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How special is it to have won them at various points of your career, yeah it’s, really special uh to have won it in my fourth year, Music, as a starter was, was very special and now to win it. As my in my 13th year as a starter in a new offense is pretty uh, pretty amazing and some i’m very proud of to have sustained success and to be able to play your best football uh at 37 in my 16th season is something i take a Lot of pride in Music, what does being the mvp mean to you, especially having the same number now as other winners like favre and brady yeah? The guys on that list are guys that i grew up watching idolizing and fortunate enough to play with brett for three years, but a guy who wanted three years in a row, which is something that probably will never be done again, it’s so difficult to have that Sustained success and to do it in consecutive years, uh three times is phenomenal and obviously tom is one of the greatest of all time so to join that list of guys, who’ve won it uh more than twice is pretty special. Many consider this uh a word of team honor. Do you feel that way and if so, why yeah i mean i’m, really thankful for my teammates, the way that they played this year, it’s so much fun being called upon to to be leader of this football team.

I’M thankful for the opportunity to still be here to still be a starting quarterback for the green bay packers. The success that we had this year made the season a lot of fun at a time where there was a lot of turmoil and protocols around the coronavirus. So i’m really thankful for all my guys, all the support from them. Having my back listening to me, questioning me having great conversations growing together on the field and then going out and putting up big time. Performances 2 000 yards is, i think, is always on a running backs mind, especially in the league, just because it’s so unique and far as me. I knew as long as i trained hard to work hard in the off season and then, when i came in for training camp and did what i needed to do to to be ready to prepare for the season that and everything else to take care of itself. I always put the team goals first and then individual goals come second, but i knew you know. We take a lot of pride in the run game and have success and that um, you know anything’s possible. You know the groupon. Will we could all accomplish it? Your game is very versatile power. Speed moves, precision, intelligence: when did you think all of those elements began coming together for you in the pros um all the elements as far as my game and what i’m good at, i think, uh my time throughout the league.

I just started to develop more with the more experience i got as the years went on, um and um. I think just development to the player that i am today wasn’t always glitter and gold. It was some adversity. You know you know. I had to work my way through it, but i appreciate it and that’s where that’s, how that’s, how i got here today and you know, with the things i’ve been able to accomplish with my teammates and i’m, just thankful for it all you’re, very good at the Tough yards, as well as the breakaway runs, which is more gratifying for you, uh, the tough yards in the brickery runs. I appreciate them both because that’s that’s what it is, a running back, it’s going to be the tough ones, then the toughest turning to break right run so they’re, both uh they’re, both satisfying and whenever you, whenever you’re able to do that. You come out with a pretty good game ahead for you in the tennessee titles um. Well, you know uh in 2019, winning we’re going to the afc championship and um this year, uh being knocked out in the first round. I think you know we need. We got all the motivation that we need as far as the team and um you know come in hungry work, uh work hard, this all season, um each and every player. You know – and i know that guys are gon na – be hungry.

Coming in when uh it’s time to go to training camp, so you know just setting setting stone where we want to go and that’s, not winning the super bowl. Bringing the first one to nashville brown’s had to deal with a lot of adversity in 2020.. How proud of you of what players, coaches and organization, achieve yeah i’m, so impressed by this organization from top to bottom, what they were able to accomplish, given some of the circumstances and really the attitude every single day when people walked into this building, it was a Can do attitude and we tried to find a way every day find a way every week under some unique circumstances. What were the biggest challenges for you in your first season as a browns head coach yeah, there was a lot of uncertainty every morning. He kind of woke up and waited for that phone call about how some things may be changing, so we had to navigate through that and i think we got comfortable being uncomfortable because that’s, what 2020 was all about? How did you and your staff change the culture from the disappointment to success? We never concerned ourselves with the past we’re all about moving forward and this season had its unique challenges and we focused on those each and every day and ultimately tried to put together a group of guys that would fight every single week. I think we did that, but we were so focused on what we were doing in the here and now.

So this is your third defensive player of the year award, which puts you in company with lawrence taylor and jj watt. What are your thoughts on that uh? Well, you just named you know two great defensive players, so um anytime, your name is mentioned with grits um you’re gon na be honored um. Definitely when you know there’s only a few that accomplish something like that, so be the third to do it. Um it’s! Truly a blessing um. You know it shows the body of work that i put in any time. You know um your hard work is rewarded. You know you can be happy about that. So it’s just a blessing. You have redefined in some ways how a defensive lineman plays in the current nfl. What do you believe have become your best traits? Oh, i would say my overall game. You know i can’t really pinpoint one thing. You know, i think, from stopping a run to russian comparison, to you know just trying to dominate. You know i think i’m around around the player you know, if, like i can, do everything um, you know the matter, don’t, no matter the size of the you know. The person as long as you can play at a high level and be productive that’s all that matters. So all right and last question all players stress there is room for improvement. What do you believe you need to upgrade in your game? Oh well, i always say my overall game.

You know my mindset is always trying to find ways to get better stay consistent. You know from stopping and running rushing the passer, so you know um when you make a name for yourself. It just get ten times harder. So um i got ta, you know always find ways to improve uh as a rounded football player and that’s. What i’m continuing to do. This was such a strong crop of rookies who contributed on many levels with many different teams, but you lap the field with this award. Why do you think that is well first off? Thank you. I think it’s a testament to all the hard work that we put in as a team and the coaching staff. The players uh it’s it’s, been a tough year, but we put in a lot of good work and uh just to be in the conversation is an honor. So this is a really really cool opportunity who helped you grow and prosper. The most this season that’s a great question, i would say, it’d – have to be coach, steiken and coach hamilton. Those two probably had the most in my development and being able to spend a lot of time with them learning from them. I think that’s what helped the most. What are the next steps that you need to take in 2021 and beyond yeah? The next step for us um is to continue to develop as a team uh keep pushing forward, win more games and close out some of those.

Those losses that uh, you know that we we thought we could have had, but overall it’s, just getting better getting that locker room tighter and keep doing a good job. People often remark how you look as if you you are having tremendous fun on the field. True uh definitely um, i feel like uh that’s. The reason i play the game um even first, when i was a kid it’s just because i love the game so uh. You know. I definitely like to have fun when i’m out there playing. How did coach rivera’s guidance as well as that from other members of the staff help you develop so rapidly as a pro yeah? I came in uh, you know eager to uh, you know just work hard and uh just be a sponge and um. You know i watched coach, uh de rio and and and rivera just from afar and uh. You know always try try to pick pick their minds about um, just football in general uh and then i feel like that. Helped me. Throughout the year all players stress there is room for improvement. What do you believe you need to upgrade in your in your game? I’M? Not that i can update all facets of the game right now. Um pass rush, um run game uh play recognition. I feel like it’s, a half with the things i can get better so that’s. What i’m keep striving to do? You’Ve worked with a variety of players in a variety of jobs.

How much of that experience has helped you with the bills, helped out a lot. All my experiences from when i started out working on the defensive side of the book football to get moved over to the receiver coach and then to the quarterback coach offensive coordinator. Tight ends was able to be in the offensive line room sometime. All those experiences dealing with not only different positions, but different groups of guys have really helped out what are the main principles on offense that you adhere to. Well, we take a lot of pride in being smart, tough and dependable here at the buffalo bills, guys that can play multiple positions play at a high level with good intelligence, understand, situational football, and you know, as a coaching staff, we’re always going to have an aggressive Attacking mindset and that’s what we relate to our players, in particular our quarterback, the synergy between josh allen and stefan diggs was spectacular. This season both say you played a major role in establishing it. How did it happen and work so well in their first year together? Well, i think it’s important to develop relationships with your players and make sure that they understand you care about them, not just as players, but as people off the field that’s. The first thing. The second thing is those guys they have a very similar mindset and similar personality, and they hit it off i’d, say off the field. You know they got together out in florida in the off season, along with all the other receivers and tight ends and backs started to develop a relationship there and it continued to grow.

And you know we meet a lot as a group uh, particularly in the passing game, with the receivers. The tight ends the quarterbacks and we really try to let those guys personalities show as long as it fits in the framework of the offense um, and i think you know, with building relationships and meeting together and spending time together.

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