West Indies cricket team, Bangladesh national cricket team, Test cricket, Mehidy Hasan, Bangladesh, Shakib Al Hasan vs West Indies | 1st Day Test Highlights | West Indies tour of Bangladesh, 2021

For the start of this test series against the west indies. Yes, sir, they have the luxury of uh because of pandemic. They chose possibly 18 players, which is normally a little more because of the circumstances, but they have a lot of uh permutations and combinations in store for them from where they can pick and choose. The question is: having a look at the wicked, what is going to be the final squad? Well, a test of a baptism of fire for them with brathwaite leading the team. They’Ll depend heavily on their captain with all his experience to get runs for them. Uh, shannon gabriel and keema roach, the two exemplary seemers will be tested in these conditions and, of course, a number of faces trying to make their way in the game, joshua the silver etc. I just thought that the boulder too many fuller deliveries early on where they picked up boundaries, five boundaries in the first seven hours and the first day of a test match doesn’t, really help to build your confidence too many loose deliveries early, but on you’re. Absolutely right that that’s, the one thing that what yes, quick and phil simmons will say to gabriel and roach when they come back out, maybe too much over pitching anytime it’s straight onto middling leg, there were sleep, shots and nudges into the outside of the spinners. So you can see where bangladesh and how they enjoy these conditions with a lot of hope and expectation.

The two openers for bangladesh today lovely shot to start off produce proceedings early, but in this session there was a bit of a stutter, oh trying to get uh. The scoreboard, taking over and uh worrican, put some confusion in my mind about it that was straight in and out, but didn’t go to hand. It struck him on the legs when the short balls were offered. They were put away with disdain, but not too many of those must give the west indians credit for keeping a tight leash on proceedings and getting the results. Getting a little bogged down got a little lucky short while earlier with ball falling between three fielders, but not on that occasion, work and couple of opportunities at short leg, chalman was fortunate. There you go once again: Music got the opportunity to go for a boundary from a whitish delivery Music getting into the act, sweeping that one quite nicely and a couple of shots in that area. Just opening the face of the bat once twice same results track it guiding that away in the awakened areas. We’Ve gone down. The lake side took the review original dishes and was not out Music. He was looking solid. It was looking really good, mushrik raim bangla. They should really hope these two batsmen would end the day before cornwall took a brilliant catch, actually bending down of a good delivery and then liton kumar dash was dropped at short lake. This should have been taken and since then liton remained compact and rocked back on his back foot to play a couple of boundaries.

End of the first display from those three sessions west indies will really feel they have won. Two where bangladesh came up and courtesy of shakib al assad and later on, liton kumar dash would have a very good partnership in the end to put bangladesh on a high. When they start the second day yeah, i thought chatman. Islam was very good with the bat played the sheet and could roll as an opener should have gone on 59 154 deliveries, but uh none of the others going on to convert those starts into a big one. Let’S see whether shakib or layton can do it tomorrow have a look at the partnership 53 between chartman islam and muhammad and 59, once again, shakib and mushvikal and is still there shakib williton, adding 49 in the end, to make sure that bangladesh finishes up at 242. For five from the bowling’s point of view, west indies captain will be delighted the way his pesos delivered but it’s the left arm. Spinner worrican picked up three crucial wickets bowling 24 overs in the day. Kimar roach also bowled really well up front, and so has cornwall. Although he didn’t pick up a wicket, he kept the batsman thinking.

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West Indies cricket team, Bangladesh national cricket team, Test cricket, Mehidy Hasan, Bangladesh, Shakib Al Hasan 's Half Century | Bangladesh vs West Indies | Day 1 | Test Series

West Indies cricket team, Bangladesh national cricket team, Test cricket, Bangladesh, Mehidy Hasan, Shakib Al Hasan zing Hitting by Mushfiqur Rahim | Bangladesh vs West Indies | Day 1 | Test Series