Super Bowl, American football, Bowl game Dan Orlovsky react to Roger Goodell said Tom Brady is "probably the greatest" ahead of Super Bowl LV

Don’T say it. No we’ll just have to tell you if it’s going to happen. It may not happen. Hey y’all tweet me and tell me if these flower pots, covering up my js too, so i can move them just lift up your foot a little bit higher. All right, he’s pulled his hamstring. We begin with our team reports brought to you by discover and south palantonio has been covering the bucks all week, long as well as diana rossini covering the chiefs let’s get the latest from them. We begin with you diana the chiefs dealing with some key injuries that we need to talk about just two days ahead of this game. Yeah laura the kansas city chiefs were back outside where the air was really chilly, they’re back in missouri, but the energy was sizzling. The guys could be heard letting out their best rick flares whoo. After all, the good plays on both sides of the ball lots of clapping at practice. Andy reed shortened practice actually, but was just really thrilled with the engagement and the enthusiasm so let’s get to those quick injury reports that you’re talking about demarcus robinson, the wide receiver who’s been out because of cove had tested negative for the fifth straight day. So he was able to practice his teammate backup center daniel kilgore he’s one day behind him, so here’s what’s gon na happen tomorrow. He’S got a test negative for covid. Then he can get on the plane, with the team and he’ll be able to play in the super bowl.

How about le’veon bell and sammy watkins, both full participants today here’s the thing, though watkins was listed as questionable, but andy reid did say. He feels good that watkins will play on sunday and laura, i think, andy’s getting a little antsy. He said we’ve been doing this thing for two weeks now. Both teams are ready to get this thing going and sal. I think we can both agree with big red on this one let’s get sunday here already hey there diana well the bucs practice a very light practice today at their facility for 90 minutes. Basically, a glorified walk through the big news for the bucks is that cameron breit who’s back tightened up on thursday did not participate in today’s walkthrough and is listed as questionable big for the bucks why they live in 12 personnel. Two tight end sets 54 of their offensive snaps. This post season, more than any other playoff team, was in two tight end sets two of their 10 touchdowns came with two tight ends on the field. The other tight end is, of course, future hall of famer rob gronkowski. He is definitely good to go, but we’ll have to see about cameron brait and his readiness for super bowl 55 could be a big setback for the bucks, laura yeah, something to keep an eye on thanks. So much sal and diana adam schefter joining us in just moments as well. Let’S talk right into this game, let’s dive right into it chiefs defensive coordinator, steve spagnola, has sent the house after meeting brady in the last two times.

In fact, k.c is responsible for two of the four highest blitz rates. Brady is facing a loss over the last 10 seasons, but on tuesday spanx pointed out, the team has to walk a careful line. He said quote you can’t, do one thing too much or he’ll find a way to make you pay for it, he’s a step ahead of everything. That’S, always the challenge. When you go against what i call a cerebral, quarterback there’s, really not many more cerebral than tom brady, with all those the experience that he has, he can adjust with the best of them, but marcus. We always talk about bringing pressure and how important that is just show us exactly what the chiefs do, how they bring their pressure. You have to be smarter. Let me pull my best dan impression. Come on baby bring up his own pressure tape with the kansas city. The number one thing they do is: they include the lyman in drops to take away windows. Okay, here you are going to see derek nandy. The defensive tackle is going to drop out, make josh allen change his vision and sorenson and sneed coming off the edge. That is a lot of speed, but as we stop here, you can see the hitch that allen gets away from immediately. Yeah mandy is dropping out, and now you got two defenders with their eyes back to the quarterback. Do you think you want to throw in those windows? No, they tracking the ball and then, by that time, sneed is in his face and sorensen getting there, and then they rally into the rock.

These are the type of zone pressures that you need for tom brady. You know why, because all you need to do is make these quarterbacks itch, make them bring it down and rethink where they want to go with the football and you’ll be able to get to them right now, just a bit i’m brother, i just had to give Them that same marlowski energy yeah a little more dancing if it was dan, i mean watching that and we’re talking about the blitz i’m, reflecting on the contrast, because for so many years at the super bowl, it was always. You got ta pressure with brady with four. You know, but now it’s the reverse we’re talking about my homes that way pressuring him with four we’re asked with the chiefs we’re talking about their blitz packages for brady and i’d, like to say a lot of that has to do with the composition of the chiefs, Because, unlike tampa, they can’t really consistently get pressure with four. In fact, when they only send a standard rush, they pressure quarterbacks just 25 of the time that’s below average, whereas when they send five or more pressures, a blitz they get up to 48, which is second in the nfl, now there’s a great diversity in what steve Spagnolo dials up, you never know what side it’s coming from right, who it’s coming from i’m, going to throw out a name, a number 38 legerius. I i’ll just say this.

I didn’t know who he was for the season: i’m, not gon. Na i’m, not gon na lie to you, but he has arguably been the best rookie cornerback. Fourth round draft pick those disguise slap pressures. They love to send those and that’s the number you’re going to want to watch on sunday, he’s, really disciplined with the way that he does it right too. He’S coming off some of those edges and bringing those pressures – and you mentioned the inability to kind of see that stuff – and you know when you don’t, see it as a quarterback, and it comes so late, that’s a big deal. If you go back and just watch week 12 happen, you could see that when we talked about spags going after the tailbacks, you know he went after the offensive line as well. Now tampa is going to have to have a much better plan when it comes to the pressures. Six ps prior planning present prevents p poor performance. All right, you got the defensive line. Five offensive lineman five on four right now now, if they drop down and play single high safety, they got three to the field and you got two receivers. Well, they can blitz one guy and play coverage if they stayed in that structure. You’D send your offensive line to the left to protect yourself now. If they give you a too high shell, they can go to the backside. Safety and linebacker one can pressure and one can cover if that’s the case.

You would kick your offensive line to the right, for some reason tampa keeps their offensive line to the left here. Well, they blitz the boundary that linebacker is gon na become unblocked. This is poor planning, there’s no answer for the hot brady on third and two has no place to go with the football off. The field now go reverse again empty protection. I told you guys too high safety. Where should they send this offensive line? They should send it to the left because that backer can come mike evans be the guy, but for some reason, tampa kicks it to the right. Now, once that backer blitzes that defensive end’s going to come unblocked, my kevin you got to be the hot answer, but there’s space stay away from that linebacker that’s popping out, go to your left and just sit in that soft spot. Instead, he goes inside. Ball gets tipped up and it becomes a pick. So listen if, when you do it the right way and brady owns the line of scrimmage. You get chunk throws like this, where you change the protection you get leverage on the coverage and very gronk down the middle of the field. I can tell you this to handle pressure. It takes everybody, it takes the coaching staff and it takes all 11.. You got to have a great plan, you got to teach your great plan and then you got to go apply the great plan you got to communicate.

Awesome, you guys remember the telephone game right, everybody’s got to get it all 11 have to get it and then, when the moment comes, you have to execute said plan yeah with all those p’s. You have me thinking of peter piper in the pickle and all that nonsense. That’S, a lot of peace, super bowl coverage coming throughout the rest of this hour, but new on nfl live right now, adam schefter, with the latest some news coming in adam. What can you tell us, laura clemson quarterback trevor lawrence? The projected number one overall draft pick is going to throw for nfl teams one week from today, rather than participating in clemson’s pro day next month and after he throws next week. He’S then, going to undergo surgery on his left labrum a repair there, his non throwing shoulder again good that it’s his non throwing shoulder don’t expect it to affect his stock. He still is expected to be the number one overall pick in the draft jacksonville expected to pick him at number one but he’s going to work out before the rest of his clemson team next friday. He then will have surgery on that non. Throwing shoulder and he’ll be ready to go supposedly, according to his representatives for training camp later this summer, Music dan. You just heard what adam had to say. Big deal, no, not a big deal. First of all, he’s going to throw the absolute tar off the football next week.

That’Ll be great, get all that done, everyone’s going to love, seeing it you’re going to see power on that arm and then he’ll go get his surgery, not a big deal. He’S going to throw phenomenally next week once again, it’s the non throwing shoulder for trevor lawrence, so just get it out of the way get the thrown out football. The only place you saying surgery is a non factor like no thing all right. You know what is a factor is what we’ve got coming your way on. Nfl live today, all kinds of great stuff that you’ll see tyreek hill, torching, carlton davis in the bucks and cheats week 12 match up, but dan orlowski says there’s. One thing the bucks can do defensively that can change the game find out what plus tom brady has cemented his status as one of the greatest of all time, but could another super bowl win for mahomes put him on track to potentially catch brady.

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