Super Bowl, Bowl game First Take | Stephen A. makes scary predictions of Super Bowl LV: Buccaneers vs Chiefs

We recognize greatness the first day of black history month and also fellas it’s super bowl week good morning max evening. Good to see you let’s dive right in here now um. It all goes down the sunday, patrick mahomes versus tom brady, need, i say more, i don’t think so, both of them littered with weapons. So stephen – and i ask you this who’s more valuable to their team, is it brady or mahomes? Well, you know i’m going to say tom brady and i’m going to say tom brady, because even though i’m not clearly not saying that tom brady is better than patrick mahomes at this staging point in his career i’m, definitely going to say he’s more important to this Team, because when i look at the um at the kansas city chiefs – and i see travis kelsey and i see tyreek hill and i see williams out of the backfield – and i see machole hardman and i see sammy watkins and i see andy reid and i see Eric the enemy, even without patrick mahomes, clearly they wouldn’t be the same team. We all know that, but in the end the kansas city chiefs would still have a chance. They’Ve got no chance without tom brady, without tom brady, their tampa bay squad led by jameis winston, and we all know how that panned out you can throw for 5 000 yards. You can throw for 33 touchdowns, but you can also throw 30 interceptions.

Okay, that’s. How i look at the tampa bay buccaneers that’s, the kind of difference that tom brady has made, and because of that, i would say that his value to his team is more than patrick. Mahomes is at this point because all the weapons work on kansas city, at least to some degree, without patrick mahomes, without tom brady, they don’t work in tampa period. Oh, we say this exactly the opposite. The answer is clearly patrick mahomes. Not only is patrick holmes way better than brady right now and brady’s still very good. As i’ve said, he’s better than brady’s ever been and it’s not close. Mahomes right now is better than brady’s ever been. Anyone will tell you that just watch them and look at the results reigning and defending super bowl champion, patrick mahomes, take patrick mahomes off this chiefs team. You think they’re in the super bowl. Do you think their favorite to win replace them with an average quarterback like a jared goff or replace him with a good quarterback? The guy goff was just traded for matthew, stafford, right, he’s, actually good that’s, why they traded goff an average guy for him. You think the chiefs are favored. Do you think they’re? Even there i mean you mentioned a bunch of their other receivers and weapons, but those guys are like regular guys in the league, good players, but all teams have good players. The special guys are tyrique and travis kelsey, no doubt about it, but guys both patrick mahomes weapons, sorry tackles are gone.

Both offensive tackles mitch schwartz with the back problem right and eric fisher, who are those guys mitch. Schwartz’S been gone for weeks and weeks now, pitch schwartz made the pro football focus all decade. Second, team, he’s, a stud and on the other side, eric fisher was the number one overall pick in the draft. In a two time pro bowler gone, they’re gone mahomes has to be superman, as always we’re acting like oh, my god, the chiefs are so loaded. They run block average they’re middle of the pack that’s a fact you know their passing game is incredible. Not only do they have weapons, they have patrick mahomes, the best player in the game. We know the bucks are going to have to bring. We know the bucks are going to have to bring four they’re going to have to bracket tyreek hill they’re, not going to make the mistake of single covering him again right. So that means they got to get it done with a 4 up front. Can they? Yes, they can. They have an excellent defense, all three levels. In fact the defense is at least as much responsible for their excellence as their offense. With tom brady, we saw what brady did without weapons last year, not a whole lot. He has tons of weapons this year, his best weapons aren’t as good as mahomes best weapons, but brady has at least as many of them. No, no brady can can game manage and be big on third down in the super bowl and they can win because of that defense mahomes has to overcome a hurt offensive line, a defense that no one’s losing sleep over he’s gon na have to do it.

Stephen, a he’s, the most valuable player well, first of all, stop lying to the american public. When you talk about their run, their run blocking they ranked they had the 16th ranked russian attack in the national football league. Do you know why that was max because they ranked 23rd in attempts they’re not trying to run the ball they’re past happy offense, they run the ball by accident. They’Ll. Take what you give them on occasion and they’ll run the football to appease their running backs and what have you but the bottom line? Is they ain’t trying to run the football too much? We all know that. Secondly, you got a couple of offensive linemen out, but they’re experienced offensive, lineman that’s going to replace them three. You talk about the kansas city chiefs and how would they be in the super bowl without uh uh, patrick mahomes, fake, fair, fair question, fair answer: i got. I got one to one up you on that one. I don’t think the tampa bay buccaneers would be in the playoffs without tom brady that’s. The difference so you’re right about them not being in the super bowl, kansas city but kansas, but tampa bay, might not even be in the playoffs without tom brady. I don’t think that you’re really paying attention you’re. Looking at the numbers, i don’t think you’re really paying attention to the leadership of tom brady. Everything is not measured in numbers when you think about tom brady, his infusion his leadership that he’s implemented into that locker room and how he’s got folks more disciplined.

More focused. More eyes on the prize per se than ever before. I think that you have to look at it from that perspective and give credit where credit is due to what he brings to the table. No no i’m, not saying that you didn’t i’m, not saying that you said he was a bad player and he wasn’t having a great year i’m, not trying to imply that you’re saying that i’m. Just talking about, specifically, as it pertains to the question of value to one’s team, one against the other, when you look at what tampa bay would be without tom brady. I just think that pales into, i think, that’s, significantly more uh than what kansas city would be without patrick mahomes. I see, i see it exactly the opposite. The bucks are a much better, more well rounded team than the chiefs. They both have good coaches. Reid has a super bowl already, so he’s considered better, but you can’t sleep on the tampa bay staff. Yes, tom brady’s leadership. In fact, i’ve been emphasizing recently, there’s, no doubt about it. But what are you comparing him to you’re, comparing him to a guy who threw 30 interceptions for 112 points last year? Jameis winston is not a middle of the pack quarterback. He was so bad. He did not have a starting job the next year this year, which means he’s, not one of the top 32.. So so you’re saying, would the tampa bay bucks be in the playoffs without brady? I think a lot of quarterbacks could have gotten to the playoffs not to the super bowl leadership.

Absolutely brady has a premium there, but so does mahomes mahomes is a guy that that whole team believes in what separates him from from me, even from aaron rodgers stephen, a you talk about the weapons it’s, actually the sense that his team always seems to have that. No matter what the score is no matter what the situation, how far down, how much time left they’re gon na win, because patrick mahomes is their quarterback and leader that you saw it all. Last playoffs they dug holes in the football that’s answering the question about who? Oh, come back when that’s answering the question about who’s, better now, that’s, more valuable that’s answering the question about nobody’s, debating that patrick mahomes is better than tom brady. But when you look at the team, you look at tradition. You look at culture, you take all of those things into consideration and you look at what tom brady brings to the table. I just think it’s more significant, patrick mahomes is patrick mahomes he’s, an absolute stunt, but there’s a lot that kansas city has to support that brother there’s an awful lot. You look at tampa bay as much as brady, but yeah. Excuse me. I disagree with that. I disagree with that hold up. Hopefully, have you seen that many passages into the super let’s let’s let’s talk about heading into this super bowl what’s, going on sure brady’s offensive line is healthier and playing better than mahomes offensive line, both in terms of protecting the quarterback, especially now that fisher’s out and In terms of run blocking steven a, i never said, they had a bad run game the chiefs, but it’s middle of the pack.

What they have is mahomes. He has two supreme weapons. Brady has a bunch too, by the way scotty miller is a burner he’s. Their third best receiver, not pretending that evans and godwin aren’t a dynamic, that’s deep threat. They are, he has tight ends everywhere. You look brady and steven. A more importantly, brady has a game changing defense. He has a ball hawking defense on all three levels, but the corners the secondary can cover and they create turnovers they’ve been doing it all playoffs. He has more for in terms of an entire team than mahomes. So not only is mahomes the better player he has to play better for his team to win he’s more valuable. I risk i disagree with it. I disagree and by the way that defense that you’re talking about i didn’t notice that when they went up against kansas city, i didn’t notice that when tyreke hill had 207 yards and two touchdowns and several receptions in the first quarter against them, i didn’t notice that Defense when they got blitzed 38 3 in a regular season by new orleans, there have been hiccups along the way with this defense, which, by the way, is definitely blitz happy. I don’t know how well that’s going to work against patrick mahomes who’s, throwing 17 touchdowns and zero interceptions against the blitz this year, i’m, just looking at it i’m, just looking at it and i’m saying. Excuse me tyra, patrick, will holmes is that dude, but tom brady tampa without him right now, nah, i don’t even think they’re in playoffs i really don’t wow, not even in the playoffs all right, let’s leave it.

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