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Super bowl host city as you’ll, find out in a bit not doesn’t, feel quite as wonderful. There let’s bring in our aces we’ve got you covered, of course, chiefs and bucks prepare for this super bowl. Welcome in omar ruiz who’s in casey and sarah who’s in tampa and by the way they both look equally as cold we’ll, get that in just a minute, but tom brady uh, with a lot of time on his hands. As steve white alluded to a little earlier. Uh what’s on deck for him as he prepares for his 10th super bowl. Look when you have a super bowl at home that could make for a lot of distractions, but not when you are apparently at tom brady’s house. Brady told us today that his wife and kids left town six days ago and that they won’t come back to town until saturday. That means that he says he has more time to prep than he has ever had before. He said it’s more time to study more time to watch film and more time to process things. His offensive coordinator, byron, leftwich, told us that tom is the kind of player that wants to get his hands on as much information as possible. Now i mentioned gisele and the kids are going to come back to town on saturday. So will tom’s parents? They have only seen their son play in one game in person this year. They came here and watched when his saints well, when the saints were in town.

Taking on the box – and that was the buck’s worst loss of the entire year now, of course, a redemption could be right around the corner because i’m sure all would be forgiven if they are hoisting a lombardi on sunday night and don’t worry about the brady family. When they all get to town there’s plenty of room, he’s, renting derek jeter’s mansion, that is 22 000 square feet on the water, so plenty of space for everyone to spread out. Mj yeah, just the casual modest uh, multi million dollar mansion for everybody to huddle up in all right, uh omar let’s get over to you in casey. Some concerns here for the chiefs, including some covid19 designations. What are you hearing from chief’s camp yeah, backup center daniel kilgore and receiver demarcus robinson, have been placed on the covet 19 list, although our ian rappaport reports that neither has tested positive for covid19 instead they’re considered close contacts, which means, if they continue to test negative, They could play on super bowl sunday, travis kelsey, saying he couldn’t, imagine not being able to play in the super bowl because of kovit, so he’s certainly hopeful that his guys get back in time now. This kilgore status complicates an already depleted offensive line situation for the chiefs after left, tackle eric fisher tore his achilles in the afc championship game mike remembers, who is filling in at right, tackle for the injured mitchell. Schwartz will now move over to left tackle.

So this is a situation that the chiefs have really been dealing with all year, that offensive line shuffle that will now continue into the super bowl as they get ready to face tampa bay’s ferocious front seven. Oh still, this matchup gives me goosebumps, but you guys have it for a different reason: 25 degrees in kc about 50 in tampa, not what we expected you to go, get warm we’ll, see you the rest of the week, appreciate you both all right. The chiefs looking to put a definitive stamp on their run. It back toward the nfl, has not had repeat champions since 2003: 2004 patriots, longest drought in nfl history, tom brady, trying to keep that marker for himself patrick mahomes, trying to turn chief’s kingdom into sheep’s dynasty. So mjd david nlt come on in here. So over the past a couple of weeks we’ve touched on how these two teams will have to out duel: outplay outmatch, the other one, but let’s start with the defending champs. What will the toughest obstacle be? Uh to repeat a super bowl here for the chiefs david well, first first, you have to beat him so that’s that’s. That is one thing that would stop them from repeating, but i think when you look at it, you have to look at. How do you do that? You have to outscore them? I don’t think you can go into this game and say we’re just going to play, keep away.

I was talking my brother derek about the same thing. They scored 40 points. They were able to beat the chiefs in the regular season and they didn’t go in with the mindset of run the football keep it away from patrick muhammed. So how do you do that? How do you outscore them? Well, i think you got to get some pressure on pap, mahomes and and really for me. Omar ruiz touched on it and he talked about the chief’s offensive line issues. I think they were bouncing around trying to move guys around and it was working and now that eric fisher is out. I think that opens a big hole. I think you look at shaq, barrett and jpp. On the other side, these guys can literally change the entire course of this football game. So i think that’s, probably the biggest obstacle is that front and if they can just rush forward, because they’re gon na have to use two three four guys on travis kelsey on tyree kill as far as the bucks go. But if they can rush for they can get pressure on pat mahomes and stop the run there. I think that changes the game big time yeah. I completely agree with you dave and that’s something to look for early in the game. If the tampa bay buccaneers are getting pressure on patrick mahomes with just their front four, you know it’s going to be a problem, all game long and it will bold well for tampa bay.

I think the other thing that we need to keep in mind is at times the chiefs have been on autopilot right, even in the playoffs, where they get behind and then all of a sudden they hit the switch and they turn it on i’m. Not so sure they can do that in this particular game. Remember the first game that they played the chiefs only scored seven points in the second half the buccaneers actually played really well in the second half, and so as football players, you guys know the confidence. Is there if you know that you have stopped this team and you have what it takes to stop them, so i believe, with that said, the chiefs will have to get off to a good start in this football game. I want to respectfully disagree with both you guys, i don’t think there’s a way the chiefs stumble or not. To be honest with you, i mean let’s just go back to last year in the playoffs against the texans. They were down 24 0 and they ran off and won the super bowl. Last year. They were down to the niners, who had a great running game and a great defense and came back and won, and then the afc championship game against the hottest team in the nfl, the buffalo bills. You go down nine, nothing and you run off 30 straight points to me. They just have too much firepower too much talent, offensively.

That puts too much stress on tom brady as an offense having to have to score every play and then that defense to have to play perfect every play now. Let’S be honest. The bucks defense will have this chat later. They’Ve balled out this uh throughout the playoffs, but they balled out by playing strictly man to man coverage. Who are you going to lock up with travis kelsey because he already beat your davies white? Who are you going to lock up with tyreek hill? That those are the questions that you have to ask. I just think the chiefs have too much fire. You know guys earlier. We were talking about what sarah walsh just told us and tom brady, having all of this time to to sort of study the game. Maybe getting his head and lt when i spoke with nicole hardman earlier on the nfl ig page, he said exactly what you did. There is such thing about over preparing. He says that, for them they just need to stay focused, do what they do best to go out and make sure that they become back to back champions all right guys. Thank you and listen. I know we’re all watching from home this year, but you can still feel like you. Are there control your super bowl fan. Experience live from up to seven camera angles. All of this with verizon 5g super stadium, that’s in the nfl app. This is available to iphone 12 users right now.

We have some very special guests. All this week on nfl total access, tuesday hurts so good because jalen hurts is here. Will a new head coach mean a new direction in philly plus? No one has better access. Total access to super bowl 55 than our own 55 willie mcginnis, who will have daily reports, live from tampa wednesday we’ll be joined by a couple of stone, cold, ballers, dc’s, rookie sensation and quarterback nightmare chase young, and that truck moonlighting as a tight end in san Francisco george kittle will join us, but first two guys with a major say in who wins on sunday competing past catchers, travis kelsey and mike evans, with the playmaker michael irvin that’s.

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