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Walls: hey: what are you doing his idea dad go to bed excellent montana and rice relive their old glory, while adding doritos to the super bowl store? Hey, hey guys, hate men. Can i play brought some chips heck? No! When up in the attic there rose such a clatter, you couldn’t make that catch easy catch. Brash on bettis cause a snack table to shatter a way to the window. Dionne ran in the flash. He tore open the shutters and threw up the sash so get the doritos. You guys are all right. Get the tostitos pour salsa por queso get the lays and the cheetos now snack away y’all, because super bowl is here and we about to ball. Did you know that norway sells way more electric cars per capita than the us norway? Well, i won’t stand for it. Come on never mind with gm’s new ultim battery we’re gon na crush those losers, crush them. Let’S go america, keenan norway’s out eving us wait what’s! This, oh it’s, my daughter’s birthday, she’s, really a pirate. I don’t care grab an ev meet me in norway. Can i say goodbye to my family nope, all right, aquafina, sorry to disturb you but norway’s beating us at evs, uh huh meet me there in an hour. Can i ride with you? No gm’s ultim battery is made for all types of vehicles. So soon everyone can drive an ep whoa. Why don’t we all just go together.

Knowing wheel is probably flying private Music. This place is adorable, damn it. Where are you guys, we’re in finland? Where are you i’m in norway, norway you’re in sweden? Oh dammit, Music? I feel bad for kicking your seat on purpose i’m. Sorry for mansplaining that’s. When a man i know what it is, we should have just told you it’s a boy i wish he didn’t have to hear all that sorry, i called you karen that’s, my name. Sorry, your name is karen. I promise i will not eat any more of your friends really Music. Okay, it might happen one more time. Applause, where is everyone? Pringles original barbecue pizza, the barbecue pizza stack, look we’re saved, hey we’re, going home Music Applause them Music, endless flavors to stack, enjoy carefully. Mrs long, yes, we’ve found a baby girl for your adoption, but there’s some things you need to know she’s in siberia and she was born with a rare condition. Her legs will need to be amputated. I know this is difficult to hear her life. It won’t be easy Applause, mrs long, it might not be easy, but it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait to meet her. We believe there is hope and strength in all of us. Toyota, proud partner of team usa. Look david, my delivery’s here you got your bird seed. Bread, your bird seed butter and an 87 pound bag of bird seed enjoy whoa and that’s. Just lunch get more from your neighborhood doordash Applause, Music.

Oh no! I thought i just ordered: tacos nope sushi ramen, burgers, tandoori, chicken, some milk from the store and – and let me guess cookies me hungry yeah, here i’ll call some friends to help us eat yeah that good idea yeah get more from your neighborhood doordash, hey yo grover! You, like ramen Applause. I have a convenience, store delivery for super girlfriend. Oh yeah, he said just put it there. Ah, perfect timing get more from your neighborhood, so soft doordash Applause, your soap is ugh and your body wash is a synthetic detergent, but you’re not a dish. You’Re, a man switch to dr squatch natural soap for men for men who build things open, pickle jars on the first, try slay dragons and let their daughters braid their hair men who like to feel good and smell titillating. Dr squatch takes you places, you never thought. You’D go naked here in the romo household. We take things to the max bam. Honey get my stretch pants, oh yeah, honey. You still in bed, yep bam, bring on the traffic yeah that’s. Why? We love skechers max cushioning footwear, they’ve maxed out the cushion for extreme comfort bam it’s like walking on clouds, big comfy ones, try skechers max cushioning for yourself baby, hi, we’re, so glad you’re here welcome to earth home to 8 billion humans, who are also once babies. Even him right now, you only need to know two of them and together you make a family.

These are also families, neat huh, now you’re kind of a big deal around here watch. This do anything right now that baby is called control enjoy it. Oh and this oh yeah that won’t fly when you’re older kid and you get to have your favorite meal whenever you’re well hungry, you go through a phase where you think everything is edible, most of it isn’t, but sometimes you can literally sleep whenever you want orna. Oh so dad’s head isn’t on upside down, that’s, just a beard yep being a baby, is pretty great. Everyone is always thrilled to see you well almost everyone you can go like go whenever nature calls that’s, where we come in we’re, huggies hi. We make these and these and other stuff to help your parents keep you comfy. So you have time for something important like finding your foot go, easy kid. Whoa where’d, he go see. The thing is baby it’s, a crazy world, but you’ll grow to love it. Well. Most of it anyway get some rest now, kiddo we’ll be here. When you wake up, we should be right about huggies. We got you baby, Music Applause. What if this could change the world? A burrito yeah, it can’t you could you are so weird it could. Could change how we plant things and grow things and improve the dirt where we grow those things it could save water by changing how we use it, it can make us more responsible and sustainable.

It could change how we pick things move things in transportation, things. What that’s not a thing whatever it can make our farmers happier and they can make our animals happier, can trees be happier. Probably we could do things more locally, so everyone’s happier more organic, more real soil, helping future facing less carbon emitting and world changes. Hey. Are you still talking Music what’s, the matter with you? I got an idea: Music pick a winner, Music, Laughter, Music, Music Applause at weathertech i’m, very proud of the work that i do. It also helps a lot when you know you’re appreciated, for what you’re doing i can be proud of. Where i work like i love telling people i work at weathertech, i will wear my weathertech shirt anywhere. I love that it is a team and family mentality here they gave me the chance to prove that i’m good at what i do. Working hard and using your talents still means something here in america: Music, Applause, Music, weathertech.

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