St. Louis, St Louis City Justice Center 🗣St. Louis Police Officer Charged in Flashlight Beating of Unarmed Man

Stop resisting get down on the ground. Stop stop place your hands behind your head, travis noble’s, gon na be there in a couple minutes. Don’T worry raise your hands behind your back. Stop resisting hey. Can i ask you guys why you guys arrested him he’s under arrest for peace disturbance? Please get the recorder out of my face. You can hold it down and i’ll. Tell you hey, hey jamal travis snowball, all right, y’all i’ll pay for it! Travis, noble, hey driver, understand that it’s my civil right. I understand i understand it’s my civil rights, hey, call travis snowball, yeah, google, him search him up. I got it. Don’T worry about it, i’ll pay for it driving snowball, search up. Travis snowball come on. Yes, it’s. My attorney come on ah come here: hey don’t worry, hey my man. Can i get your last name? Do you have an id sir yeah? Absolutely hey, don’t worry: okay, um, hey man, i’m gon na tell you you can hold the camera down. You don’t have to stop recording me. I don’t want the light in my face. Please i understand it like all right so hold it down and we can talk it’s fine, i explained to you. Your friend is under arrest for disturbing the peace from earlier when he was causing a disturbance. Absolutely he ran. Then he just ran. He resisted arrest, he’s also going to be charged for the violations out here for loud noise ordinances squealing his tires right, don’t worry um.

I appreciate that, can you please hold your light down? You don’t have to hold it on top of me. You can hold it to your side. They can hear me i’m gon na. Ask you one more time. Sir. Then i’m gon na ask you to put the phone away from me. How many good cops you ever see? Stop a bad cop from being a bad cop, i’ve i’ve done it many times. I’Ve done it. You know what i got. You know. You know what i received: yo who’s side, you on i’ll be like yeah i’m on the right side, the dudes in cuffs. What you’re hitting me for? What is the problem he ran from us? What does that mean? He ran from us? We got to tune them up.

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