Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Elon Musk, Tesla, Inc., Dogecoin What does Elon Musk think about crypto? Will Bitcoin and Dogecoin pump to the moon?

The question we’re covering today is: what does he have to do with crypto hey? This is josh from phoenix team before we start, please click on the like button subscribe to our channel turn on alerts and share this video with your friends at the end of the video we’ll. Ask you a question related to today’s topic. Leave your answers below with your uid of femex and we’ll, choose five lucky winners: to get a special trading bonus. Now, let’s start let’s get one question straight right off the bat. As far as anyone is aware, musk isn’t the creator of any cryptocurrencies and doesn’t own any cryptocurrency companies, despite the fact that he once added former ceo of dogecoin to his twitter bio. So why has his name been appearing in crypto news? Basically, it boils down to his level of influence and his recent twitter behavior. He no longer has the dogecoin ceo joke and his twitter bio, but instead his most recent profile simply says hashtag bitcoin under his name he’s also been posting tweets egging on the recent dogecoin pump in the case of crypto elon musk steps outside of his usual role Of innovator and instead acts as influencer, for example, on january 29th, at about 8 30 pm, the bitcoin price was around 32 000. Then musk changed his twitter bio to hashtag, bitcoin and 15 minutes later 8 45 pm bitcoin was above 37 000.. Of course, we can never know or calculate all the factors at play, but it seems pretty undeniable that musk’s twitter move influenced the price.

Similarly, when musk tweeted, a fake magazine cover referencing dogecoin, the already hot coin, skyrocketed by around 400 percent, the correlation between musk’s tweets and growth in cryptocurrency certainly isn’t. Something you’d want to ignore if you’re dabbling in the crypto world, so as a must influence on the crypto market has been made abundantly clear. Recently, many people have been curious to know what does elon actually think about crypto lucky for us. He recently joined a discussion on the new social media platform clubhouse, where he briefly talked about his thoughts on the subject. Clubhouse, for those who don’t know is an audio, only social media platform, where users can make rooms, set topics and invite people to talk in public rooms. Anyone can join and listen if they want to talk, they can raise their hand and it’s up to the host to choose. If they’d like to let somebody join in on the discussion or not so if you’re curious about clubhouse, i recommend checking it out and following femax, ceo jack tao here’s a picture of his profile. So you can find him easily follow him and then, if you take a screenshot, you can upload it in the form we set in the description of this video and you’ll get a special trading bonus. You can turn on the alert to receive notifications when he makes an online live stream. Alright, so back to elon musk, he was invited to talk on a new clubhouse show called the good time show where he discussed a broad range of topics, including a few minutes on cryptocurrency.

So we listened to a recording of the chat and learned about his views. As for bitcoin, he said quote, i do at this point. Think bitcoin is a good thing. I’M, a supporter of bitcoin and quote bitcoin is on the verge of gaining broad acceptance from the traditional finance people, so considering elon, musk’s influence and reputation for forward thinking. These two statements provide a strong backing for bitcoin and calling bitcoin a good thing and naming himself as a supporter. So it shows a very clear and strong pro bitcoin stance additionally, claiming that it will soon receive a new level of acceptance is a strong indicator that he believes in its potential to continue growing. As for the rest of crypto, he said i don’t have a strong opinion on other cryptocurrencies, but this was followed by. I occasionally make jokes about dogecoin, but dogecoin was made as a joke to make fun of cryptocurrencies, obviously, but fate loves irony and lastly, he said the most ironic outcome, as the dogecoin becomes the currency of earth in the future. However, no word yet on what the most ironic future currency of mars would be. Although brief, these recent statements do provide a good idea about musk’s opinion on crypto. He seems to believe in the underlying potential of bitcoin and sees it as more than just an irrational bubble. As for other cryptocurrencies, we can see that musk deeply appreciates the vast joke that is dogecoin. So to recap: elon musk.

The richest man in the world has recently been playing the part of influencer in the crypto world. His actions on twitter have corresponded with significant price jumps in both bitcoin and dogecoin. So, to get some idea about elon’s real thoughts on the subject, we listened to him on a recent clubhouse stream, where he expressed support for bitcoin and appreciation for the dogecoin joke, and so on that note, thanks for being yourself, elon and long live dogecoin all right. Here’S the question for you it’s clear that musk can make a huge impact on the crypto market through social media. So what other celebrities should we be following to watch out for that might influence cryptocurrency leave your answer and your femex uid below and we’ll choose five lucky users to get a special trading bonus in seven days. If you don’t have a femex account, yet just click on the link in the description or scan the qr code on the screen create a femex account and you will get a seven day: free premium membership, trial and other trading bonuses to learn more about femex and Cryptocurrencies watch out the videos in the box on the left and, if you’re new to the crypto world, have a look at the videos on the right for some of femex’s user tutorials.

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