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Storm and dangerous cold take aim the latest track. In a moment, but we start here on this super bowl weekend with warnings that america’s unofficial national holiday could become a covid super spreader event. The nfl and the host city of tampa setting limits on attendance, requiring masks and taking other precautions. But images from tampa already emerging of crowded events and largely maskless crowds concerns about gatherings across the country as well los angeles banning restaurants and bars from turning on their tvs for customers, even outdoors, the urge to gather competing with the race for the vaccine, some ‘ Million doses of vaccine have been administered, just nine percent of the population receiving their first shot and the death toll continuing to climb tonight more than thousand lives have been lost. 60: 000. In just the last 18 days and tonight, health officials are urging americans to be cautious, especially on this weekend. Abc’S trevor alt leading us off right here in new york tonight, a high stakes weekend, officials, fearing super bowl parties, could explode into super spreader events. New images showing already packed parties in tampa a mostly massless crowd, i’m highly concerned about it. To be honest with you, bar owners, they’re trying to contain the energy we’re going to do our best. So we hired 10 securities it’s kind of hard, because what are we going to do gloom to the seat, the potential for a super bowl surge threatening to unravel the nationwide progress, we’ve, seen with cases and hospitalizations finally coming down and the concerns stretch far beyond florida? With the game, typically drawing a hundred million viewers, health experts are warning about indoor gatherings everywhere.

If you got 25 people together for super bowl sunday in a party, the chances of having one person with covet among those individuals depends on the city. But in some places like l.a, is over 50 percent. But tonight more states rolling back restrictions, colorado allowing more people into bars, restaurants and gyms and tomorrow iowa lifting its mass mandate and social distancing limitations for business and social gatherings. Further complicating the fight, the new variants of the virus, possibly capable of re infecting people who already recovered from covid once before, viruses will not evolve and mutate. If you do not give them an open playing field to replicate and replicate in essentially an unbridled fashion. Johnson and johnson now applying for emergency authorization of its vaccine in trials. The single shot showed a lower overall efficacy than its competitors, but the company says it’s 85 percent effective against severe illness. Even with that concerning south african variant. The pandemic today is a much more complex pandemic than it was several months ago. So trials conducted now are really a very different ball game than trials conducted last fall. The cdc says more than ‘ million total vaccine doses have been administered. Nine percent of the population receiving their first dose, but millions like new jersey, grandmother, lori lawlin, are waiting their turn and she says her. Patience is running thin for younger people. A year is a year, but for those of us who are seniors a year is a lot, especially when people are separated from families.

Trevor all joins us now from the javits center, a mass vaccination site here in new york, city and trevor. The virus is continuing to mutate tonight, there’s a troubling report about the effectiveness of the astrazeneca vaccine, that’s right with the financial times reports. A new study shows the oxford astrazeneca vaccine has no effectiveness against mild or moderate sickness caused by the south africa variant. In a statement oxford tells us they’re not working to optimize the pipeline, should a change to their vaccine become necessary. They say every vaccine developer is facing this same issue. Now. It is important to note, with these are still very preliminary results of this study and they still need to be reviewed wit, something else to watch during this pandemic trevor. Thank you, hi. Everyone, george stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking out the abc news, youtube channel. If you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts.

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