2021, Super Bowl LV, Bowl game Top 10 Best Super Bowl 55 Commercials (2021 Funniest Ads Superbowl LV)

Sorry for mansplaining that’s. When a man i know what it is, we should have just told you it’s a boy. I wish you didn’t have to hear all that sorry, i called you karen that’s, my name. Sorry, your name is karen. I promise i will not eat any more of your friends really okay, it might happen one more time: hey ratchets i’m, you jake from state farm. You couldn’t find a stand that looked anything like me. Have you seen mine it’s, like looking in a mirror right now that one makes sense, look guys i don’t even have a stand in. Of course you do hold on is that drake that’s right drake from state farm like a good neighbor like a good neighbor stand ins don’t have lines. Oh okay, like a good neighbor state farm, is there did you know that norway sells way more electric cars per capita than the u.s norway? Well, i won’t stand for it come on never mind with gm’s new ultim battery we’re gon na crush those losers, crush them. Let’S go america keenan norway’s out evening us wait what’s this oh it’s, my daughter’s birthday, she’s, really a pirate. I don’t care grab an ev meet me in norway. Can i say goodbye to my family nope, all right, aquafina’s, sorry to disturb you but norway’s beating us at evs, uh huh meet me there in an hour. Can i ride with you? No gm’s ultim battery is made for all types of vehicles.

So soon everyone can drive an ep whoa. Why didn’t we all just go together. Knowing wheel is probably flying private. Oh this place is adorable, damn it. Where are you guys, we’re in finland? Where are you i’m in norway, norway, you’re in sweden? Oh damn it can. We even afford this house i’m pretty sure we can pretty sure we’re rocket mortgage. You can be certain not pretty sure what’s the difference. Let me show you i’m, pretty sure these aren’t poisonous i’m pretty sure these are parachutes. Mine has a sandwich that’s mine i’m. Pretty sure you do not run i’m, pretty sure you could take batista down you’re on okay, i’m. Pretty sure this is trending. I’M, pretty sure these hornets aren’t, the murdering type i’m, pretty sure we can make it let’s go with certain good choice when you’re buying a home, pretty sure isn’t sure enough. When you need to be certain about how much home you can afford rocket, can hi neighbor i’ll hold the dog not again twas the night before hold up let’s. Take this up a notch twas the night before super ball, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the super bowl legends of yesterday you still warming up eli and peyton they’re up throwing footballs snacking on legs and destroying them walls – hey. What are you doing? His idea dad go to bed excellent montana and rice relive their old glory, while adding doritos to the super bowl store.

Hey guys, eight men can i play brought some chips heck. No. When up in the attic there rose such a clatter, you couldn’t make that catch. Easy catch brash on bettis cause a snack table to shout so get the doritos. You guys are all right. Get the tostitos pour salsa por queso get the lays and the cheetos now snack away y’all, because super bowl is here and we about to ball. Where is everyone pringles original barbecue pizza, the barbecue pizza stack, look we’re saved, hey we’re, going home endless flavors to stack, enjoy carefully aloha tony balonovich here people call me the king of cold cuts. The sandwich business has been real good to me, of course, it’s. Not that tough just take some bargain bread slap on a little, not quite meat, get yourself a catchy jingle. What do you got boom sandwich pool, but now i got this jimmy’s john, showing up on my turf, telling me that they got the sandwich of all sandwiches. These tryhards fresh, baked their bread all day i’m jimmy’s john’s and i have high quality, reasonably priced sandwiches customizable for your busy modern life. You think i’m gon na let some two first name sandwich joint steal. My throat, you may got fresh tomatoes jimmy’s johns, but i got loyalty, stevie you’re dead. To me this is war sandwich war superstars. Who knows what goes through their minds when the stakes are this high, when their legacy is on the line? Sometimes you just want a heart seltzer, a hard seltzer with no carbs with no sugar, because who needs that.

I want a hard seltzer that’s usda certified organic with no artificial aftertaste, but in a world where most things seem real, sometimes they’re, not da cheedle man get off my boat that’s, fair new michelob, ultra organic seltzer is real and it tastes that way. You’Re, not real. You almost fooled me look alikes, boney, no michelob, ultra organic salsa as real as it tastes. Oh and i’m, not christopher walken bronc. What up tb? What do you think my next move should be give it to me straight, maybe it’s just time. I hang him up. I got one word for you: retirement if you retire now, you’re gon na be walking on soft sand in a week just come to florida and feel the wind in your hair. Retirement is like winning another one. Maybe i’ll even join you on a spotty network. This is what tom heard, if you retire now, you’re soft and weak just come to florida and win another one. Maybe i’ll even join you just go with another one like it’s that easy cronk. Maybe it is. I still feel like. I have a lot to accomplish. My goal is to win one more and gronk’s, coming with me: i’m retired, from retirement mom. Where are my football pants? Don’T trust, big decisions to just any network go with t mobile, the goat in 5g and i’m, not softer weak either. Your soap is ugh and your body wash is a synthetic detergent, but you’re not a dish.

You’Re. A man switch to dr squatch natural soap for men for men who build things open, pickle jars on the first try slay dragons and let their daughters braid their hair. Men who like to feel good and smell titillating dr squatch, takes you places you never thought. You’D go naked, where’s the light it’s missing, what a mess medieval people post, malone cedric back to galagos. Yes, i am all right bud light legends. Let’S! Do this! I sing it real man of genius singer, that’s kind of all. I do go on guys. I loved you, man, all right, let’s get out of here. Oh get that bike’s back it’s nice, the bud legend saved the day. I hope you guys enjoy those super bowl commercials comment down below and tell me which one was your favorite like the video.

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