Super Bowl, 2021 First Take | Stephen A. Smith: Who will win Super Bowl LV: Chiefs vs Buccaneers?

They also have one offensive lineman, who may not be available due to covet protocols. The good news is patrick mahomes and sami. Watkins are feeling good max. Considering these injuries on kansas city, do you think that they should be the favorites? No, no, the kansas city chiefs, given everything we know should be the underdogs. The bucks should be the favorites and i’m taking the chief, because i had that kind of faith in patrick mahomes and i don’t think enough. People understand that that’s. Why they’re? Also taking the chiefs travis kelsey is great. Tyree kill is great that’s. Not why we’re taking the chiefs replace mahomes with any other quarterback in the game, including aaron, rodgers, tom brady or anything they’d, be the underdogs. We just think amma homes is going to get it done, guys think about this for a second, the bucks need to get pressure with four right like we all know that, because tyree kill burnt them so bad in single coverage. The first time they met they’re going to have to bracket tyree kill and, of course, you got to keep your eye on travis. Kelsey resources have to be there sent their way. The chiefs are missing, they’re not going to have for the game. Both offensive tackles both who are both pro bowl caliber offensive, tackles and now their backup, centers and covet pro protocol may not get to play. You know what that means. Andy reid said what the offensive line is going to do in practice this week.

All five guys on the offensive line are going to practice at all five positions. They are without their best players on the line and they are thin on the line. They’Re all gon na have to practice at all five positions and what are they going up against guys, a bucks team that is surging and getting healthy at just the right time by the way, uh uh vita vida veya that big defensive tackle the nose tackle. Remember he got hurt in the bears game and his season was over right, it’s, not over season’s, not over he’s playing and that dude can collapse your pocket. He can get a push in the middle and then guys like jpp and and shaquille barrett. Those guys are coming to get you the line of scrimmage. On the other side, the bucks are totally healthy, marpett remember a month or two ago he had missed some games: he’s back donovan, smith’s back everyone’s on the line and playing balling for the bucks right now and they’re lined at a very, very good season. So the bucks should dominate the line of scrimmage and brady has weapons everywhere. You look and his secondary’s playing lights out guys i picked the chiefs and all everyone who’s picking the chiefs is doing it. For one reason they have patrick mahomes, but they should be the underdogs here. You can talk about that. All you want to. I don’t think they should be the underdogs, because you keep talking about patrick mahomes, that ain’t what i’ve been talking about, everybody’s saying everybody’s been talking about it’s because of bachelor homes to me: it’s because of tyreek hill and travis kelsey it’s, because of tyreek hill.

The last time he went up against this team. I will remind this audience: he had 207 yards seven receptions and two touchdowns in the first quarter. He backpedaled in the end zone on one touchdown catch. He backflipped on another toying with the tampa bay buccaneers. He has 135 receptions on the season. Travis kelsey has 1416 yards receiving on 145 receptions. They run the football when they want to because they can throw against anybody and they’re looking to throw first and when i think about tampa bay and tampa bay with todd bowles and his blitz package, because we know he wants to blitz all day every day. One slight problem: patrick mahomes, 17 touchdowns, zero interceptions against blitzes this year i mean this is unbelievable, and so, when i look at it from that perspective and here’s, where this is the biggest thing – and nobody has brought this up – we’ve watched kansas city in the postseason. Okay, we’ve watched them perform. You know what going up against josh allen that they’re not he’s, not a scrub, he can ball. He was an mvp kennedy plus he has wheels on him too. What happened? They were able to neutralize him. Tom brady is elite. I get that and he’s going to get the ball out of his hands inside of two seconds. I get that too, but when i look at him right now, when i look at tom brady here’s what i think about he’s a stationary target and as a stationary target you’re talking about these boys, the chris jones of the world and others being able to get At him, you’re talking about a brilliant football savant in your secondary at the safety response spot with the honey badger, tyron matthews i’m, just looking at it.

From that perspective, and even though i think it’s entirely possible for tampa bay to win this game, they certainly should not be the favorites because of the things that i just mentioned, no way on earth. The right team is the favorite here. Tyree kill and travis. Kelsey are amazing players, mike evans and godwin antonio brown, scotty miller. Nothing to sneeze at tom brady has crazy weapons that receive her everywhere. He looks he has several excellent and trusted tight ends. He has an offensive line that not only blocks for the blocks for him. Well, but blocks for the run. In fact, when you talk about the best offensive lines in the nfl this past season, not on paper what we were expecting but how they actually performed, the bucks were elite and they have name brand running backs who can still play. They have a very competent running game when they choose to use it; in other words, they have every single thing on offense on defense, all three levels are playing great and stephen, a we’re hanging. Our hats on me, you on his two best weapons. Pick up your mind, make up your mind. You can’t sit up there. Oh, the defense is playing great, but in the same breath talking about patrick mahomes, being otherworldly and being something entirely different. We don’t give a hold on. We don’t give a damn what tampa bay that’s, what i’m doing against anybody else other than patrick mahomes, because we saw what happened when they went against magical homes, i’m, just saying that’s what happened? What that’s my point? What is the point is, if you put aaron rodgers tom brady, josh, allen, lamar, jackson, deshaun watson, anyone else on this chiefs team they’d be the underdogs even with the two premium weapons based on everything i just want to become the patrick model it’s my homes, people Are like well they’re supposed to win what i’m saying that you would do what he’s doing don’t you see exactly.

What max is doing max is picking the chiefs and he’s setting it up. So he has the excuses, of course in case he’s wrong, so he’s into this he’s heads in his bed. This is all max’s agenda now he should be favored in this super bowl, brady and i’m owning it max. I got this beautiful quilt here because, if you want cover, you know, it’s a beautiful quilt, you should use instead of hedging your damn bed. All the time hold on hold on hold on number two antonio brown is coming off. An injury chris godwin has been dropping passes, so we got to take that into consideration as well. Not only are we talking about hill and kelsey, we can’t forget michael hartman, we can’t forget williams, we can’t forget the play calling of andy reid and eric b enemy. We can’t forget those they’re coming off an injury. I know that mahomes offensive tackles are going into injuries all right. We got to go back. You can get mad at me later, but i just feel like you’re protecting your pick here, but we can discuss it more later. Producers are in my ears. We got ta go, we got plenty more time. He can’t help himself. Um brett favre was on the show.

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