West Indies cricket team, Bangladesh national cricket team, Test cricket, Bangladesh, Mehidy Hasan, Shakib Al Hasan Liton Das's Innings Highlights | Bangladesh vs West Indies | Day 2 | Test Series

Punishes, gets a stall where litan dars feels that he can get underneath that get out of that phase of blocking the ball helps himself to a boundary let’s practice it they. Just not allow me to complete my point: another half tracker, another boundary ball needs to be pitched up, but it’s, really not carrying through towards the keeper that’s. Why shots like these Music have become very, very easy. Another delightful stroke for a boundary it’s nice shot it’s. Only up but it’s a nice control shot didn’t try to overhit it, so the line has to be a little bit. Straighter, mostly in fact has stayed out on the point. Boundary intention was uh Applause, clear enough because he knew it was short scoop it up. Four more the ball before this delivery. Litton kumar dash tried another slash which was outside of stem, and i wonder how many balls did the bangladeshi batsman left today it’s really important when you’re playing a longer version cricket? Yes, you got to grab those opportunities, but at the same time you need to get assess the wicket as well how the bounce has been and the more you leave the better you get the idea, four to finish, the over touchshot gets the punishment which he does Nicely into that shot, leaning quite comfortably oh he’s chopping on warrick and strikes again just backing away and trying to cut it too close to cut crammed for space and it hit timber or they’re gon na have a little look at something here.

Just uh wondering what it is copy that shaker to director. We have an umpire review for bold it’s, a fair delivery. The soft signal is out. Can you give me the frontal spin mission? Please, can you go back and play it one more time, please? Yes, i would like to go for a side angle. Please keep rolling through yeah. Keep rolling through keep rolling through yeah ball has hit. The stumps keep rolling through bail is completely removed. I’M satisfied. The basement is out bold. My decision for the big screen is out load out. Well, they just had to reconfirm that the gloves of the keefer pretty close to the wicket, but it did clip the off bale and he has to go that’s.

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West Indies cricket team, Bangladesh national cricket team, Test cricket, Bangladesh, Mehidy Hasan, Shakib Al Hasan 's 59 Runs in 154 Balls | 1st Test Day One | West Indies tour of Bangladesh, 2021

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