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We wrap up our analysis with the crypto market, there’s a bitcoin paired against the ulc. Likewise, the light compared against the ulc over the weekend. Your saturday, my time right here, i have received a lot of messages, especially from nigerian traders. There is a breaking news. The government of nigeria are trying to ban all cryptocurrency trading exchange platform. In fact, it has been banned. The united states government have tried this once in the past and they failed crypto market won the government of india’s as well tried this in the past and they failed at last crypto one. So this is not a new thing uh in the crypto industry as well. You can see what happened in the ripple market, that is the xec against the repo. You can see later what happened on the ripple and which are already our gift analysis. I have announced, i invested heavily on ripple and i shared how i made over 200. On return of my investments in the ripple market, so this is not a new thing at all in the cryptocurrency market, which means, if you are from nigeria, you can no longer have access to fund your account or to transact through or your name, your nara or Your nigeria bank account for trading crypto market, but i got a good news for you guys. You don’t need to be in the state of panic, initially bitcoin wasn’t created to go through all the government bodies or the banks in system or the exchange trading platform bitcoin and the crypto system.

The blockchain network is created for a peer to peer group transaction, which means you can still go with your normal trading of cryptocurrency to peer peer or group system, which means there are a lot of cryptocurrency peer to peer trading hm platform, which you can switch to. As an alternative, i have links under this video. You can check under this link. If you are from nigeria, if cryptocurrency trader in nigeria – and you are finding it difficult to continue your cryptocurrency trading, we don’t need to worry don’t need to panic check on the links. I have under this video i believe the links is going to help you to register on the peer to peer trading cryptocurrency platform. This is a platform whereby, when you register your transaction can go through a medium of an escrow once you once you want to buy your cryptocurrency, all you need to do is deposit your phone through this escrow system, and then someone with the cryptocurrency you want to Buy can transfer to you and then you can pay the money as well to the escrow or medium. So this is a solution for nigerian cryptocurrency traders, and here comes a question: i’ve been receiving from cryptocurrency traders in nigeria. They keep on aximin or the humane descriptor exchange peer to peer group or is all safe. Is it safe for us to trick the currency hm platform? In fact, based on my experience in the crypto industry, i believe this is the best system for you to trade.

Cryptocurrencies to extend your crypto into your local currency, in fact, you don’t have to go through any commissions being offered by all this node exchange trading platform just appear to pay. I do not mean there isn’t any commission going on on this or peer to peer group stream platform, yeah the fit right here, it’s lesser than the one which your xm platform offers before, because you only pay for the escrow service so i’m just going to make A very a simple image right there, so you guys can understand what i mean to pair to peer or action platform. So, for instance, this is the let’s tag, this or rectangular box right a as their seller. So this is a seller write it and let’s make our the intermediary right here, as the escrow, so we’re just going to make this right a as a red box as an edge screw right here. This is the escrow and then let’s make this box right a as their buyer. Okay. So this right here let’s make this as a blue right here. So i’m, just gon na quickly all tag this right now, so you guys can have a better understanding about the information i’m trying to pass on right here so right here we got a seller. This seller there’s a seller right here, so there’s a seller right there. So the seller can be you. Maybe you are ojo, maybe you are uche, maybe you are mohammed or you can just use musa right? Maybe you are musa, you are from nigeria and then you want to sell your cryptocurrency to uh to uh.

You, you know want to say your cryptocurrency and asking for nera and then there’s an escrow right a this is the platform which i explained this platform peer to peer as an escrow, and then the buyer right here, let’s name this player right here, let’s name. This variety as maybe or shady okay, shall they write it. So this shady writes it so let’s just use this as a blue line right here. So this is a blue tag. This right there for shady shade is uh. Blue shade, loves blue color, okay good. So this is shady right here, so this is the exchange of of the peer to peer escrow system. So, as you can see right here, here’s the seller and here’s, the buyer there’s a buyer. This shady who wants to buy or crypto from musa. So this is what shady has to do. Should they have to send a look at currency? There is an error right here to the escrow, and then musa went after the escrow of no informed musa. That chadi has sent is a currency. Is he has sent a certain am a great or value of this or a local currency for the value of crypto? He or she wants to get then the escrow after a lot of musa after musa, of course, in the notification, then musa cannot transact the crypto to shady and once shady received the crypto should they be allowed to know. I swear the uh escrow service.

I have received the coin, then the escrow released the fund right, but on some peer to peer or groups system, the service sometimes is different, but at the end this it always goes through the same system, because on some peer to peer or exchange trading platform, you Can have no body seller and the buyer have to transfer to the escrow, and then everything just have to go to this escrow medium right here, so as to or create a medium whereby both sellers and the buyers are safe in the transaction. So no none of the both sides can run away with uh, maybe the money or maybe the crypto of of the other side. So these are the escrow service work. Alternatively, on some peer to peer exchange trading platform, the school may require the seller of the crypto to transfer the crypto to them. Once the escrow received a certain amount of the crypto which uh which the buyer wants to buy, then the escrow notified, the buyer and the buyers transfer the local currency to the awards to the seller, and once the seller approved that he or she has received the Payment for the crypto is sent to the escrow, then the escrow send the digital currency to the uh buyers or digital wallet address. So this is how the peer to peer or exchange trading platform works for cryptocurrency. These escrows know they have made a lot of high positive records. A lot of high passive reviews, reputative built a lot of reputable record, so this is the way i think, uh, based on my experience that you can defeat your government.

This is the way you can back up your government or restriction on cryptocurrency trading in nigeria, so check on the link under this video. So you can go through and they read all the times and condition and then go through everything. So you cannot start trading your cryptocurrency on this platform. Don’T give the government the room don’t, give the government a right don’t give the government the energy don’t, give the government the grace for them to deprive you your rights in this millennium in this 21st century. This is the information age. This is a global village. No one can block the crypto market. Okay, so crypto has come to stay and it has come to save forever. Crypto is the internet money, it is the people’s money. So if the government wants to block uh, crypto or trading or block the crypto system or block the blockchain, then they have to block the internet first once they cannot block the internet, then forget it forget it: no one can block the cryptocurrency market. So this is what i want to share with you guys so check on the links register today and keep up with your cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency has turned a lot of young people into multi millennia. Legally, i said i’m going to walk you guys, through some analysis, technical analysis in the bitcoin and the lights going. These are the markets i have on my watch list. If you want to watch my weekly firefox for this week, i got a link under this video.

As well check right there, because i trade, the forest, crypto stock, meta and energy market so i’m, going to give all short analysis about the btc paid against the usd as well the lightscreen pedigree usd so let’s dive in into the analysis right now so right here, I got a bitcoin as you can see right now. The bitcoin has no technically resumed the bullish rally. We got right from this level structure right here and this time right now, this formation we got right. There is a symmetrical triangle, and this is a very, very powerful technical chat pattern. Whenever you figure out a symmetrical triangle at an extended move of a bullish rally, it does suggest a continuation of this bullish rally and then right now we can see. Price is breaking out. I have already accumulated more cryptocurrency after they break out right test, so i am looking out to see what price have to offer. Maybe price gon na go in a british rally or maybe in a british rally and then take note. I have invested a lot in bitcoin when price was in trading at this low value of the thousand eleven thousand of the price level right here. So if you’re, not trading cryptocurrency right now, i’m gon na advise you not to put a larger sum of amounts right here so right now the technical information i got on the bitcoin is supporting a bullish or sentiment, but if price can offer a bearish close back Into this no pattern right there, then it does suggest the pattern we got right.

There is a false breakout. I swear. I got the light coin paired against the ulc, so here comes the last gon na play again against the ulz. I shared this trading signal with the vip members community of fs class when i bought into this cryptocurrency how i bought it based on the four hour chart frame i’m gon na show you right now. I got into this trade based on the four hour chart frame. So here comes the four hour shot frame of the lights compared against the ulc. You can see. We got the formation right here, resistance. We got low icing right here. We got it right here. Price broke out of this symmetrical information. We got right here and when price broke out right here i accumulated more light and writing. I shared this uh entry with the epi inverse community of fsls and then i know some members as well traded this uh cryptocurrency coin. So if you are trading, it right now, you’re very, very careful of the key levels, support which comes in at the price level of the 154.93. So if you have speculated the price of lightscan, which i do not, i trade cryptocurrency based on ownership. If you are speculating the best zone to implement your stop, loss right now should be at the swing blue writer. That is the price level of the 149.15, and then what i got right here, that is it for the bullish rally to continue on the litecoin.

But if price can close above this low sync, we got right there based on the forward shot frame. Then don’t be surprised if the price of light screen skyrocketed to the next killer, resistance, which would act at a price level of the 186.68. So if you guys are not we’re familiar or you find it difficult to understand my key level structure on my trading chart, maybe on the four hour shot frame or maybe on the daily chart frame. I construct my key level structures based on the weekly shard frame. So i control my key level structure based on the weekly shaft frame and then i try to analyze to relate it to the deletion frame. So this one. I want to share with you guys thanks for watching this weekly fire forecast, and i do not forget to like this video put a comment down share with this video with your loved one. If you haven’t yet subscribe to my free foreign class, which i do owed every thursday, 8 pm gmt plus 1 there’s a link under this video check the link subscribe to this. So you can attend the webinar which comes every thursday of every week and then, if you are looking out for a level forex brokerage company as well as stock brokerage communities, a stock bricket company web, you become ownership shareholder of a company in the u.s. That is going to become a shareholder of tesla, of amazon, of coca cola, of girl, guru or facebook.

This a platform that you can become a shareholder and not just the normal speculation. You have been offered on your trading platform, so thank you guys. I got all the links right here check on the links, so you can go through register for crypto stock or forex trading account.

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