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It is the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent. I kind of feel a little bit of that, like i don’t know how you feel this is just my own personal opinion, just kind of how i see things unfolding based off of what we’ve read and how i feel towards these things that we have read. But i can’t believe we’re making another video about this we’re talking about pierre luke dubois again, because there were a few comments made by some very involved people in the pier luke dubois story that really do boast some very impactful feelings. So if you’re not up to date, i always try to make these videos to the point where, if anybody who has no idea what’s going on clicks on it, they know what’s, going on pierre luke, dubois, very good hockey player playing for the columbus blue jackets. A very young guy, very talented, guy, a top draft pick in 2016.. He was traded away from columbus to winnipeg a few days ago because hey he just felt like he didn’t have a fit there in columbus long term. However, john tortorella, the coach of the columbus blue jackets made a very noteworthy interview, the other day on sportsnet, where he goes over. What exactly happened with pierre luc dubois in the locker room, and all this is being said after the guy was traded away. So it was an interview done with christine simpson and you can take a look at some of the comments over here.

This is from an nhl article. He said this have pierre luc dubois and i had conflict. You gosh darn right, we’ve had conflict. If someone doesn’t want to be here, that’s a hard thing for me to stomach. Quite honestly, i’ll tell you this. I do think the athletes that participate in the sport today they’re softer compared to when they were before and the benching. I would do it again. A lot of people have some perceptions of me that have no clue who i am now. This is referring to how exactly pierre luke dubois got benched in his last game as a columbus blue jacket, when the shift he had before he got. Benched was just really bad. He was just kind of gliding out there, not even really putting in any effort, and of course we did have the comments made before, where tortorella publicly said to the media. Yeah the locker room knows that pierre dubois wants a trade. We sat him down. We asked him hey bud. Why do you want to trade? It was eventually revealed that pierre luc dubois never really gave an answer to anybody in the blue jackets organization as to why he wanted a trade, but the interview he did after the fact where he said that he just didn’t see a long term fit with columbus. Did kind of get on the nerves of some people like yarmoukalanin, for example, who was like yeah? I wish this guy would go out there and tell the truth, because contract negotiations were not a part of it.

We already made a video talking about that. So if you want to see why i don’t really think they’re on the same page and that yarmouk aladdin might have misunderstood the situation, go ahead and check the video out. But these comments by tortorella made on the sportsnet interview where he said: yeah we’ve had conflict. Yeah i’d bench him again. This guy wanted out. We don’t like that there’s, actually a little bit of response here i wanted to go over to because when it comes to pierre luke, dubois, obviously dubois himself has been nothing but respectful towards tortorella. All the comments that he made after he got traded were like yeah. You know towards a great coach, etc. Pushes you to be better, have nothing but respect for that guy, great stuff right, but it’s. Actually, pierre luke dubois agent patricia who has come out and kind of just thrown the book at john tortorella, again take a look at this insider trading discussing the present and future of the pittsburgh penguins. This is actually the same video that we linked in a previous piece talking about darren drager and his comments on sidney crosby. But if you go over to the ending part of this tsn insider video, you can see this quote made by pat brisal on john tortorella. Let’S read it out right here from day one of training camp john tortorella wanted to expose pierre luke dubois. This included going on the radio the second week, which made it more difficult for kekkalinan to do his job and make the trade that’s.

What he’s talking about now? He continues to use his different media platforms to justify his position and, of course, he’s talking about the interview that tortorella did with sportsnet talking about the pierluck dubois thing here’s, what a follow up says: ombre saul, i have not heard paul maurice once say anything about A trade request from both linear or roslovic – this could have been operation submarine, but ah well. Torts was not able to help himself so there’s. Another jab right back over there for tortorella, given out by the agent of pierre luc dubois straight over to tsn themselves. What he’s, referring to at the end here, operation submarine operation submarine, refers to submarine warfare where you’re underwater you’re just firing missiles at each other it’s significant, because under the surface there is normally a very big battle going on missiles, going back and forth, etc. But if you’re on top you’re in the beach you’re walking around the city, you don’t know what’s going on down there it’s completely ambiguous to you that’s kind of what he’s meaning here by operation submarine. We could have had a trade that was just quiet, quick settled down and nobody has to know a thing about it, but instead what pat bryson has a problem with here is the fact that tortorella’s going out there and making all these statements and saying all these Things about dubois, oh, i would bench him again: oh, we wanted to know why he wanted to get traded.

So we sat him down and we asked him in front of the entire team like stuff like that right. The previous video we made about pierre luc dubois also highlighted a rumor that said that tortorella and the assistant coaching staff was straight up, ignoring dubois once the season started, because they knew he wanted to trade. Something like that. So it’s kind of funny to hear the agent come out here himself and say: yeah since day, one of training camp torch was out there trying to expose dubois. So again you know this kind of drives home. The point that i was talking about a few videos ago how pierre luke dubois is just in the most admirable position here, because he’s gotten what he wants: he’s. Finally, gotten traded he’s got a long term future. Now, hopefully, with the winnipeg jets and in the post trade interview, he was like yeah tortorella’s, a great coach he’s, a great motivator. He does his best to make. You show your best out there on the ice and i have nothing but respect for that. Guy yada, yada yada. He had nothing but good things to say about torts, so all the tortorella stuff coming out after where he is kind of slamming pure luke dubois yeah there’s a lot of uh uneased tension. I guess with this it’s kind of funny isn’t it because i think it was after the trade we were like yeah we’re, not gon na know a lot of the details about this story for a very long time and as more things come out.

We’Re gon na have more things to talk about and more discussion points to add on to the narrative, and this is just another one of those pieces. Man so i’ll leave a link in the description to the john tortorella interview, or at least the preview there’s, a tweet made about it on the sportsnet twitter account. You can go ahead and check that out and see the big juicy quotes where he says yeah. I would bench dubois again if i had the chance and then i’ll leave a link in the description as well to the tsn insider trading video, because that is on their website. So you can go ahead and read that for yourself, i’m, just really interested in seeing kind of how pierre luke dubois responds to all of this. You know patrick lainey is in a weird spot because we all kind of know how patrick lioney plays defensively he’s gotten better over the past few years. But now under john tortorella i’m, going to be very interested in seeing how that turns out. But for pier luke dubois he’s in a position where he really just has to go out there and show the world that he is a lot better than the pure luke dubois. We saw in the last game he played for the blue jackets. We were just kind of out there going for a skate. We know how good this player can be. We know how good this player has been before he was the best columbus blue jacket in the bubble, tortorella kind of yelled at him a lot in the bubble as well, which is very interesting to take a look at with hindsight with all the stuff.

We know now, but yeah i’ll leave this video off with another question here. Is it fair for me in the title and all that in this video to call this mudslinging mud, slinging the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent? Is that fair? In this context, tortorella’s saying yeah, we had conflict yeah. I wanted to bench this guy i’d. Do it again. The agent coming out here saying yeah john tortorella, was out here going after my guy since day, one of training camp he’s trying to justify his positions by using different media platforms. Is it fair to say that this is mudslinging, because to me my perception is there’s? Really no need to go out there and start talking about this guy anymore. Right, like you, don’t need to anymore. John tortorella voluntarily came out here and did an interview where he spoke about pierre looked at one said all these things about him so now that he dished one out the agent’s coming back over and doing another dish, the other way.

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