2021, Super Bowl LV, Bowl game First-ever trifecta flyover makes history ahead of Super Bowl LV in Tampa

Three different air force bombers conducting a first of its kind trifecta flyover at raymond, james stadium, before the kickoff at super bowl 55, our camera crew scanning the skies we’re waiting for it. We might be able to hear it before we can see it. We’Re here live here with you on wfla, now getting excited here, 10 minutes or so till kickoff, and that means we’re getting close to this historic flyover. Gabby folks don’t want to see us they want to see the sky here above tampa bay. This is going to be our best. Vantage point looks pretty the trio of bombers here flying over raymond james stadium, it’s, going to be a really special site here. You guys uh gabby, uh we’re gon na, of course mute our microphones and just hear the roar of these three aircraft roaring across the sky. But what do you think in here, as we wait for the bombers to make their way into our screens i’m? Thinking that what a way to start this game, a historic game with the buccaneers playing in their home stadium and these bombers as i’ve, been mentioning throughout our previous stream and right now again, the pilots that fly these – they are just so honored to be a part Of this, these three planes are coming from three different areas. The mcdeal involvement is a refueling plane that will refuel those planes in mid air, so it’s just i can’t wait. I’M very excited, as we get a little bit closer here.

So this is a really tricky game now for a video journalist, including our video journalists, here at wfla scanning the sky. This is now a beautiful time of day here in tampa bay. If you live on the gulf coast side of florida, you know this is that particular hour where the sky goes, a very, very glassy, pinkish, gray, it’s a beautiful time to be driving home or to be out on your back porch, but it can be a little Bit tricky to spot anything in the sky just because of the color of the sky, but hopefully we’ll be able to hear these bombers before we see them again, if you’re just joining us here on wfi now gabrielle shirley, jb buno here with you live. This is our camera crew, literally scanning the sky, along with a lot of others here who have gotten on this particular rooftop of this parking garage to scan this guy, to look for the trio of bombers, making their way that’s a really cool moment to share on Facebook on instagram on twitter, so that’s, why you see? Oh here they come let’s.

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