Super Bowl, American football, Bowl game NEW NFL EVENT CHALLENGES AND GRIDIRON GAMEMODE On Rocket League

com for sponsoring this video, they have an awesome site where you can buy a bunch of in game, currency and items, including all your favorite. Rock league items also make sure you use code bob’s to get an easy six percent off. Your orders check out the site there’s a link in the description, but for now enjoy the video yo what’s going on guys douglas here and welcome back to a brand new video here on the channel. Now, in today’s video it’s, the announcement, the new update is finally here and we have event challenges. So, between february 2nd, which is today and february 8th, which is in six days simple bit of maths there, you can see that we have three challenges, that we can be completing, and this is the time um. If you want to be playing on rocket league it’s going to be great because you’ll be leveling up your rocket pass like mad, because if you win 10 online matches, you will get 20 000 additional xp from these challenges, and this can be repeated as many times As you like, we also have a challenge right here: play five matches in the gridiron game mode during the super bowl celebration event and win three matches in the gridiron game mode during the super bowl celebration event. So, as you can see, uh yeah we’ve got a title there and we have some wheels there. Those wheels do look like this, as you can see, looking kind of funky and then yeah now we can play gridiron.

So basically, what this event is: it’s an nfl super bowl event and we’re gon na be able to play american football or rugby as we’d sort of call it in the uk, we’re gon na be able to play that on rocket league and it’s gon na be Pretty funky, but those challenges are the only sort of new additions to the game other than the game mode itself. So if you want to play gridiron, you click casual and right. There it’s a limited time mode, as you can see. So the rules of gridiron are quite funky. You drive around and you pick up the ball like on top of your car and it will stick to the top of your car and you can pass it to your teammates. You can get it tackled from you, it’s! Pretty cool and obviously you have to score, tries or technically you still have to score a goal, but, as you can see, we’re getting spawned in right here and um let’s just see what this is like. This is really funky. The movement of this thing is weird, so what’s this guy gon na do, and i know the points can be scored. So look now we have the ball, we can’t double jump. You cannot double jump with the ball. I know that if you double jump it will. I believe throw it off your car or i think that might be side flipping, so look yeah. So if we side flip there, the ball comes off.

Our car now i’m, not really paying much attention to this game. But as you can see, it is quite funky and if you score a goal, while the ball is on top of your car – oh my god, our teammate just threw there. But if you score a goal, i’m gon na just try and see if someone scores here, let’s wait for this guy to land. Okay, we knocked it off his car. It was quite funky there whoa. What is going on these physics are kind of crazy. I have my microphone right in front of here. We go there, we go it’s, seven points, so, as you can see, they scored seven points by having the ball on top of their car while they went into the goal. Now, if you let go of the ball um, then it will be three points and if you score an angle, it will be three points to them, so that is basically how this goes. Oh, the kickoffs are awesome. Look at that it eats it right. On top of your teammate’s car he’s, just mugged him off. There let’s see what’s going on, so it is really gon na be quite a weird one to get used to i’m gon na just bump my teammate there, but yeah it the physics right. There are really funky, so it looks like people are flinging it off their car a lot. It looks like a lot. Oh no, it looks like people really enjoy doing that.

Maybe they’re just testing it as well just seeing if they can flip with it, but yeah. This is not any. This is not good gameplay whatsoever um. This is such a weird game mode to get used to but i’m sure. With the six days we have, it, we’ll be able to have a lot of fun, it’s so unpredictable when someone’s gon na flick. It it’s really weird. So, as you can see, look i’ve got it here and i can heat it there. We go wow. Okay, the physics are really awesome there. So hopefully you guys have a lot of fun in this. Hopefully, you’re not too appalled by this gameplay right here. This is just yeah. I don’t know what this is, but there you go guys. That is the update. A raw video of me showcasing the update. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the gridiron game mode and uh yeah that’ll, be it for this. Video go and have fun and go and get four of your friends to play this game mode because it is really whack but i’m sure you can make some sweet team plays anyway. Like i said, i’ll see you in the next one and there’s a goal.

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