! Finally, the deadlock is broken Applause, looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and bruce with the finish. I thought it was a stunning stunning breakdown, Applause, Music Applause and time is up Applause, Music Applause, perhaps frustrating until the very end. But we do have a winner. Well, i just think that determination and persistence has paid off handsomely to to squeeze the win out of a draw. Sometimes it comes down to grit and desire and the stubbornness to keep plugging away and uh.

This has been great staying power, so that’s it from us.

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