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Their door is not closing anytime soon, but they’ve got to cash in when the opportunity presents itself. So many questions surrounding the chiefs. Will they have sammy watkins? He has missed both playoff games. He missed a good chunk of the regular season. He’S got a calf issue, he’s working on. Why in the world, am i talking about sammy watkins? He could be the answer to our poll question this morning. It’S keyshawn j will and zubin presented by progressive insurance key with an amazing super bowl story here in just one minute where, apparently, all dreams did not come true for dexter jackson more on that in a second but dexter jackson was the mvp of key super bowl. Super bowl 37, not exactly a guy that you would think, would win it, maybe before the game started. So in that spirit, we’re asking this morning give us your outside the box. Super bowl mvp pick not mahomes, not brady. Give us a scottie miller. Give us a sami watkins give us a sorenson. Give us a. I don’t know: yeah nicole hardman rob gronkowski. So i want to ask you guys: first real quick and then we got the key story and then we’ll get to the fellas calling on this again. 8888. Espn give us your outside the box super bowl. Mvp pick, i know key, you say: it’s gon na be a quarterback, no matter what, but if you had to kind of answer this question, how would you go? I would i, i think so.

I’M gon na go defense tampa if tampa wins. Okay, then i’m gon na go defense and i’m gon na probably go shaq, baird or jpp gotcha. If they, your number one impact players from yesterday, yeah it because if they win the game it’s because of that defensive front, really getting after uh patrick mahomes, the way they did aaron rodgers. So i would, i would say one of those two guys would probably you know two or three sacks sack fumble. You know two sacks, a tip pass with an interception leads to a touchdown, something like that. Jay yeah i’ll go with michael hartman, just because there’ll be so much focus on tyreek hill and travis kelsey, all those guys that torched them up in in games prior. So maybe an outlier. But i realistically don’t see the mvp going to anybody else, but one of the two quarterbacks i mean at the end of the day as much as we want to sit here and say here’s how we can speculate, who may have the best chance to get outside These guys it’s going to be one of those two guys fair enough key, certainly seems to agree again give us your outside the box. Super bowl, mvp pick i’ll go with somebody like levante, david or devon. I do think that is something that the bucks defense is going to be able to do because it’ll be anecdotal, wow this guy one of these guys finally stopped patrick mahomes yeah, and then you got the whole history of the dominant tampa bay, buccaneers defense that won The super bowl against the raiders of the past and derrick brooks and all the the the warren sapps and the simeon rice’s, the rendez barbers, the johnny lynches, the brian kelly’s.

You got all of that that’s there. It just adds to. If the bucks win, what people you know how they are in narrative, it’s like oh, this reminds me of that defense. So let us know 888 say espn 88729. 377., even though it’s not that defense, but true the more quirky, the better right, the more quirky, the better the chance you’ll get on the air so be creative. With this it’s time. For straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless key. If you bet tent, never mind, we spent the entire break. Do we can’t subject the audience we cannot subject the audiences? Well, i’ll bet 100.. Okay. That means you win, never mind. Um here’s the deal you have a great super bowl story for the guy. That really is the spirit of today’s poll question. Take us back dexter jackson, winning the super bowl mvp for your squad. Well, yeah! No! He won the super bowl mvp with two interceptions early in the game that helped our defense as well as our offense get the ball back score some points, but d jack didn’t get a chance to go to disney world for the life of me. I don’t understand why so they brad johnson was the guy. I don’t know if it was dexter, wasn’t available or what the case was, but djak did take the ride on the float to disney world, and so you know up until that point. We always seen the mvp of the super bowl.

You know: hey what’s, the next i’m going to disney world the camera. You know the whole deal. It was like well, i’m thinking, djack, mvp he’s, going to the super bowl. I think. Even after the game i was like, oh man, i’ll see you when i get back because me and brad wind up doing the leno show uh, and so i was like. I see you when you get back from disney world whatever and i look up. Brad was the one going to disney world i’m like what happened. It did right i’m, like what happened man, but you know, maybe mickey mouse wanted to see somebody different. I don’t know i got nothing’s even on that so let’s let’s think about it, though jay that’s crazy to me. How does that happen? Have you ever asked him? I didn’t bring him on the show and ask. I think we tried to get we’re trying to get a hold of him, but i don’t know if he i don’t know if there was something that that d jack had to do what could be more important? I don’t know that moment. I have no idea. I just know that brad with the disney world and not dexter brad was on the float you know brad was, i was like waving. Did they get the mvp wrong wrong florida state guy wrong? The florida state guy on the float we’re asking this morning give us your outside the box super bowl.

Mvp pick you guys, let’s try to squeeze one in here angelo in toronto. Oh international call angelo in toronto here on espn radio outside the box morning, guys good morning, guys, hey are we on tsumt yo, hey, no you’re, not on aki. All i want to tell you is that i’m a long time new york jets fan born in 68, and you know what you were my favorite new york jets. I still got the jersey key 19. appreciate it. Man, thank you, but, but i got got ta tell you something. What would be the classic would be two interceptions, one sack from the honey badger. Imagine that interview well, the honey badger would be good too. Like you know, you get that sort of stuff. Two two sacks a pick: a fumble you you do something create something create some magic that gives some momentum, because even in our super bowl, dwight smith had picked six two pick sixes. I believe in that game two interception for two pick sixes, but the mvp trophy was already voted on it and so it’s like well dwight smith. I actually thought dwight was gon na get it because of that, but they had already voted by the time he got. The last pick six, they do tend to vote like late in the fourth quarter. The game really wasn’t in question, but it is odd again to think that a guy that’s got two pick. Sixes gets one over a guy with two picks, but then again, it’s also odd.

That brad was on the float, so there’s a lot of great stuff. We should mention, though, you mentioned to us yesterday, that the last pick six for smith came with a couple seconds left in the game that had already been decided: i’m, not taking a it’s, not academic. You had an interception in the super bowl brawl, but, but even so, though they still was trying to come back. You know they. At that point, i think when, when when white face got the touchdown um, we calling whiteface a nickname. So if you’re trying to figure out um, i was trying to figure it out, and so when he got the pick that i believe we were up by either 13 or 14 and they were trying to come back, they could score get a one. Sided kick blah blah blah. He essentially just put them out their misery right with that one, and – and so you know at that point, it was like it’s over and it was straight talk. Wireless, no contract, no compromise angelo sports center watching angelo watching sportscenter sportscenter re by the way, not the sportscenter er up there on the way. You think that story was good dexter jackson not being on the float it’s. Nothing compared to the story that sal palantonio has about key. I don’t know i don’t know where this is going. I have no idea but i’m gon na find out. All i heard was tijuana.

I was not in what never mind i didn’t say anything. I just heard tijuana that’s: all i heard we’re not going south of the border we’re heading a little bit east to jay in connecticut. He’S got this from. Indeed, if you’re hiring trust me, you need indeed why, because, indeed, is a job site. You can trust to provide quality candidates. That’S right, indeed delivers four times more hires than other job sites, combined according to talon nest, with, indeed instant match. Businesses also get quality candidates fast right when you upgrade a job post, indeed, searches through the millions of resumes in their database to deliver a great candidates who fit your job description immediately. Claim your 75 credit towards your first upgrade post at indeed.

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