You learn how www.stockguru.s i’m going to talk quickly and just get to the point um to learn everything that you’re seeing here in detail, it’s eight lessons in the course i made a course for this So these are the companies we’ve been looking at, or stocks or equities or bitcoin or crypto. So these are the ones we look at. Gme is only on this list because i give a warning not to short it not to buy it to stay away from this company um, which i did on friday, and i got a lot of heat for it actually thursday, like 400 dislikes and many many young People coming on and commenting saying people saying: i’m, a boomer i’m only 33 years old, but i’m, not a boomer, even though, if you are a boomer beautiful, you guys are awesome too um they’re, just like z, lots, no z. Lots on any side. Remember always take the middle path: you’re, not a zealot you’re, not one side or the other you’re understanding. What the hell like you you’ve, taken the information you make your own decisions and you don’t go extreme on any side for anything in life. Your middle ground is always the best, so these are companies we’re watching fubo tv, fiverr um. If i have a 10, we had a big day yesterday in the market, so big, congratulations to everyone, big money, also, the stock. The channel is about to hit 29 000 subscribers tonight soon gon na be 30 000, which is awesome.

I think i hit 30 000 tomorrow, which is gon na be cool i’m. Actually talking right now at the dentist to 30 000 people, um 30 000 people watch me every day, so right now, while i’m talking to you we’re feeling wimbledon stadium, so that big tennis stadium, wimbledon we’re, filling the entire stadium i’m talking to an entire stadium movie Right now, which is awesome and i’m glad that i get this audience and i’m glad that i get to help you make money and invest in the stock market, smart ways to grow wealth and it’s, very quick. Actually, just seven months ago i started this channel if you’ve been following me on twitter. For a long time, we’ve been even making huge gains as well, but for the last year, we’ve also been making really good gains, so that’s beautiful, so tesla we’re going to look at today up five percent. Yesterday we had a big day, ethereum fourteen ford, four wow. I, like that numbers four, four four, you guys know i like it when it five five fives, four, four fours, three, three threes, all interesting numbers um, the theory. My goal is 2 300. The target for ethereum bitcoin is one million dollars in the long term. If you watch my videos here in july, you know bitcoin was at nine thousand dollars when i’m saying bye, bye, bye, bye, bitcoin at nine thousand dollars. The video was buy right now by bitcoin it’s, going up and now it’s 35 000.

So you’re already up. Like 400 on bitcoin in a few months, which is beautiful, long term targets again for this new technology, revolutionary technology is one million dollars of bitcoin, so you’re just getting started dollar cost average into bitcoin i’ll. Make more videos on that match. You know is one of my favorite companies. I made a big video on match yesterday. This is one of my favorite companies and then, after the big video went up, four percent, so that’s beautiful baba has got the earnings report today, um after the close. I think i know before the open, baba’s opening, so i make a video on that. I made a video on that yesterday, actually so check out that for the technicals um to predict its price movement, twitter, we really like uber, is one of my favorites. I made a big big video on my favorite stock that i’m going to buy 10 of. If i can, i want to earn as much this is my favorite company that i’m trying to buy, as much of i can as i can. It was up four percent. So huge gains for me for every one of us, um in stock room master chat, we’ve got a chat group that’s 24 7 live with all the students ahmed’s in there he made four million dollars yesterday, four million dollars in the chat group, which was awesome pan’s In there, with six million allen’s in there, with one million uh dr elliot the dentist that you always see in the lives, if you watch my lives on tuesdays and saturday nights, he just hit a million with him and his wife, which is beautiful many millionaires.

We’Re very high net worth individuals, everyone that’s listening to this video and watching we’re buying pretty expensive stocks in stock market we’re. All investors we’re all got capital we’re all smart investors, so we’re doing amazing. And now we have a chat group for that um. You go to that website and then you sign up it’s 49 a month and you get three free day trials, so you can talk to some of the people that, as you see in these videos dgi, the dow is up yesterday 220 points which is good. These are the companies we’ve been looking at buying a lot this one. I also like a lot of um check out otgy read about it. I made videos on that. You can see on the channel. Airbnb is also a favorite of mine for the long term, as an amazing amazing buy. These are the other companies um right now, though, we’re going to look at tesla the technicals, so this is the charts of tesla we’ve been following tesla for a long time. If you’ve been following me, since 2015, we were buying this company at um in 2015 we’re buying this company at 80 dollars, so we’ve got huge gains, it’s up 80 dollars before the split. So even though it’s 8′ now it’s actually much higher than that it’s um. Four thousand dollars it divided by five so five times, eight hundred is four thousand dollars, so it’s, actually eighty dollars to four thousand dollars so 50 times investment over time, which is beautiful.

Lots of volume coming in for tesla volume, predicting price squeeze mob, going green heading higher stochastic overbought, rsi overbought. So what that means? When these are indicators, i teach all this in stockroom, mastercourse You can see the course link down there when it’s on the monthly candles. So when the stochastic is green heading higher, it means it’s going up these indicators there’s thousands of indicators. I teach them in i’m going to talk a bit less because there’s people now here stochastic overbought, when it’s above the dotted line too expensive, rsa above the dotted line too expensive. So right now, tesla on the monthly is overbought but it’s been overbought pretty much. Since 2007 – oh no so 2017 it went overbought rsi stochastic! Then it headed down to the cheap. In 2019, when illinois smoked the joint and i was telling everyone to buy as much of as possible 555 when everyone else was telling um telling you to sell all the msnbc cnbc bloomberg everyone’s like oh elon, musk’s sensationalizing, he smoked a joint on joe rogan he’s, Terrible i’m like bye bye. This is amazing. Inland tesla is amazing, so rsi stochastic overbought means you need to dollar cost average over a long period of time. I believe tesla in the long run will be four thousand dollars of stock, but when it’s above the dotted line you have to you have to split up your investment over time and buy over time.

Rsi is below the dotted line. Stochastic below the double line is when you want to be putting in more capital when it’s above the dotted line. You want to split up your capital and you’re buying every month dca, so you split your investment over time and you buy every month. Volume predicts price, which is very nice news for us, because look at this very little volume, 2017, 18 19 and the 2020 massive increase up in volume, so volume predicting price right now, there’s huge amounts of volume coming in for tesla um. The overall trend of tesla is massively trending up the trend. Is your friend remember this? The trend is your friend and tesla is massively trending up and it still looks like it’s getting it’s going to still move up massively. Look at this. The rsi and stochastic are very strongly pushing up. The rsi is overbought, so you have to dollar cost average more, but the volume is quite high for tesla right now. It’S very big i’m gon na make my face smaller because i’m moving around the phone a lot. The volume is very big right now, so volume is predicting price and there’s. A lot of it means the buying and selling of stock. So a lot of people are interested in tesla right now, tesla’s been following this major trend line um since 2020. Following up the trend line – and these are our targets now, so this is the long term now we zoom in further again i’m explaining things very fast, but i have an entire course that teaches this it’s, an eight day course um.

Eight lessons www.stockroot.os! You can see thousands of comments from students here – um there’s, not thousands right here, but you can see many comments from students here, there’s thousands of them on my videos on twitter. You can check out a thread on my twitter search stock guru and twitter, so stochastic rsi heading from the overbought, even on the daily candles. So in the before we look at the entire history of tesla, now we’re looking at each day in the market, each candle is representing one day. So this is looking back one year here, and this is the price of tesla, as it made its massive ascent. A lot of you guys, a lot of the students got this movement from 400 to 680, which was awesome. 650. Sorry, we made huge gains there because of the symmetrical triangle breaking out to the base of the triangle, and then we got this movements from here to the 900, which is beautiful. I did predict that tesla would come down to wow. Look at that beautiful. It came so these lines i put in before so we predicted it’s coming down. It came close to that line, but it didn’t touch it it bounced straight off. It rsi is turning to head back up again: stochastic is still open, heading down and squeeze mob is still coming down. So it’s a bit of a it’s it’s mixed here, it’s saying it’s still coming down more, but the rsi has turned to head up.

The only thing is volume has been dropping a little bit the last few days. We had huge volume here in july and may and then drop down, but actually the last days it did have no it’s still dropping a little bit but it’s still holding on this supports it’s got a lot of supports here. Um. Does it come down more? We have to see, but the overall trend of tesla is massively trending up. So again do not try to catch these movements down. You want to just be buying tesla every month. You want to buy here this month here this month, dollar cost average, as i teach in the course and you’re buying tesla over time every month, that’s your goal to buy as much of tesla as you can over the years has it become a four thousand dollar Stock price and even further in the future – and you want a dollar cost every month and you want to buy it at good entry points. I teach all this in the course stochastic turning heading down rsi, turning up lots of volume coming in um tesla bounced off this support here it did make a higher low, indicating we got further upside for tesla. So i think the targets for tesla with the stochastic rsi it looks like it is going to try and head up. So it looks like something like this hitting there stochastic coming down rsi turning up but stochastic, trying to close up so we’re getting a little bit mixed signals here, it’s trying to turn up again.

Rsi has already turned up volume. A little bit coming, in so i’d say it’s, going to bounce off. This resistance come down again to 817 and then bounce off and head to the upper end of this lane, so it’s going up for the next few days. The target for the next few days is going to be 881, so 881 is our target for the next few days. It looks like that bounce has saved tesla from falling down to here, but again it doesn’t matter beautiful. That means you can buy a tesla at a discount before it becomes seven thousand dollars of stock. If it does come down here, people came into the dentist, so i moved to the car. I didn’t want to disturb them check out this cool bouquet, beautiful flowers, huh check out this flower it’s like amazing and there’s, also another amazing one. This one. Therefore, the house flowers get delivered to the house. They were just in the car when i was coming to the dentist, so they just look beautiful. Okay back to the charts, so um stochastic rsa, coming down. Turning back up volume volume, slightly spiking it to me. It looks like it’s going to just here. I think it’s a bit of an indecision. Actually, we have to see what happens today when we zoom in closer. But to me it kind of looks like it’s going to play out like this. The cast cars. I turn up hit this upper end 882.

Bounce down. Come down even to 838 or where it is 817 bounce off and then come back up that’s how i think it’s going to play out, but now let’s zoom in closer to find out what happens for today’s trading day. So now, we’re looking for today’s trading day! So the main trend line that it’s following is this trend line. Here. Oh, i need to turn on economy. One second it’s, like i like this car it’s, got a button for an island it’s, really good turn the aircon cold yeah nice it’s, too cold beautiful, so rsi stochastic heading higher into the overbought. So now we’re zoomed in so now, we’re on today’s trading day. One hour we’re seeing what’s going to happen to tesla for today’s trading day. I don’t see any major patterns except that it’s making higher lows so it’s still going up, it did get it did get held here. It is getting held here. Do i see any kind of like triangle playing out there? Is that side you could make one and that side not really? Oh, there is kind of a. There is kind of one forming here, let’s clear up this box. We hit these targets already. We don’t really need um that’s trend line. We can keep this one. We can remove this one. We can remove this one. We can remove. No, that one we keep this one next to it, we can remove. If we can, i got ta zoom in on it that one we can remove this one, we don’t really do we need that one? No, we don’t need this one anymore.

So now we cleaned up the charts a little bit. Do i see a pattern playing out here? Kind of a big triangle is kind of forming okay. So here we have a trend line. You try to touch as many points as the line i’d make it magnetic. So it goes to each of the. It goes to each of the points so there’s a point and then there’s a point so two times it’s touching on the on the line, so that’s kind of a trend line that’s forming. We turn it blue right, that’s, different blue. We turn it this blue and then we have another line that’s forming here i make it non magnetic. We have a point there and we have a point there. So it’s got a new channel. Now tesla has a new channel that it’s playing in so now. We’Ve put in a kind of channel and that’s what’s amazing, with technical analysis, everyone it’s self, fulfilling prophecy, it’s beautiful it’s. Really you you, you can be like people call me: nostradamus, junior, we’re, all nostradamus junior. You can all predict the future if you use technical analysis in this way. It’S absolutely amazing. So now we’ve got a new kind of channel that see now when we zoomed in, we can see these lines we put in. We can get rid of no, we don’t need to get rid of that line, because that looks like it’s a resistance. So to me, stochastic and rsi is still heading up it’s going up today, even though a little bit overbought it’s going up stochastic gon na level up soon, but rsi is still going up.

So first target is this point here, hitting it second target going up to 882 um and volume needs to pick up, and then that would be by the 8th of february, and then we see what happens next. So first target is there. Second target is 882. That could play out today. Then the rsi will be overbought. Then we have to see what happens next. Does it re attempt to go back into this triangle if it does beautiful? If it tries to get into that triangle, we drew now it’s, actually very nice for us, because what that can mean is that we get enough power to break out of here. We break out of 880 for tesla. We start going up to a thousand. If we can get enough power here in this channel, then we can break up to the thousand dollar mark, which will be beautiful. So what we want to have happen for tesla if you’re a tesla long like everyone should be it’s bouncing this channel. We want it to come, they came down here. We wanted to try and get back into this triangle and then bounce here and then come to the end here around the 12th of february and explode to the upside that’s. What we want to have happen that’s the best case scenario for tesla longs, because then we can we’re up on to a new level we’re up onto this new. Like stage you know what i mean, and then we can follow it up on this new stage, which will be beautiful, so first targets today for tesla, ah first target here: 856 dollars.

Second target 882 dollars by the fourth of february is possible. So first target. I put in the trend let’s put in the targets, so they look awesome. Horizontal line first target is here today, train day. 857. Second target is, then: how does it 882? I don’t need to put in that target so first target 500. 857. Second, target is 882 for today’s trading day, which is beautiful, so those are the targets for tesla, 8 57, today, second target 882. Then we see what happens next, if you’re not subscribed yet hit the subscribe button. The bell and thumbs up button so you’re notified of these daily videos. I hope you like this video on the technical analysis for tesla, but remember long term goals, even if tesla does play out what i think tesla is going to do. It’S got two main options in the long run if you’re looking at this for the long run. This is what i predict for the future for tesla. Overall, we have even two main options. This is the price of tesla since we’ve been following it from 400. 600 300: a lot of the students got in here and made millions. My students made millions on these trades, especially this one in tesla, which is beautiful from 400 to 640. It was almost 100 almost 100 gain in just a few weeks. That was huge gains for us, but the overall trend of this tesla is going if, if it doesn’t um, this green line is the overall trend.

If it doesn’t break out here and go into this upper new level, which we want it to do, if it doesn’t it comes back onto this green one bounces off the 800s comes goes up again, and it follows this one. This is the main trend line, but what we could have happened in the long run is what we want to have happen is the tesla to break out into a new trend, new trend. We want it to break up here and then we can see huge movements for tesla, putting it by 2022, close to 2400 mark that’s. What we want to see and that’s what i think is going to play out, but we have two options from you, which we’re going to keep tracking over the months over the years and every day see the movements of tesla, but for today’s trading day. Tesla is going up. First, targets are 857 and second target’s 882, which is beautiful. Thank you for watching. I hope you have an amazing day check out the video i also made today on the best company to buy that’s. The next tesla, which will be uber, also check out a video i’m going to make one on neo’s technical analysis. This is james from stockroo hope, you’re having a beautiful day, always abundant thoughts anytime, you catch any negative thoughts. Thinking over thinking, worrying about stuff worrying about money, stop yourself start having abundant thoughts. What you want to have happen all the time in your life.

This is james from stock guru and i’ll.

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