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We made a video talking about the calgary flames and whether or not there could be a trade in store with the philadelphia flyers which would send forward johnny gadreau over to philly in exchange for something like goss despair, maybe a voracek. In there we made a few videos talking about this kind of stuff here, but that idea was mostly on the focus of a trade like scenario whether or not the flyers could acquire a guy in gadrow who could go out there help their team score some points. We all know who johnny control is right: five, nine 165 pound 27 year old forward; he’s, usually a guy that you can bet on to score a whole bunch of points in the nhl last season. He kind of had to dip in numbers 58 points in 70 games played, but the years before that 99 points 84 points 61 points in 72 games. Cadre has been a pretty consistent point producer, with the exception of last year, where he still was at 60 points on the year. However, he is in a position now where there have been very heavy rumors coming about with his own status as a future hockey player. In fact, most of this comes from calgary flames beat reporter eric francis he’s, a guy who covers the flames on sportsnet. He writes articles about them. If you follow flames news, you probably know who eric francis is well earlier. This week, he made an appearance on the brotherly pod podcast and he expanded a little bit more on the idea of johnny gadro linking the player to the philadelphia flyers.

Let’S go over onto the fourth period, where this article sums up the comments. This is what eric francis said on the podcast. There is zero doubt in my mind that johnny gadreau is not going to resign in calgary, he says otherwise, but i think he’s destined for philly. Francis said when asked about gedro’s future with the flames. I think people have thought that from the day he signed here and he’ll ultimately be a philadelphia flyer. Francis went on to cite gudro’s childhood love for the flyers and, while the player has previously stated, he wishes to be a flame for life. Francis believes that his lip service on the part of the player, so our topic today goes a little bit more as follows. Could you see johnny cadreau one of the top point producers in the nhl the past few years, a guy who has defied all odds as a small, undersized light winger who was able to go out there and exhibit his skills and try to really be a big Part of the nhl translated from a big physical, brute game to a lot more speedy, skilled and finesse type game, where small guys can have a lot more success than they had before. Johnny gadro has been a very big part in helping out the league and transitioning from that one state to the next, but as a member of the calgary flames with one season left after this year, at 6.75 million dollars a season, could you see johnny cadre going Out there and being like yep, sorry bud i’m, going back to my hometown team, not even hometown he’s from new jersey.

But he was a big flyers fan growing up. And if this idea by francis has any merit, then it says that a few years from now when johnny control is in his contract year, he does not resign, he doesn’t come back and instead he goes to free agency where he ends up pulling off a john Tavares and going back to his hometown team. Now, speaking about that john tavares, that is probably the biggest situation that i think kind of has the same reflection as this idea by eric francis is seeming to look towards because johnny gadro was out here saying over and over yeah. I want to remain aflame for life. I want to play in calgary. You know normal hockey player stuff, that one says usually when they’re in an expiring contract kind of situation, but i do think the john tavares angle is so akin to how this could look like. If it does go the way that francis depicts it could, because if you remember the john tavera situation, he was in a contract year with the islanders, and he said the entire time i want to remain with the islanders. I want to do this. I want to do that young core bars, all great players, etc. You know we’ve got a good team in front of us here. I want to be a part of success in long island, etc. We heard all that from john tavares and the guy refused to wave his no move clause in order to get traded at the trade deadline for what would be assets that could actually help out the islanders either.

Picks prospects send over tavares to a cup contending team. In the now, and have this guy play out the last months of his contract fighting for a stanley cup, something like that that didn’t happen because tavares was saying the entire time. I want to stay here not going to wave i’m just going to resign soon. Hey it didn’t happen, he left he went to free agency, he went over to toronto, his hometown team and islanders fans were livid with how this guy just completely picked up his things he left and he went over the border going back on what he said. The entire time when he said he wanted to remain in long island, he was going to resign. He didn’t want to waive his no move clause and it led to the islanders, leaving with nothing because tavares left as a free agent, and they didn’t get anything in return if johnny cadreau, who does have a modified, no trade clause at the end of his contract. Right now he doesn’t have anything. So if the flames want to trade, him it’s fair game right now, but in that time frame, johnny dro is going to have to submit a five team trade list. Those are teams, five in the nhl that he would allow a trade to happen to so, if there’s any concern as to whether or not the flames would not be able to resign johnny gadro there could possibly be an out if any of the teams that qadro Has on his list are actually able to make a trade.

This could be completely hampering let’s say. If control goes out there and says okay, the teams, i would accept a trade to are the teams that have absolutely zero cap space already. Don’T know how the landscape is gon na be in a year, but right now, hey, tampa uh washington, vancouver. All these teams here that have no salary, let’s put them on my trade list, so i can guarantee i’m ending off the season in calgary. Obviously, the simple answer, though, would be to just put the philadelphia flyers on that trade list next year, which would allow the flames to go out there and, if they’re, already sensing, what eric francis is saying in this podcast episode. Right here is going to come. True. They can all just be like okay, here philly we’re, going to make an offer here, you’re going to take a dro we’re doing this, because we know the guy wants to play with you – he’s – probably going to go there next year. If it’s, not us it’s going to be you guys so hey, why not give us x y zed, whichever players or picks you want name your price let’s negotiate, so i do think there is indeed a valuable conversation we had here about johnny gadro, because this whole Thing has happened before with john tavares, just in a different circumstance, because john tavares situation was very similar to how johnny gadroz is right now it’s, just the difference.

Being john tavares had a no move clause on top of an a team, no trade list, so he had the right to veto any possible trade that the islanders could have done. Johnny gadro does not have that right. In fact, he doesn’t have that right right now. So if the flames just wanted to go out there and do it, they could, but if eric francis has an inkling of connections which he probably does, i don’t really understand why he would go out there and say this if he does not believe that it is True, so tell me in the comments what you think: do you see johnny gadro by the time 2022 2023 rolls around, because i know that’s in a very long time, we’re in 2021. Right now, i can’t believe that too gosh. It still feels like 20 20., but once the 22 23 season rolls around, tell me in the comments: do you think goudreau will be in calgary? If not, is it going to be philly that ends up being his new home, the home of a team that he cheered for growing up and a team that has also been involved in the johnny cadre rumor mill over the past few months as well? You got ta remember from the flyer side that there indeed is salary that you have to give out here. If godro goes to free agency you’re going to have to find a way to pay this player and give him his money, but for philly they have a whole bunch of rfas.

They need to resign. Nolan patrick, is over there. Travis sanheim is over here too plus they have a lot of extra money tied up in other players. People have been talking about other guys, maybe even being traded as well. This article here on the fourth period, mentions shane goss despair and james van riemsdyk, and how those two names were at the top of chuck fletcher’s to do list in the fall. So, who knows, if there’s going to be a trade to be made to free up the salary to get a good row in the free agent market or if there’s, just a calgary flames, philadelphia flyers, trade straight up that’d be very weird to see johnny cadreau in A philadelphia flyers, jersey and if there’s a trade i’d be interested in seeing what the flames could get back. But let me know in the comments what you think.

What do you think?

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