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For sunday, and that was going to be about cole caufield and his absolute monster weekend well, it turns out, after last night’s action between the canadians and the calgary flames. What we had was a series of tweets that came out talking about a completely separate topic. That brings up an entirely new story that i wanted to go over here on the channel. So without further ado, let’s go over onto twitter and read these tweets as they come out. The first tweet comes out here from saleem nadeem valjee, and i apologize if i’m pronouncing that incorrectly he is a tsm guy who has connections. He says this here’s some news on the canadians, victor mette, who has been scratched in each of the habs7 games. This season has officially requested a trade from the team agent, darren ferris, and the montreal canadiens will work together in finding a trade partner. This is what pierre lebron said on the matter: it’s a quote from darren ferris himself. There isn’t an opportunity to get mete in the lineup it’s best for both the player and the team for him to get traded, but oh no, it doesn’t stop there because we had ourselves a response from the other party in this discussion. This is what mark bergevan said regarding the mette trade request via text message, not true and i’m, not training him now again before we go over any of the analysis here. Any other comments, any of the possibilities let’s just establish that nhl gms lie all the time and they always go back on their word i’m.

Not saying that’s what’s happening here but i’m saying that time and time again you see nhl gm, say something and then their actions a few days weeks or months later down the line contradict those things they said before. The biggest example of this is literally with mark bergervan yeah we’re, not trading pk, subban bro, and then they trade pk subban for weber. In hindsight, that was an okay trade but it’s one example of many of nhl gms around the league lying about what they say and mark bergervan in this current timeline has officially established via text message for publication to the media that no, he is not trading. Victor mate and it’s, not true that he is going out there asking for a trade, so it is kind of funny isn’t it how the agents like yeah he wants a trade and then the gm is like no. He doesn’t want to trade. What are you talking about? That’S, not true, fake news, bud don’t even know how that’s really possible, but that is the situation we have here. So when it comes to victor mate, i think i’ve said this a few times in a few videos already, but i guess we’ll go through the entire stick again. Meteor is a guy who has such a very weird style of play as a defenseman he’s, a small guy he doesn’t hit. He doesn’t shoot it well, but what he does do well is actually hold on to the puck and rush things forward with it.

He’S, a guy who plays kind of a possession rover kind of forward, but just as a defenseman and it’s, really weird how that style has translated into the nhl. We all remember how long it took for mete to score his first goal, but over the years you know he has looked good in some areas, poor in others. I remember i was a very big fan of mente, particularly in the playoffs last year, but victor mate has not been playing and that’s kind of something that you have to take a look at when you have a team that already had so many good defenders in The system and you just added a few more edmonson’s playing games now so is alexander romanov. So having a guy like mete, who is on this team? Technically he’s scratched not at the taxi squad, because the haves aren’t gon na wave him – and you still have a few other guys in your system that you’re looking towards building, maybe some sort of an nhl base. This season too, you have, for example, kale flurry he’s a very capable nhl talent in the nhl, in my opinion, not to mention all the prospects you have that you’re looking towards having in the next few years too norlinder struble, all these other guys, josh brooke as Well so the way the hams have built their decor, where they have a lot of really established nhl talents on the team today, plus the other influx of guys that might actually be able to play in the nhl today.

It’S led them to a position where they’re forced to maybe sit some guys out who might not be deserving of sitting out if they were on any other team. The fact is, the habs were winning games over and over again, so you can’t go out there and say: okay, sorry, bud we’re, just gon na take you out. Even though we’ve been winning all these games, they have to go with the same lineup here. The only changes they made were because our mia was taken out by tyler myers, which does suck, and then you had the other stuff, too, shot blocks and anderson getting flu like symptoms all that stuff. So, with victor mate on the blue line, he’s a guy who i definitely do see somewhat of a very projectible nhl game, but a lot needs to go right for this kind of guy. As i said, the way he plays is weird. You don’t have any other defensemen in the entire league, in my opinion, that love to hold on to the puck and who love to create offensive space with it like mete. Does he doesn’t have that physical edge and he can’t really shoot it, but what he does do is create space, and you could debate that the skating he has isn’t good enough to keep up with that kind of style. But at the end of the day, mete has developed his entire game over the years with that style, so when it comes to taking out an edmondson or romanov or whoever for this kind of guy.

Firstly, we said it’s tough to do that when the team is winning games. Secondly, it’s a lot tougher to do that when the way he plays is so much different than all the other left handed defensemen that are on the team: sharat mete romanov, etc. So if you’re going to go out there asking for a victor mate in a trade, what you’re really doing here is kind of just getting a lottery ticket like it’s, difficult, in my opinion, to put a value on mete because what you would need to give up In my opinion is another guy who also has a boatload of potential to become good in this league, but whose likelihood of hitting that potential is not as high as let’s say, a conor mcdavid or an austin matthews. Those guys were pretty much guaranteed to be as good as people thought they would be. Mette is a guy who has a good ceiling in my opinion, but the likelihood of him reaching that is not all too high compared to some of the other players who are guaranteed so that’s. Why people are talking about? Oh vancouver jake vertenan, for example, for victor mate. First off that doesn’t make sense for montreal. They wouldn’t make that kind of trade. Secondly, oh is it draft picks? Is it another prospect or whatever for victor mate, or is it just the bare minimum, just like something like a sixth or a fifth or whatever, not because that’s what he is worth but because the canadians can decide okay? Well, maybe it is kinda not really in our best wishes to play this guy because we’re winning games – and we have some other good defensemen let’s, just trade him away.

Do him a favor. Send him to a team. That’Ll actually play him and we can get a pick and return who knows what’s the plan here i mean berchevan, said there’s no plan to make a trade here, but at the very least i do think it’s worth discussing now that we have the word from the Agent that says that he wants a trade but now i’m just kind of interested in seeing how exactly that could work out again. The vancouver angle is one we discussed. Olio levy was a teammate of victor mantes, actually a line mate of victor mate’s back with the one, the knights in 2016. I believe, but i think with that, that kind of wraps up all the thoughts that i have about this topic. I guess i’ll leave this video off with just one question: the agent says he wants a trade gm says. No, he doesn’t want to trade we’re not going to trade. Him. Tell me in the comments. Does mette get traded sometime within the next year? Yes or no? Let me know why also, let me know in the comments all your thoughts on whether or not he should could or would get traded, because should he get traded is a different question then will he get traded? If you had to predict? What do you think is going to happen? Is he getting traded? Is he staying what’s going to happen by the time? This is all said and done with.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

What do you think?

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