Tornado, Central Florida, Tornado watch, Severe weather, Tornado warning, Weather warning, National Weather Service Major Artic Blast Possible for a Good Chunk of U.S. + Winter Storm Early Next Week?

A lot of people been talking about that so we’ll be talking about that as well, and we’re also going to be taking a look into. There could be a major arctic outbreak over a good chunk of of the northern united states here that could bring in some very chilly temperatures here and there there as well we’ll, be taking a look to both of those bulls. First check out, what’s been going on. So far for a winter storm here, that’s still ongoing. This has been going on for multiple days now. You can see here uh, where i have that bullseye, which i believe i had approximately right in here. Uh, maybe more like this, but anyways where i predicted that two feet of snow we actually have some areas that picked up over two feet of snow and it looks like subway, is actually picked up better to 30 inches, so that’s a little bit impressive there. We also had quite a bit of snow happen, really a good chunk of massachusetts connecticut, i mean northern new jersey in eastern pennsylvania, where the hardest hit state areas from this winter storm, but i also want to look into this cut off. I mean just look at this cut off here and i believe someone showed up after the snowfall reports that one area reported like what over an inch of snow. If you go nine miles to northwest, you will end up into 17 inches of snow.

So that is one heck of a cut off there, which i didn’t think i did do too bad, not that bad over here, although i did not do so well for a long island, though the amounts were more than expected from my forecast and came on this Winter storm is still going it ain’t over yet right now, most of your snow is across maine as of right now so the winter storm isn’t over yet, but so far this forecast has been doing all right, which i do understand that some people are probably frustrated Here around washington and i believe i was predicting washington for eight to twelve inches. Well, most areas actually end up four to six inches of snow, so that’s very pretty pad like there to say the least, but i do apologize for some of the folks that you know might get frustrated or whatever. But you know that’s, just pretty much part of forecast, so you’re going to get some things right, you’re going to get some some things wrong, but overall this forecast – this has been doing decently. Well so far with this forecast. So let’s now take a look to the european model and let’s start off with this system here, which could bring in a pretty good wave of snow across really michigan up wisconsin, maybe into portions of minnesota and iowa may get a pretty good wave of snow. Several inches may be a possibility for so many streets here.

It’S also gon na be a decently strong low. So there could be some gusty winds on the backside. There will there be blizzard conditions there may be, but we’ll see about that. It’S also going to be very windy in the warm sector. We’Ll – probably talk about wind gusts as possibly as high as 50 miles an hour, but with this cold front here with the dynamics here, there may be a chance. We can exceed 50 miles an hour in some regions here. So if you live in southeast regions here just be cautious about the gusty winds that’ll be going on really on thursday, so watch out for that especially thursday night that’s. Probably, when some gusties winds will be across those areas, severe weather threat is not expected. With this setup. Here we had, we don’t have any instability. The dew point numbers are very low, so that’s a good news there with this setup, but it could also bring a pretty decent amount of snow across the upper bit was at great lakes, so so yeah on that then we’re gon na watch for this one here. So there’s gon na be two pieces of energy. You got one here, so you get a low that kind of passes through oklahoma, maybe into as far south as texas got pretty decent wave of snow here, but you also have an another low developing somewhere in the gulf coast region here and eventually these two here Are going to get pretty close together and may actually join forces just a little bit here, and this is uh really sunday morning and you can see here, you got one thousand three mil bar low, not that shrunk but does show a healthy amount of snow across Virginia west virginia portions of maryland, which i may not buy that just yet, but you also have an upper level low right here.

You got your main low right here, which this upper level is going to be transferring its energy to the other low, and this seems a pretty similar setup to what we’re experiencing right now, which is about over with. But you can see here, it’s, definitely a little bit similar here you get a pretty strong low. Some of these areas here could see another good amount of snow here, but we do have some assertions with this system. We got different solutions with that which we’ll show you guys that now. So this is the gfs model here. So in recent runs it seems like it’s trending, a little bit further north with this uh piece of energy here, which let me get a different color out and increase the size a little bit. So your low will be developing somewhere around the gulf coast states. You can get another wave of energy just to north of it, bringing in some snow showers across portions of the mid, mississippi valley, portions of the midwest, and this upper level low will be somewhere around it here and then this low here pretty much just goes off To see here, but the gfs has an issue with progression, so this is a little bit too progressive. That means it’s pretty much going too fast here, so we may actually see this probably go a little bit slower to what the gfs is showing, which i can mean this system here, could be a little bit more ramped up and may not go out to see As early so we’ll be watching for that, emily on the back side of this here comes your big arctic blast here across the beach ridges.

Here i mean you think this value numbers are pretty low out across these regions here, bringing in some pretty cold temperatures. This is actually going to be like a polar vortex here. Kind of coming in here, but seems like most have been backing off with so many extreme numbers, which is good news for people that don’t want really cold weather or anything like that. But what’s also fortunate about this system here is from the gfs there’s. So i could be enough cold air to work with now. If it was a little bit stronger yeah, we may actually get some snow across portions of the southeast united states, but right now, it’s not looking to be that way at this point, but keep in mind that gfs does have a progression issue or a bias. Pretty much so that’s something we’re going to keep in mind of that and then it kind of brings in multiple ways of snow there, possibly for some other regions. So let’s talk about this a little bit more in depth. So this is the icon. 18Z run what’s. The difference between the gfs and the icon model, the icon mono, has the norfolk piece of energy, much stronger, which you can see here where i’ve circled here across oklahoma portions of several points. This every piece of energy is much weaker here and when they join forces. Here somewhere across the deep south, which let me get a different color here, so let me show you guys what i mean here so to be joining forces a little bit early on here, which i think the icon model is probably overdoing with the energy of how Strong it’s going to be on the north piece of energy, because what most small say that this piece of energy down here is gon na be stronger than the northern piece.

So we’re gon na be watching for that there as well, and it does show eventually a pretty big winter storm here across a lot of these regions. Here shows a pretty decent winter storm here, but that can likely change there and some miles. Don’T really show that solution as of right now and with the gfs being pretty progressive, which this is like the 12 z run, where i’ve circled here and the only difference here between you know the old run and new run. We actually had a stronger piece of energy here and also this piece of energy is much more progressive, which that’s just way too progressive for my taste, and if this happens here, if the gfs correct we’re not going to see much of any snow across the northeast. At all, so this is really going to be either like a boom or a bust type of thing here so it’s either you could get a lot of snow or maybe nearly nothing and that’s going to make forecasted quite difficult for the system here. So it’s all going to be the timing of these two pieces of energy and also the placement so that’s something we’ll be watching for pretty close to here in the upcoming days. Although we’ll have a better idea, especially when this piece of energy here kind of comes in into the united states here, because this piece of energy just basically develops in the gulf coast states but we’ve been watching that uh closely.

But again behind that. No doubt about it, there’s going to be cold air. With this, this is air temperatures. You can see here definitely a little bit of a difference. Here we have very cold temperatures further to the south. Here, let me actually get a different color out. Let’S get red. You can see here not as cold than when it was for surpassed runs. Here i mean we had like. I believe we had 20s babies into some teens across southeast regions here and really it’s backed off back into the 30s, so it’s just kind of around your normal low here, but it’s still very cold across the northern plains. I mean you got single digit lows in some places, especially across minnesota, north dakota, even getting down to portions of iowa wisconsin, south dakota montana portions of wyoming, even down as far south as nebraska, and even maybe as far south as northern indiana. So it’s going to be some very cold air. We haven’t seen cold air like this in a while, so yeah man and i’m gon na. Let this load real, quick to get the windshield out. My internet’s been pretty bad for the past couple days. So, while that loads let’s take a look to the gfs solution here see what it shows – and this is, i believe i had a tuesday morning – if i’m correct so tuesday, 12 z, so this is kind of in the morning hours towards noon.

It is a little bit colder here, but i think this may be slightly more accurate, but look around northern illinois is negative. 20 degrees cel, and this is just air temperature and negative 20 degrees – is some pretty cold temperatures here i mean single digits uh. Well, i meant negatives here even into the negative teens in some areas you can see your freeze around does go as far south as northern alabama uh. You also got the mountains of north carolina there as well, so very cold temperatures is likely going to be on the way, it’s. Also a little bit more widespread. It actually continues into portions of the northeastern united states as well, but either way there’s going to be some cold air coming here, which malls have been backing off. Uh that’s, been the trend so far and i’m also been backing off some of this colder air it’s. Not really coming as far south than what it was a couple days ago, so that’s some good news of people that don’t really want this cold air at all, and this is wind chills and you can see here as we kind of get into tuesday morning here. Just look at some of these wind chills. I mean you’re talking about wind chills in negative 30s. That is some that’s a little bit brutal in my opinion, here, even across forces of montana, i mean it’s, just some very that’s, very chilly right there for wind chills and we even got some pretty good wind chills and oh wow did.

I just saw a 50 yep and that’s the wind chills, and that is monday morning now. This is sunday morning i mean it’s gon na be it’s gon na be rough across the upper midwest. I mean that’s, just crazy stuff here for the northern plains. So definitely got ta watch out of that. If this verifies we’ll likely see some widespread wind, chill warnings and advisories across a pretty good trucking united states, at least a third of the united states will probably covered in windchill, advisories and warnings here. But the uncertainty is, we don’t know how far south some of this stuff is going to go so far, i’m also been backing off with that, and this here did not update like i wanted to well. I guess, while that loads let’s just take a little later down the road with these windshields so by the european model, we’ll say like to the upper midwest. It looks like this could be some pretty. I mean that’s some impressive windshields, well it’s, not that impressive, but i mean negative teens. I mean that’s, some serious wind chills already for friday morning and it just gets worse throughout saturday you’re getting a negative 20 or negative 30. sunday morning. It gets even worse. Negative 50., it actually may be a little bit overdone. I mean just look up a can. I mean negative 62 with wind chills, that’s ridiculous heading into monday quite wide spread. Here i mean negative single digit, wind chills in the northeast and even wind chills in the around the freezing mark as far south as close to the florida border of georgia and alabama there as well, and it seems like it kind of backs off from there there.

As well and let’s take a look to the gfs here, so this is friday morning. You can see here with those wind chill numbers negative 20s to around negative 30.. Pretty impressive! You get down around uh sunday morning gets even worse around minnesota north dakota wisconsin iowa. Northern illinois, then you get into monday, which, if i could get into the morning, pretty widespread negative single digit wind chills. I mean really from the rocky mountains all the way to the east coast in the northeast, pretty much so pretty wide spread of those wind chills. There pretty much like coast to coast, type of thing it seems like it looks like it may be, it’s worse by at least at least supposed to watch, spread by tuesday and looks like may continue into thursday. So there’s likely going to be a pretty big arctic blast coming in and it seems like some of the worst wind chills it’s likely to be somewhere in the northern united states here, especially across wisconsin, with minnesota and iowa, maybe even to as far south as northern Illinois but we’ll see about that, but either way definitely got some very cold temperatures with a major arctic bicep, which we may have another update on this topic pretty soon, but anyways guys just work for guests today. Hope you guys didn’t enjoy this video. If you guys, like this video hit that like button, if you really like my channel hit that subscribe button hit the bell notifications here, never miss an upload.

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