Tornado, Central Florida, Severe weather, Tornado watch, Tornado warning, Weather warning, National Weather Service ue Snow Storm in New York City!

Thank you! No good, yeah everybody. So you take care because i’ve been in the street with snow in that snow, i’m being a warrior woman, and you see me i’m, the one who’s spoken to you look at these people how they take this mother, though, and that’s the way new york should work, See: snow, okay, okay, happy holidays, Music, Applause, Music, yes, Music, so so huh, hey guys! This is looking outside amazing and look wonderful, but it’s not good to come outside it’s a storm it’s a snow storm but like it’s not good to come outside, because the the wind and ice stairs hit your face. Oh my god, i can’t even see my car. You know i need to work hard to clean my car and i have to drive. You know amazing. Oh my god. We just cleaned the eyes in the morning, but look it again and the whole my driveway is full of high. There is a couple of people that are cleaning in front of their house. Look at the road. The road is full of ice. Oh, oh, my god! There is one car. I see uh that’s a four by four. You know this is uh it’s good to drive an ice. I don’t think you can drive the small car in this weather – oh, oh, my god, it’s freezing man, it’s freezing! Oh my gosh everywhere my house.

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Tornado, Central Florida, Tornado watch, Severe weather, Tornado warning, Weather warning, National Weather Service Major Artic Blast Possible for a Good Chunk of U.S. + Winter Storm Early Next Week?

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