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What a mess Music host malone cedric medieval people johnny doctor gallaghes! Yes, i am still got those moves. You know it all right, bud, light legends, let’s, my bad, hey, sing. It real man of genius, singer, that’s kind of what i don’t keep it going up. Yeah he’s, not gon na make it. I loved you, man, all right, let’s get out of here. Oh it’s, our thanks back nice, the night legend saved the day party’s in my portal Applause. Did you steal my cheetos again just tell him, it was you, but i caught you at the counter. It wasn’t me: Music, saw you snacking on the sofa it wasn’t me. You even had them in the shower it wasn’t me. I even caught you on camera you’re, the one who granted access to your snacks don’t talk, surprise! Don’T! You sleep behind your back. You got ta keep times before she emptied up, but let’s review the situation orange fingers red flag to keep you one star sugar tied it better. If she asks where they are, you say forget to never admit to a word and please don’t upset her, and if well did you wasn’t me? Oh okay, well, that’s. The first time that’s ever worked new cheetos crunch pop mix. When did the light, salsa start making lemonade? Probably when 2020 handed us all those lemons, 20 20 was a lemon of a year, Music, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday january february, Music there’s a lot of lemons.

Well, you know what they say when life gives you away. You know the saying mark new bud light seltzer lemonade, packed with lemonade flavor after a lemon of a year. Ah the backyard it’s had quite a year. I say: let’s keep this backyard thing going, that’s. Why scots and miracle grow want to give you a chance to win the lawn and garden of your dreams like mine? You know just not better than mine like mine, where you can work on your short game like mine, oh it’s, a little close. It only turns left come on, leslie crush your core, i don’t crush it emma dad it’s, the red one. I know the other red one. I know good, like i said, he’s still got it so text me now and win the lawn and garden of your dreams. Hey travolta’s don’t be tickety talking on my grass. What if this could change the world? A burrito yeah you are so weird. It could could change how we plant things. Water things grow things pick things move things and transportation things. What that’s not a thing it could make our farmers happier more organic, more real, more soil, helping less carbon emitting and world changing hey. Are you still talking Music, 33, 34, 35. hi i’m john cena, and i know how to count in fact, knowing how to count. Could change your life on super bowl sunday like help? You win one million dollars if you count all the bottles of delicious mountain dew, major melon, our new watermelon flavor in our commercial Music, 37.

38 ‘. Music whoops, your cousin from boston. I did not see that coming anyway, sam adams, wicked hazy, ipa juicy right. Can we not tell my mom about this? So are you gon na buy the car? Please? If i could just go home and discuss things with my wife i’ve been here all weekend, you can leave any time. You want never go to a dealership again. Well, that was painless. Go to, buy a car and we’ll deliver it. Contact free Music come on man me and pizza hut go way back, i’ve been playing this game since 82.. You ever think pac man gets tired of eating these same little dots i mean who eats dots anyway. I need a variety. I could get any three toppings on my large pizza for just 10 bucks, pepperoni sausage bacon run little man run, go the ten dollar taste maker only from pizza hut. I think i’m about to out pizza the hut. No, no, no one out pizza to hunt lately. I just i haven’t been feeling quite like myself, Music life used to feel fuller. Some days. Did you drive here or did you travel by fax? I want to break free. There’S got to be a way to get Music time back, know it’s foreign doritos. Now in 3d, it’s just flawless isn’t it, i think so yeah i mean i literally couldn’t, imagine a more beautiful vessel for alexa to be inside alexa. How many tablespoons are in a cup there are 16 tablespoons in a cup babe food just got here.

Why are you cooking who’s that alexa turn on the sprinklers honey? I already ran the sprinklers. Things will get way too wet around here, alexa dim the lights on Music, alexa! No don’t. Do that read my audio book. I was in his hands. I was being changed. Music, honey other people have to use the bathroom around. Here too, it was the night before up let’s. Take this up a notch. It was the night before super bowl and all through tampa bay. The chiefs and the buccaneers were ready to play when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the super bowl legends of yesteryear. You still warming up, eli and peyton they’re up throwing footballs snacking on legs and destroying them walls – hey. What are you doing his idea? Hey i don’t care beat up on them. Boys aren’t. You go to bed extra lot catch. The ball don’t be scared of the ball. I was not scared of the ball montana and rice relive their old glory, while adding doritos to the super bowl store. Hey hey guys either. Can i play brought some chips? Hell! No hey! We’Re! Going to take these doritos, though come on man. How do you play you guys in the super bowl? Oh my shot joe come on we’re friends. Look at that! Oh you guys are unbelievable. Ah, when up in the attic there wrong such a claddagh it’s called the immaculate reception, it was the immaculate pass.

It was below the man’s ankles easy catch. You couldn’t make that catch brash on betis cause a snack table to shatter. Oh, i told you it wasn’t that easy, i told you away to the window. Dion ran in the flash. He tore open the shutters and threw up the sash kickoff is coming. The teams are ready both hope that their season will end in confetti so get the doritos. You guys are all right, then get the tostitos pour salsa. Por queso get the lays and the cheetos now snack away snack away snack away y’all, because super bowl is here and we about to ball so happy super bowl to all and to all a good night and don’t forget the chips Music. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, leave a big thumbs up, it will help me out a ton and don’t forget to hit subscribe and click that bell icon.

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