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Just had the width on it for the batsman to drive it square of the wicket place it very nicely and get himself four runs that shot from mehdi shows. He is capable enough to bat and he has got the potential being a good batsman in the past during the under 19 levels. That was very well placed and look at his balance. He was right on top of it very good shot, but he really needs to concentrate. You can straightaway see the sign of relief. Little smile broke out, ah good for once again after that whitish short one spearing the ball into the feet of the batsman but uh mirage doing equally well. Digging it out good work on got two straight another little sample of the batting ability which many of the locals will know. Hassan miraz possesses it’s a very good shot: Applause it’s on to the pads strong set on the off sides. It gives them opportunity to play that shot. That was on that’s a good looking shot onto the legs, that’s beautifully clipped away for a boundary, the more he back, the more i like him, it’s, a very good shot and, and if you do get set, when you come on to back, then you’ve got to Prepare yourself and pick out the spots for scoring areas, because the bowlers will target you and make sure that you don’t score i’m. A little bit surprised actually that roach and gabriel, particularly yesterday morning, spell and this morning spell have over pitched as much as they have done.

Very few deliveries have been hitting the length, the good length area Applause, don’t, know whether they’re striving too hard or just being impatient and trying to win a decision. Oh no that’s the opportunity that they have really worked hard for west indies sweeping confidently. Despite the chase. The ball’s going to win the race that’s a brave stroke again the player who likes to attack the you bowlers, clearly see just from the stuff that he really wanted to attack. That was so very sure of that strike helps himself to a boundary and have wickets that are conducive to that kind of uh stroke making, as you can see, crap for space but it’s gone for four runs very, very well negotiated it’s, a beautiful shot, a shot Of high skill and great competence, good batman, indeed, Applause he’s made the position really well and look at the balance. The way he had his eye on the ball till the end for delivery, those are runs, uh important runs. They need to be very, very careful. You spoke about the number of runs that bangladesh will end with Applause it’s nicely played 136 versus west indies in dhaka, 146 in new zealand and then followed it, and that will be his third half century in test match cricket burgeoning career Applause. Everybody has represented bangladesh in the under 19 levels, oh in the world cup, once again, a very good shot, really good use of the feet, not an easy shot to play, because you’re playing inside out against the spine, there’s always going to be a challenge because john Campbell was backpedaling at peace, punished again, a poor ball this time from cornwall just hint of tiredness.

Thus, the lack of control in the wall it’s been so accurate in his previous spells rocking cornwall that one just stood up to the hit you see and the way he’s watching the balls and maneuvering them on air. Oh just crept through the legs. Joshua silva somehow manages to get some part of the bed on it, which didn’t allow the wicket keeper. Stop that one fortunate enough for mahdi, not for cornwall, i believe it junior bowling in kruma bonner, first delivery. Nice touch Applause from harry hassan, created boner, with a boundary to start with, was tough, shot, went to the position really quickly and played that lead opening the face of the bat making sure it goes behind. More runs it’s a chase for shannon gibral to bend right on time. Underage now, few more runs here. Will it go to the fans it does? Oh, how does it feel for a bowler after being just dropped a cat and then followed it up with a boundary? I can feel for him add four to that: lovely timing and placement from madi miraz yeah. One of his options was to play in that direction. It was short and wide you’ve got to make sure you put back to ball and get past that fielder at point and he’s done that in a beautiful manner played it late and once it get past that fielder, you know boundary written all over it 97. Now still finds the gap call for two gets back closer.

Just one strike away from that magical figure goes for. The paddle goes for the jump that’s the celebration that you want reminding muslims to come back for the second, as he gets a well compiled hundred well played young man took him 23 test matches to go, get to his first test match 100 and what a wonderful Linux, this has been from my dear mirage batting low down the order, everybody in front of him before him getting started, not converting those starts, but media mirage has done what was expected from the top order. It’S, a beautiful knock, an important knock to ensure that bangladesh go on to dominate from here on well played madhyasan, miraj that’s the magical moment and look at the celebration all smiles. Why not jump in the air punch in the air Applause he’s batted beautifully? No question about that goes down. The wicket it’s got up in the air and it’s taken it’s taken by hodge at longhorn. Finally, media mirad gets out, but not before, he’s done the damage with the bat picking up his very first test match 100 to ensure that bangladesh go on to score 430.. Yes, he was just wanting to capitalize on the 100 that he’s got wanting to accelerate, possibly thinking that nearing the t session. If he can get some quick runs. Going, can understand. He’S held himself back he’s compiled a very, very good hundred for himself ensured bangladesh reached to 430 and sometimes as a batter.

You want to let loose didn’t pay off for him, but he’s done his job that’s.

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