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Welcome back to the thinking crypto channel we’ve got big things to discuss. Bitcoin is moving very strong right now. It is back over ‘ 000. I want to talk about how long will this crypto bull run last? What is the potential top, and you know, as far as months what’s the timeline we’re working with, because that’s certainly important to know we’re, also going to talk about gamestop, potentially putting bitcoin on its balance sheet, given how its stock has been moving as well? As you know, the pandemic affecting its business also uh nigeria’s central bank is scared of bitcoin we’re gon na break it down before we do go ahead and hit that thumbs up button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If you’re new here it helps support the channel and it doesn’t cost you anything uh right now, bitcoin at thirty, eight thousand nine hundred and fifty six dollars looking pretty bullish right now it did cross over uh thirty nine thousand uh ethereum has been hovering over seventeen Hundred dollars right now, it’s at 1600 and xrp, is over 42 cents and it’s. Looking very good here, guys, my portfolio looks great i’m sure many of you who’ve been here since the bear market, and even years before your portfolio is looking great, so bitcoin uh, seeing an upward movement here. It looks like this. Breakout is legit, let’s hope it continues and it’s not some sort of fake out uh.

This market is very volatile and, of course, you have whales who can dump on us but um. You know what i’m looking for is that breakout to 50, 000 and uh? That will be a next cash out point for me: uh, not financial or investment advice. You do what’s best for you, i’m uh i’ve been very transparent about my cash out plans. I am cashing out on the way up, because no one can call the top, and in fact here we have block towers capital. Cio chief investment officer estimates another 9 to 22 months of a bull run for the crypto market, and this is important to pay attention to, and this is why i always share the macro level charts. You want to pay attention to the stock to flow model, from plan b, as well as um, some other choice, which is going to be charts from the folks at coiny metrics, because they’re looking macro level they’re looking at how have the previous bull runs, performed for Bitcoin and that’ll give you an indication of where we’re at so here the red line is uh, where our respective timeline right, where it’s from the last halving which took place in may of 2020 and as you can see, we’re still early, we haven’t hit the peak. Yet but uh, you know that might happen later this year and in fact the respective bull run could extend because this time around, you have institutional money.

But we don’t know that for sure and that’s the the you need to pay attention to the data you need to make sure you have a plan and my personal plan, as i’ve shared in my cash out video link in the description. If you want to watch that i’m going to be cashing out at certain price points and uh taking profits along the way up, i’m, not cashing at all, some of my crypto is in block 5 earning me interest and also i’m going to be just storing some For like later on for the future, for my daughter right things like that so that’s just my plan, you do what’s best for you, but we are on track and we’re still early, so to speak in in this bull cycle. So uh you know as far as nine to 22 months. I i think. Maybe, if we’re looking at the previous uh market cycles, it could probably just go – maybe 10 to 12 right. I don’t know about 22, but hey that would be fine with me. The prices keep going up because you know uh plan b shared this updated chart here, saying bitcoin price track after 2020. Having is between 2012 and 2016 tracks? I added the stock to flow 100, 000 and stock to flow x. 288. 000 model targets targets are average prices, actual bitcoin price will oscillate around targets. If 2021 bull market follows 2017, then 100 000. It is if it follows if we follow 2013 288 thousand, so certainly i think we’re going to be in the middle we’re going to be in the middle of that i think it’s over 100 000, but it’s not maybe not go over 200 right, maybe it’s between 100 and 200 so we’ll have to wait and see but that’s the point right.

These are probabilities. These are not certainty, so you have to have a plan, and even the other charts here, uh dan hell from kraken shared, like bitcoins on track 2021 is going to be wild, so certainly anticipating new all time highs and a big indication of that is the institutional Money buying up as much as they can so grayscale here they released an update on their assets under management, which is now at 30.1 billion dollars, and this includes bitcoin. It includes ethereum, it includes litecoin, stellar and so on and so forth. So it’s a diversified portfolio, but bitcoin is the largest of course, and remember what we’ve been talking about on this channel that celebrities influencers many folks will be uh or which, i should say, will start talking about. Bitcoin and they’re gon na invest right, gene simmons, the famous rocker. Of course you guys know from kiss he tweeted, yes, i’m, a bitcoin, hodler, seven figure so i’m sure he’s got some uh quite a bit of money in bitcoin he’s. Also a dogecoin fan. He said he put six figures in uh, dogecoin and well good luck with that man, because i’m, not messing with doge, you know, doge is uh, is interesting. It’S a meme coin. Even elon musk was talking about this on his uh, the conversation on uh, the platform uh. Oh boy, it’s, it’s, it’s um. It is escaping my mind, a new platform. Everyone is joining on with that’s available it’s for ios um.

When it comes back to my mind, i will let you guys know um, but here jim cramer, guys. This is interesting. The mad money man himself, bitcoin genius, he tweeted gamestop – needs to put needs to be a 5 000 store, bitcoin palace. I cannot believe how brilliant that would be. They can sell stock, buy a ton of bitcoin and just hold on call it bit stop or game coin wow. So he’s, absolutely right here. If i was the folks at gamestop and my pr you know, my stock price is going up because of this wall. Street bets scenario use some of that money, sell some of the stocks and buy bitcoin to help preserve the company’s cash reserves, because obviously they haven’t been doing good from a business standpoint, given the pandemic in the lockdowns right but um. Obviously we know the wall street bets guys have been um trying to you know, get one over these hedge funds who’ve been trying to manipulate the market so i’m, certainly on board with that movement, but gamestop should really consider this, and i i think this is a Smart move. They do that when you think of the likes of michael saylor and what he’s doing for bitcoin for corporations um uh. Certainly, we are we’re gon na see, elon and put bitcoin on tesla and spacex um a balance sheet soon, and even my interview with the mayor, miami he’s looking to put some of the city’s treasury reserves in bitcoin, so there’s certainly a pattern here.

I’Ve even interviewed smaller businesses, medium sized businesses. Recently, if you guys remember my interview with the ceo snappa, they put some of their cash reserves in bitcoin, also one of the the folks from tahini’s restaurants, the co founder of tahini’s restaurants. They are putting some of their cash reserves and bitcoin as well. So this is a trend and it’s not just from enterprise clients. So gamestop should certainly certainly think about this, and, of course, as bitcoin and crypto continues to get adoption central banks, especially some of these countries that have uh, really crappy fiat currencies and, like all fiat currencies, are crap for the most part, they’re they’re, all they. They all have a shelf life. Uh nigeria, central bank orders banks to close accounts of all crypto users. Any breaches of the order would face severe regulatory sanctions. The central bank warned so uh. This is not going to end well for nigeria, central bank with so many people with smartphones and with the fiat currency there equaling the likes of garbage um. It is not going to work out well for them. They’Re not going to stop this movement. The genie is out of the bottle, so this is really a way to try to stop it, but it’s not going to happen it’s, not they can’t, stop it and they’re going to get disrupted. Just like many others. Now, jack dorsey, we know he’s a big bitcoin bull. He owns twitter, of course, um he owns square and square is doing a lot of buying of bitcoin and investments in bitcoin.

Well, he has set up his own bitcoin, node um and it says dorsey will have a hand in keeping the bitcoin network running, and this comes as no surprise and i think he’s trying to work on some lightning network and so forth. You can see his tweet here um as he says here, um running bitcoin and he gave a screenshot, so that’s pretty cool, and you have these uh very wealthy, influential folks who um especially a guy like this who’s in the tech industry on border bitcoin. So there’s. No stopping bitcoin it doesn’t matter what your feelings or emotions are. What matters is what the free market is doing and the adoption it is getting and yes, bitcoin is not going to be competing with um. You know the likes of uh of an ethereum or xrp that’s, not its use case. Its use case is digital gold, a store of value and don’t. Get me wrong. I hold bitcoin ethereum xrp cardano litecoin chain link chain link looking good and by the way i think ethereum is going to hit 2 grand within the next week. It is it already crossed over 1700, so uh new. All time highs coming my friends so great to see this um also um michael saylor tweeted, the following. We at microstrategy have joined cop copa, open crypto if i’m saying that right, let me just make sure i get the acronym right there. The cryptocurrency open patent alliance copa is a non profit community that seeks to remove patents and litigation as a barrier to growth in crypto.

So i love this movement, and this this is certainly the the things that are needed for this market to flourish. Uh these these respective folks in the crypto market, need to come together, form alliances, form action groups right, um, i’ve talked about look, they need to lobby politicians in dc because that’s how things get done in the united states and we’ve got to get regulations in our Favor, so this is really great when you have these powerhouses like michael saylor, microstrategy and so on and so forth doing this uh. Finally, cryptocustodian protego gets national charter from the lcc, so brian’s brian brooks legacy here is working out so well um helping to get all these different companies the respective charters. They need to uh act as banks, digital banks, whatever it may be. This is, this is just more great news, so protigo joins anchorage, which of course, just recently got this um national charter license and they partnered with visa to offer a crypto buying for banks right. We covered that news yesterday. Well, like i said, protego joins anchorage as the first string of digital asset firms to get national trust, banking, bank licensing. So all the puzzle pieces all the frameworks and infrastructure being laid out here for a massive bull run, and i can’t wait to see this coin market cap chart where bitcoin is at a hundred thousand ethereum at ten thousand xrp at five dollars or so and uh. You know even like chain link at a thousand dollars and i am anxiously awaiting those price points and, of course, um.

You know be ready with your plan, know what you’re doing um if you’re cashing out, if you’re you know staking it or you’re lending it to earn interest whatever it is. You’Re doing just have your plan do what’s best for you and what’s best for your finances. Right, don’t just listen to random people on the internet, telling you not to do this or not to do that, you have to do what’s best for you. You want to be smart about it. You want to do your research, but have a plan don’t. You know there’s some people saying: oh, why are you gon na sell and don’t? Do this and it’s like um? Look, you may be in a situation where you don’t need to sell uh and other. You know you don’t even know what folks are gon na do with the money like personally i’m, not cashing out to have that money sitting in the bank and and you know, get destroyed by inflation. I’M gon na put that money to work i’m gon na like pay off my mortgage and uh be have some financial freedom in that way, i’m gon na be staking crypto to earn rewards i’m gon na be lending crypto via block fly and so forth. To earn interest so i’m earning passive income and obviously like i’ve, said before it’s, just holding a lot of it for long term, um so that’s my plan i’m doing what’s best for me and my family and you should do what’s best for you and your family.

So i i want to make sure i provide a balanced approach because, like i said there’s some people who are just outright don’t do this don’t. Do that don’t go whatever it’s like no do what’s best, for you make smart decisions, but do what’s best for you. So i hope you guys get that and uh let’s see where the weekend brings us guys. Maybe we cross over 40 000 for bitcoin again, potentially we hit 1800 for ethereum and we will see, but things are heating up. We got the big players in the market and um there’s. No stopping this train. It has left the station it’s barreling down the tracks and there’s, no stopping it guys so guys. What do you think about this? Could bitcoin hit 40 000 this weekend? Um? Do you think ethereum will hit 2000 within the next week? Do you agree with me? Please leave your thoughts and comments below hit the thumbs up button share this video and i’ll talk to you all Music.

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