Chipotle Mexican Grill, Super Bowl, 2021 🌯 EASY CHIPOTLE COPYCAT MEAL PREP 🌯 high protein, low carb meal prep

This is one of my go to meal preps for a high protein low calorie diet, so i’m really excited to share it with y’all. This is a lot healthier, a lot tastier and a lot cheaper than buying chipotle each day i like to make enough for three servings and just have three bowls throughout the week. These are all the ingredients. You’Ll need – and i choose to make bowls, but you can also throw these fillings into a tortilla and make some yummy burritos. There are definitely a few moving parts to this meal prep, but it can be done within an hour an hour and a half, depending on how fast your knife skills are so let’s just get started with the chicken just using that chicken you’re gon na need some Salt, some pepper, cumin, oregano chili powder and i like to throw in some trader joe’s everything, but the low taste seasoning, but that’s not totally necessary. Also in the spice mixture there’s. Two minced garlic gloves for the wet mixture next to it, it’ll be vinegar and vegetable oil i’ll leave the exact measurements in the description, you’re, going to throw everything in a ziploc bag or a large bowl and leave it in the fridge for as long as possible. I like to leave it in there overnight, but you can also just take everything else and then cook the chicken as the last step, Music. Next up, we’re going to be making the superior kind of chipotle beans, black beans, let’s start by chopping up, half a yellow onion and mincing two garlic cloves we’re, going to saute the onion and the garlic in a little bit of olive oil.

For about five minutes. Over medium heat, before throwing in the beans, this helps develop another layer of flavor, that’s, really bomb Music and, while that’s sauteing i’ll drain and rinse a can of black beans, make sure you rinse it. While you want that extra starch off of the beans Music after five minutes, we’re going to be adding in the beans to the pot, along with one cup of water and all of our seasonings salt pepper, a bay leaf, which i don’t really know. If those things make a difference but we’re, adding it cumin chili powder and oregano squeeze in the juice of half a lime and a lemon wedge, and let this simmer on medium low heat for about 25 to 30 minutes before serving you have to remove. The bay leaves, and at the end this is what this will look like. The flavor of these bad boys is insane while that’s cooking. You should move on to making your corn salsa i’m a huge fan of corn salsa, and i normally get the double portion on my chipotle bowl, so my standard is pretty high and this version lives up to it. All you’ll need is some frozen corn, one jalapeno a little bit of red onion juice of a lime, juice of half a lemon, and some salt and pepper. First you’ll want to let your frozen corn thaw in a bowl with some cold water. You can also use fresh corn, but you’ll need to boil it and get it off the cob and that’s a lot of work.

So i like to use frozen and i think chipotle uses frozen corn too Music. So, while that’s thawing chop up your jalapeno and the onion, i absolutely just buy cilantro so that’s why you won’t be seeing it in this video. But if you are a cilantro fanatic, there’s, some of that in here too, and now we’re ready to assemble and wow. I love these colors you’ll, combine everything in a bowl and let this sit in the fridge. While you make everything else, this gets better and better the more you let it sit, but it really doesn’t make it past the second day. For me, i always end up needing to make more because i eat too much of it Music. I always get fajitas in my chipotle bowls. I don’t know why people skip out on them. They’Re, free and they’re, so delicious, so to make chipotle style. Fajitas you’ll need the rest of that red onion as well as two bell peppers. My favorite ones are yellow and orange bell peppers, but feel free to use the green ones. If that tickles, your fancy – Music, Music you’ll just want to thinly slice. The bell peppers and the onion and oh, my goodness, look at the colors again you’ll want to cook these bad boys on medium heat with some olive oil i like to season them with salt, pepper and oregano, and they’ll be done in about seven minutes. We’Re, almost at the home stretch here next up, you’re gon na need your rice i’m using some cauliflower rice from trader joe’s, because i like to follow a high protein low carb diet.

But white rice is amazing too, so just use whichever rice, you prefer cook. Your rice, according to your package, instructions and after it’s cooked you’ll, just want to squeeze the juice of half a lime. Depending on how much rice you have. You might need more and also add some salt to it. And, of course, if you’re into cilantro you’ll want to chop some of that up and throw it in here for the cilantro lime rice, and that should be it. I didn’t record this because i don’t like the look of raw chicken but you’ll, want to cook your chicken over medium high heat with some olive oil and then you’re set ready for the final reveal. Oh, my Music, goodness and now for the best part we’re going to assemble our bowl. I like to use butter lettuce as my base, but you can use any greens. You, like i, throw on some rice beans, fajitas chicken, corn, salsa pico de gallo, that i get from trader joe’s, but you can also make this at home. If you want, and then i also throw on some plain greek yogurt as my sour cream substitute but feel free to use regular sour cream, if you like that as well, i like to top this off with marie sharps hot sauces. These are my favorite hot sauces out there and then feel free to add some guac or cheese to this bowl. I like to keep it lower in calories that’s.

Why you’re not seeing that here and yeah? This is that’s it the chicken tastes just like chipotles. It would taste even more if i cooked it on the grill, but i just did stove top, but literally everything is so good, including the black beans and the fajitas. The corn sauce is out of the park. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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