Amy Schumer, Super Bowl, Hellmann’s and Best Foods, 2021 TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2021 – Best Ten Superbowl LV Commercials

5 million you’d have to be an idiot not to take advantage of a sale like that. Now let’s take a look at this year’s top 10 funniest super bowl commercials chosen by me and four surprisingly attractive college girls, number 10 twas the night before hold up let’s. Take this up a notch. It was the night before super bowl and all through tampa bay. The chiefs and the buccaneers were ready to play when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the super bowl legends of yesteryear. You still warming up, eli and peyton they’re up throwing footballs snacking on legs and destroying them walls hey. What are you doing his idea? Dad hey, i don’t care, beat step on them. Boys aren’t! You go to bed extra lot catch. The ball don’t be scared of the ball. I was not scared of the ball montana and rice relive their old glory, while adding doritos to the super bowl store. Thank you hey guys either. Can i play brought to you chip hell, no hey we’re, going to take these doritos, though come on man can’t you. How do you play you guys in the super bowl? Oh my shot. Joking, no we’re friends! Look at that! Oh, you guys are unbelievable. Ah, when up in the attic they’re wrong, such a clatter it’s called the immaculate reception, it was the immaculate pass. It was below the man’s ankles easy catch. You couldn’t make that catch brash on bettis cause a snack table to shatter.

Oh, i told you it wasn’t that easy, i told you my juice away to the window. Then i ran in a flash. He tore open the shutters and threw up the sash kickoff is coming. The teams are ready both hope that their season will end in confetti. So get the doritos, you guys are all right and get the tostitos pour salsa por queso get the lays and the cheetos now snack away y’all, because super bowl is here and we about to ball number nine where’s the light it’s missing. What a mess host malone! Cedric medieval people johnny doctor galactus. Yes, i am still got those moves. You know it all right, bud, light legends let’s! Do this, my bad, hey, sing it real man of genius, singer, that’s kind of all. I do go on guys, keep it going up. Yeah he’s not numbing, i loved you, man right let’s, get out of here. Oh get that bike’s back nice. The night legend saved the day, parties in my portal number: eight and free free, free and free and free and free and free and free and free and free and free and free, right, free, free, that’s, right turbo tax free edition is free, free, free, free, free, Seven, this is the story of a boy with scissors for hands. No, not that one edgar you’re gon na be late. This one, my son, edgar hi, sweetie. Next, how magnets of opposite poles can actually yo anger.

I’M gon na touch a lot of people. Thank you. Hey buddy stick with the menu that meeting would not end open, go ahead. Try and edgar drove off into the sunset, but don’t worry. He still makes it home in time for dinner, occasionally whoops your cousin from boston. I did not see that coming anyway. Sam adams, wicked hazy, ipa juicy right: will we not tell my mom about this number five, this local access message is brought to you by ubereats, hey everyone. Welcome to waynesboro party on wayne party on garth as a local access show. We want everyone to support local restaurants, but we’d never manipulate you. The way. All these other commercials do, oh god, sure, that’s, really sad, totally we’re better than that. Yeah we’d never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo right, cardi b yeah eat loco or jump on the latest trend. Your soap is ugh and your body wash is a synthetic detergent, but you’re not a dish. You’Re, a man switch to dr squatch natural soap for men for men who build things open, pickle jars on the first, try slay dragons and let their daughters braid their hair men who like to feel good and smell titillating. Dr squatch takes you places, you never thought. You’D go naked number three: when did the light salsa start making lemonade? Probably when 2020 handed us all those lemons, 20 20 was a lemon of a year. So oh there’s a lot of lemons.

Well, you know what they say when life gives you. You know the thing mark new bud light seltzer lemonade, packed with lemonade flavor after a lemon of a year number two aloha tony bolognovich here people call me the king of cold cuts. The sandwich business has been real good to me, of course, it’s. Not that tough. Just take some bargain bread slap on a little, not quite meat, get yourself a catchy jingle. What do you got boom sandwich pool, but now i got this jimmy’s john, showing up on my turf, telling me that they got the sandwich of all sandwiches he’s, trying hard fresh, baked bread all day i’m jimmy john’s and i have high quality, reasonably priced sandwiches customizable For your busy modern life, you think i’m gon na let some two first name sandwich joints. You may got fresh tomatoes jimmy’s johns, but i got loyalty, stevie you’re dead. To me this is war sandwich war number one did you know that norway sells way more? Electric cars per capita than the us, norway – well, i won’t stand for it, come ah on mind with gm’s new ultim battery we’re gon na crush those losers, crush them. Let’S go america, keenan, norway’s out eving us wait! What’S this oh it’s, my daughter’s birthday, she’s! Really! A pirate i don’t care grab an eevee meet me in norway. Okay, can i say goodbye to my family nope, all right, aquafina, sorry to disturb you, but norway’s beating us at evs, uh huh meet me there in an hour.

Can i ride with you? No gm’s ultim battery is made for all types of vehicles. So soon everyone can drive an ep. Oh, why didn’t we all just go together. No one will he’s, probably flying private norway. Listen up you fish, loving! Oh, this place is adorable, damn it. Where are you guys, we’re in finland? Where are you i’m in norway, norway, you’re in sweden? Oh damn it well that’s. It i’m sure we all agreed that was money well spent click the screen to check out more ads from this year’s super bowl and the best commercials from the past 10 years.

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