Tottenham Hotspur F.C., West Bromwich Albion F.C., Premier League, José Mourinho, Harry Kane "A team cannot depend on one player" Jose Mourinho on Harry Kane pre West Brom

I mean: do you feel under any pressure? Now i put pressure on myself every day i don’t need others to put pressure on on me. I put pressure on myself every every day, um so s three years. I would say three since uh since 2000, since 2012, without three defeats in a row yeah correct yeah, since when without a title 1961, maybe i can give one okay john cross. I i was just going to sort of add to that jose. It feels like it’s a very big week coming up you, you know, you’ve got the everton cup tie, followed by man city, obviously that’s beyond sunday. Just how important is it that you’ve? You know you can rebuild the confidence that you need for such a crucial period of time, which you know as you as you say there. The the the most important thing now is west promise. I don’t even want to to think about everton or about city. I i think he’s after city yeah after city, we go to austria again on on europa league, which is a big competition for us that we have of course, good expectations in that competition, but i don’t even want to to think about that. I want to think about west bromwich, um that’s a big game. Sometimes big games are just against the the top six or the london darby. So big games can be. Games like this is a big game for us bromish, because they need a victory.

They need points. They need to to survive, they need to get out of where they are it’s, a big game for us, because we need to to leave the position where we are, which is not a dramatic position like theirs, is but it’s a very bad position for us. We we have to leave it, we need to win, we need to break the dynamic of uh. Of three defeats, like you like you saw so is, is a very important match for us, but the reality is that, until the end of the month we have great motivations in front of us europa league is is something that, since the beginning, we put a lot On um, i cannot forget that we had to play how many games to qualify for the group phase and games with two days in between traveling uh around europe to to to do it. So we want the team wants and the team is is waiting uh for that, and maybe the squad needs needs that um but let’s focus on on west bromwich because is the next match and, as you say, after three defeats, we have to to win against west Bromwich, we cannot even even think uh a different thing. Okay, take two more one from jerry and then finish with david heitner, jerry first hi, jose is dele. Alli got a chance of playing at the weekend. No, no, i think, uh from all the guys injured, regular Music, dele ale, los celso harry kane.

I think the first one to be back will be harry. Okay, last one from david heiner david jose. We all know what a quality player harry kane is, but surely you’re, not the harry, kane team and other attacking players have to look at themselves right now. You know it’s, always the old story of a team he’s, not a player. A team cannot depend from a player other players, they have to step up that’s the reality of of things, but there are players that are special players in in the different teams and even the biggest teams in in the world. When a player x is not there, they they, they miss it uh. You know we can have many examples of what these players mean for certain clubs and for certain teams and for sure harry is very important for us because he leads he creates. He has dynamics of closed eyes with with sony, for example, but of course out of other guys they have to. They have to step up to be honest. Uh today, venice’s stride is his biased. He could score his his goal. Music. I’M happy with him period. I don’t want to say much more i’m happy with this. With these efforts, the other guys part of sony. We know that they are not good scholars and they are not the kind of players that, as attacking players, they can score 8 10 12 goals in a season. We know that these are not their their characteristics, so we have to fight with what we we have and against west bromwich with harry kane without hurricane, we have to go.

We have to that match. Okay. Thank you very much. Everyone.

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Tottenham Hotspur F.C., West Bromwich Albion F.C., Premier League, José Mourinho, Harry Kane vs Brighton & Hove Albion All Goals and Highlights Full Match

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