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Who are we betting on this week in the super bowl billy up to the fantasy barn, find out Music? Welcome in guys special edition beers daily fantasy six pack, you thought we were done with the football season. I think not my friends. First time ever special edition prop six pack for the super bowl, where i’m gon na narrow it down to six of my favorite prop brought to you by our friends over at Now we’ll speak about them here in a second, but make sure guys you hit that thumbs up button. That tells me you’re, enjoying the video here make sure you subscribe to the channel and head over to one weekly or monthly price to get access to all the premium. Betting picks for nba, college basketball, nhl, pga and, of course, the super bowl here this week. Familiar faces like annie means squirrel patrol, crushing nba picks each and every night and, of course, my boy notorious nailing that 70 1 outright winner in the pga tour. So no reason to buy one pick when you can get all the picks over at scores and odds dot com. Now let’s narrow things down to some of my favorite place here for the super bowl. We looked on the sportsbook at fanduel and draftkings, but make sure you’re shopping around and finding the best odds, and i want you guys to get involved as well get in the comment section. Let me know some of your favorite plays or the super bowl.

Some of your favorite prop bets and agree or disagree with mine let’s talk about it in the comment section excited that the super bowl is here and we get to break it down here in this video, so let’s get started with my first prop we’re, going to Start at the running back position for tampa bay, we’re gon na go with ronald jones and we’re gon na go over eight and a half carries now this one. I found over at draftkings a little juiced up at minus 112., so shop around. Maybe you can find it down at 110. Maybe you got ta, i don’t mind it even going up to a nine and nine and a half why jones has averaged 11 and a half carries over the last two playoff games, so even as the backup to leonard fournette. We know that ronald jones is still gon na get work. He was the starter for this team for the majority of the season, so they’re not gon na just discard him. I think he’s going to get plenty of work in this game, especially against kansas city 31st. In dvla, against the run this season, so we know tampa bay can find success on the ground. I think that’s going to mean a lot of carries for both of these guys, so this eight and a half seemed a little bit too low for me and your tampa. Yes, you like to pass the ball. You have tom brady, you have some tremendous wide receivers, but if i can keep patrick holmes on the sidelines, that’s exactly what i’m going to do here with my rushing attack so feel really good about this one over eight and a half rushing attempts for ronald jones.

All right, we’re not done with tampa running, backs let’s, look at leonard, fournette and let’s. Go with this anytime touchdown score prop at plus 120 over on draftkings. So we just talked about how we like ronald jones to get some carries. I, like leonard fournette, to find the end zone here in this game, scored touchdowns now in five of the last six games, including the playoffs at six total touchdowns for him in the last six games and has really become the guy when they get close. All right. No tom brady, sneak in from the one yard line that’s a possibility guys like mike evans, rob gronkowski. They have a lot of red zone weapons that they can use, but when they go to the ground, it’s been leonard fournette. And when you look at the numbers, the chiefs were very good against giving up rushing touchdowns this season. In fact, one of the better teams in the league, but towards the end of the season, a little more vulnerable, a little kink in the armor. There have a lot of rushing touchdown now in four of the last six games, so not an impenetrable defense when you get around the goal line – and i like those plus 120 odds on leonard fournette, all right, let’s talk game odds on both teams. Here. Will there be a two point conversion and i think there will be – and we get plus 240 over on fanduel, now let’s think about these two coaches.

Andy reed’s bruce aries both very, very aggressive in what they do in trying to win ball games. So i like that factor, let’s look at the kickers here. Both of these guys have struggled a little bit we’ve seen harrison butker miss a lot of easy extra points. Suck up these guys have missed 13 combined extra points on the season that could factor in as well when a team’s thinking about do. I want this guy to miss this extra point, or do i want to go for two and be aggressive here? I think that could come into play and we also look at the history here. Eight of the last 11 super bowls. There has been a two point attempt now. Does that mean they’ve converted them all no, but if we get the attempt we got a good shot of hitting on this plus 240. With these aggressive coaches, these shaky kickers, i think, it’s a good possibility and great odds on that plus 240.. All right, let’s go back to the player props. Here, let’s go to the kansas city side with tyree kill over 92 and a half receiving yards. Now this one’s over on draftkings a little juiced up. I think we can get it down a little bit. I don’t mind this one up to about 94 94 and a half, so if you can find it and not pay that juice, that’s fine again reminder shop around there’s a lot of books out there, where you can find these numbers, but let’s talk tyreek hill, we Don’T have to go very far back in our memory banks to remember that 200 yard first quarter against tampa bay, 269 yards total in that game.

Let’S, look at the playoffs. This guy has been a machine averaging over 140 receiving yards in the two playoff games. This season and over 100 last super bowl against the san francisco secondary that’s, much better than what tampa bay is bringing to the table. Now i get it they’re going to try to do everything they can to slow down. Tyree kill he’s going to be the focus of his defense after what he did to them a few weeks ago, but the beauty is sometimes it doesn’t matter, he’s that good. Also, he can hit these props on one big play: we’ve seen many weeks where tyra keel gets that 75 80 yard touchdown and you’re on the way to the cashiers window with that 92 and a half tickets. So a lot of reasons i like tyree kill. I think he goes over 100 yards and easily cashes. This prop all right. Let’S go back to some game props. I found this one interesting. Will both teams lead in the first half i’m going with yes at plus 115.? So we have a very close spread in this game and we’re going to talk about spreads here in a second. But i think it’s gon na be a back and forth affair and we’ve seen both of these teams. Both start off fast, both been able to come back so it’s as simple as somebody gets a field goal. The next guy gets a touchdown boom you’ve already hit on this prop.

We also have two teams that score very very quickly. They can put points on the board, so even if they get down seven nothing, you could see it come back. 10, 7, 14. 7. So i’m not worried about somebody building a lead and the other team not being able to come back. We don’t have that here we have two offenses that are very capable of scoring lightning in a bottle here, and i think also. This is juiced up a little bit because recent games – we really haven’t, seen this play out where this prop hit last season it hit in the super bowl, but the few before that we’ve seen teams get out to a big lead. So we don’t get the chance to hit on this prop, so i think that’s kind of helped pushed the odds up in our favor here, but i like this bet. I think this game is close. I’Ll, take the plus 115 over on fanduel all right, it’s time to talk about my favorite play here for the super bowl. You know that’s the beast prop of the week. All right. I promised you guys a spread, pick we’ve, given you five prop bets we’re gon na go with the kansas city chiefs minus three, my pick here in the super bowl. Now sometimes you got ta boil it down to the basics and it’s simple to me: kansas city, the superior team, and does the better team always win the super bowl? No, they do not, but i’d rather put my money on a team i believe in, and that is the kansas city chiefs.

Here we look at some of the big bets that’s come in. Ah, there was a massive bet come in on tampa bay recently, but five of the six largest bats that i’ve seen have come in on kansas city. So far, and also this is a team that’s, very, very good away from home. You have to go all the way back to november 2019 in tennessee to find the last time they lost away from home. I don’t want to hear about a home game here for tampa there’s only going to be a handful of fans in the seats. That is a combination of fans. The super bowl is always a split crowd. It’S not going to be a huge tampa bay crowd. I know it’s in their city. Yes, they’ll probably have the majority of the fans here no i’m, not worried about that at all. This team has already gone into the stadium and won, and you want to look at that final score, that last one to me. That game was not as close as the final score indicated. Kansas city got out to a big lead and it took their foot off the gas. Let tampa bay back in the game. I don’t think that happens here again. Tom brady did not look great last week against green bay, tried to give that game away. So there’s a lot of reasons why i like the kansas city chiefs to not only win this game, but to cover that three and become your defending super bowl back to back champions, all right guys that will wrap us up for our first ever super bowl.

Prop video, i hope you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully you guys make some money here on the game. Remember head over to and check out all the premium offerings in all the different sports. Guys guys have been killing it over there so make sure you do that. Make sure you’ve hit the thumbs up button and i want to get in the chat guys let’s talk, i’ll, be in there checking things out. I want to hear about your favorite propets. Your pick for the game, spread you going with the chiefs you going with tampa. Agree disagree with some of my players: hey let’s talk about it super bowl, always a fun week. Guys. Thank you for tuning in thank you for watching, enjoy the super bowl and good luck with all your bets for for scores and odds dot com. I am beer, saying salute best of luck, guys and we’ll see you next time: hey thanks for checking out our videos.

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