Super Bowl, Bowl game 10 Greatest Performances In Super Bowl History

Other sports championships happen over a series. They have to play four five or sometimes seven games to decide a champion in the nfl. It’S do or die one game because of that we get awesome moments, more upsets and the unlikeliest of heroes. Today we break down the 10 greatest performances in super bowl history, Music, nick foles, super bowl 52.. On december 10th, 2017. The philadelphia eagles thought their super bowl season was over as carson wentz laid helpless on the gridiron. After a nick foles led eagles team lost 6 0 to the cowboys they thought worse little did. They know that foles was about to win as home underdogs in the playoffs twice to make super bowl 52 against the brady led patriots falls put together the greatest game of his life, but it would take a leap of faith and a little philly special to pull It off on fourth and goal the eagles called a trick play that had nick foles catching the first pass of his career for a touchdown. The patch scored quickly out of halftime, and it would take a perfect pass to corey clement with three patriots defenders draped. All over him from nick falls to stay in front foles was winning the greatest game of horse we’d ever seen with five minutes left, the pats took their first lead down in the super bowl nick foles clutched in they converted a second fourth down. Conversion falls through dimes in the tightest windows and with two minutes left falls hit erz for the game, winning touchdown for one night, nick foles was buster douglas to brady’s mike tyson.

He threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns as he outdueled the goat himself. Doug williams super bowl 22.. By the time we said, doug williams, the washington redskins, were already down 10 0 in super bowl, 22. doug was hurt in the process. Taking a nasty freak fall to top it off. No team had ever come back from double digits in the super bowl. This amazing performance came alive on the first play of the second quarter, when williams uncorked a deep ball to ricky sanders. All of a sudden, a monsoon hit, the broncos doug williams could not miss his next big play went back to ricky sanders, who was galloping across the field behind the defense. When williams hit him perfectly in stride, the 35 yard bomb was followed by a teardrop touchdown on the next drive in one quarter, doug williams, completed nine of his 11 passes for 228 yards and four touchdowns in the blink of an eye. Washington went from bleak to champion. He finished the game with 340 yards passing on just 18 completions that’s, almost 19 yards per completion. Not only was his play historic, but doug williams became the first african american quarterback to start and win a super bowl that day, doug williams inspired a nation von miller super bowl 50.. There have only been 10 defensive players to win a super bowl mvp, and our next performance is the best of all von miller, dominated the playoffs and super bowl.

50 was his coronation day on the first third down of the game. Miller blew past a panther blocker and literally took the ball from cam newton. The strip sack fell right into malik, jackson’s hands for a bronco touchdown carolina’s offense couldn’t move the ball and it was single handedly because of von miller. He knocked down a would be touchdown in coverage. He spun around blockers for sacks. They even tried to throw a screen and miller, ran across the field and tackled the receiver. They should have renamed the game to super bowl 58, because miller was everywhere. It was only fitting that he made the game winning play. He bent around the edge and punched the ball out of newton’s hands once more and his second strip sack led to a game clinching score miller was named super bowl mvp with six tackles two and a half sacks a pass defense and two forced fumbles, fond miller’s Defensive performance was once in a lifetime: phil sims super bowl 21. before he was calling games on cbs phil sims was a super bowl winning quarterback for the new york giants as one of the most underrated passers to lace. Him up, sims went off in super bowl. 21., the ball simply didn’t touch the ground on the opening drive, sims diced up the broncos and threw a touchdown, but it wouldn’t be until the second half that sims really took it into another gear. With a one point game hanging in the balance they opened with a fake, punt and sims threw his second touchdown it didn’t matter the location, route, receiver or situation.

The results were all the same: phil sims completion, a flea flicker became the scene of super bowl 21. They were absolutely pouring it on sims finished the game. Completing 22 of 25 passes and get this two passes were dropped. It was just all going sims way, even a perfect pass bounced off one receiver and into another’s hands similar to his temperature. Sims had a 150.1 passer rating, a super bowl record sims threw three touchdowns to just three incompletions bill: parcells called it the greatest passing performance he’d ever seen, while the big blue wrecking crew of the giants, defense gets a lot of the credit without sims masterful performance. The giants don’t win their first championship and we’d never get to hear him say i’m going to disneyland joe montana super bowl 24. joe montana’s. Fourth and final super bowl championship would be his best. The biggest blowout in super bowl history came off of montana’s arm and the niners stingy, defense montana, dotted the broncos on the first drive hitting rice in between defenders, as he scored that’s pretty much how this entire game went. The broncos just couldn’t touch montana, as he hit the perfect read over and over. The final was 55 to 10.. I mean let’s, be real. It wasn’t, even close. The nail was in the coffin before the end of the first half when montana hit rice. In the end zone, again with only seconds left on, the clock, montana threw 13 straight completions before they blinked.

It was 34 3 when he got it right back montana made one of the best plays of his career. He pumped to his left completely fooling the defense and hall of famer steve atwater, leaving the middle of the field wide open for a touchdown bomb to jerry rice. It was just the cherry on top montana didn’t even play in the fourth quarter. So in just three quarters, joe cool shredded denver for 300 yards and five touchdowns before taking a bow with him at the helm, they scored an nfl record. Eight touchdowns, his five touchdown passes were the record at the time. Montana was named super bowl mvp and entered the mount rushmore of quarterbacks with his fourth super bowl victory. Marcus allen super bowl 18.. The oakland raiders opened with a big lead on the washington redskins in super bowl 18, but it was marcus allen that closed the door. On them, even when the redskins knew he was getting the ball, they just couldn’t. Stop him alan cut back on a designed run as he slipped out of three would be tacklers for his first score on the last play of the third quarter. Allen took the ball and feared to the left sideline before the defense converged on it. He stopped and reversed the field before finding a seam right down the middle allen hit it and breezed into the end zone on came marcus allen running in the night became the famous words as he crossed the goal line, destroying any hope the skins had of coming Back the 74 yard scamper stood as the longest run in super bowl history for 22 years.

He had one final awesome run a ‘ yard gash that set up the raiders final score of the night. Marcus allen broke the super, rushing record running for 191 yards and two game clinching touchdowns on only 20 attempts. Even when multiple raiders broke super bowl records, it was allen’s historic knight that won the super bowl mvp trophy. This made allen the only player to win a heisman, a national championship, a super bowl and a super bowl mvp. He was one of a kind and super bowl 18 proved it tom brady super bowl 51. As tom sat on the bench head down and the cameras on him, not many people thought we were about to see the greatest comeback of all time, with 8 minutes and 31 seconds remaining in the third quarter. The score sat 28 3 brady calmly walked the patriots down the field and scored, and again and again i mean how impossibly good was brady brady was sacked six times and hit nearly every play, despite that in the second half brady was perfect on conversion downs. In six tries including a fourth down completion brady converted to five different players down 16 with 10 minutes left a sack fumble put brady back on the field to throw his second touchdown and make it an 8 point. Game brady started 64 yards away and down 8 points with hope hanging in the balance and the goat did goat things with an out of this world assist by julian edelman brady’s patriots officially erased the 25 point.

Deficit brady opened the first ever super bowl overtime. 75 yards away and made the championship drive, look effortless in just the second half and overtime brady threw for 244 yards and two touchdowns had a clutch scoring drive manufactured the game, winning touchdown and sealed the fate of the greatest comeback ever in his own words, we’ll. Never forget what happened that night. Timmy smith super bowl 22., ever heard of the phrase the one hit wonder well, it should really be called the timmy smith, timmy smith, didn’t even know he was going to be the redskins running back until he started warming up for the super bowl down. 10. 0. After a quarter, the thought of timmy smith being a super bowl hero was unfeasible. But do you remember that all time quarter from the redskins quarterback doug williams, on this list, timmy smith was just as important and even more brilliant, as announcers we’re still saying his name with a question mark at the end, the quote: unquote, nobody needed a license plate. The way he was trucking people with two blockers in front of him, timmy smith, ran the counter to perfection that day every time he got the ball. He exploded through massive lanes and into the open field decisively sidestepping and plowing. Over broncos defenders, a 58 yard touchdown scamper along the sidelines, ended with timmy smith, doing the cabbage patch on the biggest stage of them all in just the first half timmy had more rushing yards than he had in his entire career in the second half he leapt Into the end zone again and was closing in on marcus allen’s all time, rushing record after having 29 total carries in his career smith finished super bowl 22, with 22, carries for 204 yards and two touchdowns smith etched his name into super bowl lore setting the rushing Yard’S record that still stands today, jerry rice super bowl 23.

. There was no one quite like jerry rice and there was no one that could guard him in super bowl 23. It was rice alone that kept the stumbling niners moving the chains repeatedly making jaw dropping one handed receptions and tough grabs over defenders, despite san fran being held out the end zone for three quarters rice caught over half of their passing yards, even double teamed rice still Dashed across the middle and made acrobatic grabs, his 31 yard gain at the end of the third quarter sparked the niners for a final quarter. Explosion, the bengals were doing everything they could to rice and he just kept making legendary plays. He raced down the sideline leaping in for the niners first score, but it was the final possession down three that rice became immortalized. Every crucial moment went to number 80. rice caught a slant over the middle and blew past the triple coverage into the open field. The pass made him the only player to have 200 yards receiving in a super bowl, and it also gave the niners a chance to win the most dominant receiving performance. We’Ve ever seen. Rice finished super bowl 23, with a record 11 receptions for 215 yards rice added. A super bowl mvp to his mini accolades, one of only seven receivers to ever win the trophy. While we all know jerry rice is a one of one. The number one super bowl performance of all time goes to another 49er great steve young super bowl 29.

After three all pro regular seasons, there was only one thing that kept steve young in joe montana’s shadow. A super bowl ring not only did steve young get rid of the thought that he couldn’t win the big one in super bowl 29. He decided to blow away some records in the process he opened up. Firing hitting jerry rice on a 44 yard strike for the quickest touchdown in super bowl history. At the time, less than two minutes later, young had the ball back in his hand. Throwing another picture perfect dart, this time he hit ricky waters on a 51 yard explosion in his second touchdown pass moments into the second another touchdown hit william floyd perfectly in the end zone and perfect might just be the best word for this performance. Young dodged rushers ran when he needed and dotted up the field. Young tossed four touchdowns. In the first half steve young dropped back with chargers rushers bearing down on him and unloaded a bullet pass to rice, with no margin for error. Young’S fifth touchdown pass hit rice perfectly in stride. He would even find rice one more time in the end zone. Young’S sixth touchdown broke montana’s super bowl, touchdown record young belonged with the greatest players to ever play the game and super bowl 29 absolutely proved it. He was as golden as the helmet on his head, throwing for 325 yards and six touchdowns, putting together the greatest super bowl performance of all time.

So there you guys have it the all time best super bowl performances ever was there. Anybody that i left off of this list, let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed the video, go ahead and drop a like subscribe and turn on post notifications thanks for stopping by.

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