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As you guys all know, the nfl honors are the night before the super bowl, so this saturday night so i’m predicting all the major awards, including mvp offensive player of the year defensive player of the year rookies offensive rookie of the year defensive rookie the year coach Of the year comeback player of the year, we’re going to be looking at all of those pred. What i think is going to happen and who i think deserves those awards, so watch till the end to see all the awards that i choose also hit that subscribe. Button if you’re new tons of off season content coming, we got free agency video. Next week we have t one player. Every team should sign trades. We’Re gon na be looking up tons of trades everything we’re gon na, be on top of all of that, so hit that subscribe button and let’s jump right into it. First, we have the mvp most valuable player. I think that’s going to go to aaron rodgers this year. Aaron rodgers has been super good. This year, 372 completions 4 299 passing yards and a league leading 48 passing tds it’s just ridiculous what he did with not many weapons. He had a very good offensive line in devante adams, but other than that he really elevated the play from the wide receivers and players around him, which i think is very very impressive. He’S been the goat for a long time. He’S been not the goat, but one of the best quarterbacks for a very long time.

I think he deserves it. This year he had a rough exit out of the playoffs, but he had a very, very nice regular season and he was passing for like four passing touchdowns every single game, which is just ridiculous. Just really elevating the play of his teammates just really impressed with his especially his extending the play and being able to throw on the run. He just throws dimes he’s been doing it for years and is proving the packers why he should keep his job. Just really impressive from him, so i think he deserves mvp and for offensive player of the year. This one was close between derek henry and stefan diggs, but i have to go with derrick henry for going over for going over 2 000 rushing yards in the season. That’S only been done like eight or nine times, especially he was like 230 yards away from 2000 yards going into week 17 and then rushed for like 250 in week 17 to get the 2000 yards rushing in a game that mattered. That was just completely ridiculous. Also 17, rushing tds, which led the league his best play was in. He threw a not um. He rushed for a 94 yard td versus the texans. He has those runs where he just breaks so many tackles, and then he also has that burning speed for a 250 pound back. He can actually outrun you, which is just ridiculous. He can do everything he’s all around back and he’s, probably the only player other than a quarterback that can carry his team by himself.

So super impressed by derek henry he’s offensive player of the year for defensive player of the year. I kind of have a little bit of an underdog, but i think xavier howard really deserves it. People are saying it should be aaron donald to tj watt, but xavier howard was very very impressive. This year the dolphins defense was led by him and he played extremely extremely well. He had a league leading 10 interceptions. He had a streak of, like, i think, was seven or eight games where he just had an interception. Every game 20 passes defended. So i expect next year his numbers aren’t going to drop because cubies are going to learn not to target him. I think hubies didn’t respect his play this year and he made them pay with intercept those interception and pass defended. I think he’s going to become more of a jalen ramsay type player next year, where players just do not target him, but he had a super impressive year. Interceptions and pass defended leads the nfl and his best play was a one handed interception versus the chiefs. He picked off patrick mahomes over tyreek hill. That was just ridiculous, xavier howard, i think he deserves defensive player of the year now yeah offensive rookie of the year. I got justin herbert one of my favorite upcoming players, especially as a chargers fan it’s super crazy to see how philip rivers goes out and so like justin herbert comes in super excited to see what he can do next year, but he had ‘6 completions, 4.

336. Passing yards 31 tds 234 rushing yards and 5 rushing tds. All of this in 15 games, which is the most ridiculous part he had the most completions and most passing tds in only 15 games. He was this had the sixth most passing year in the league and played one less game than everybody. He would have broken the passing yards record if he played a full 16 games. The numbers just jumped off the charts, it’s just ridiculous play from him, especially when he got put in last second versus the chiefs, just so impressed by her. I think it’s, the best rookie qb performance of all time for sure the passing tds were ridiculous and he just even with anthony lynn screwing up the offense. He just played such a good year and i’m super excited to see what he’s gon na do battling mahomes. It’S gon na be super cool to see that um showdown and i think his best play was a 17 yard td pass to keane allen on monday night football. I it was like third and long and saints and the blitz he has to rush out of the pocket stiff arm some dude down and then right on the sidelines, slings it to keen noun. That was just a super good play. He also has those deep ball passes that he just dropped straight into jail and guy. So overall, i think he deserves it and justin jefferson. He played really well and if justin herbert wasn’t playing this year, he would be the clear offensive rookie of the year, but i think justin herbert deserves it.

This year now we got defensive rookie of the year. I think this one’s pretty obvious chase young. He was the favorite going into the year and he started off kind of slow and people. He had a few injuries and it wasn’t really looking too good and then the second half year he just stepped up seven and a half sacks four force. Fumbles 42 total tackles. He was just that all around player for the washington defense, especially he got these numbers with people like montez, sweat, jared allen around him, so there’s tons of talent around him too, so they got part of it, but just super impressed by him. I think he’s going to be a defensive player of the year in the future. Just super good player, his best play was a 47 47 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown against the 49ers. That was insane just all around super athletic guy. I think he’s gon na be a great player in the future. Now we got our comeback player of the year, alex smith alex smith. He went out when he was with the redskins. It was one of the most gruesome injuries i’ve ever seen. He had two years out of surgery and recovery, so two full years where he was trying to recover and get back in it. Some doctors even said his leg could be amputated, which is just so tough from going from your leg might be amputated and you might not be able to walk to playing football again and he led the washington football team to the playoffs.

On top of that, his numbers weren’t that dazzling, but he got the job done and the fact that he was able to step on a football field again. He deserves this award just absolutely ridiculous: props to alex smith for this recovery, trying to revive his career. That’S super impressive: by alex smith and the coach of the year. I think it should go to kevin stefanski. Now some coaches may have had a better playoff run, a better record, but kevin stefanski did it with the cleveland browns. He left the cleveland browns to 11. To 5 record and a playoff birth got the brownster first playoff win in 26 years. I think the biggest thing of them all is he helped a cursed franchise. The browns franchise has been cursed for so many years. The quarterback cycle, the coach cycle. They can just never ever get it right, kevin stefanski, totally fixed it all. He was able to get them up to the playoffs and just totally fix this franchise that this fan base has been waiting for so long. I think the browns are big contenders because of him, and he is just super much helped this franchise, so super well done by kevin safanski. I think he deserves coach of the year award. Thank you guys for watching. If you enjoyed please like and subscribe tons more off season content coming out, so you hit that subscribe button and the notification bell. So you know when i post new videos, i’ll put my mock draft right.

There super good mock draft, so you should watch that and my next few videos are going to be recapping.

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