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I’Ve gone from this to this following an intermittent fasting routine. If you’re new, here and interested in sustainable weight loss strategies be sure to click subscribe now now, one of the reasons that i have had the success that i have over the last nine months is: i go for a slow, sustainable approach to weight loss now, one Of the things that i do not recommend is restricting types of foods from your diet, that’s, something that i’ve done in the past anytime i’ve ever followed. A crash. Diet has always been some sort of restriction now, whether that be a calorie restriction and not eating too much or a macronutrient restriction, and certain kinds of foods were off limits, whether those be carbs or fats, and one of the reasons that i have had the success That i have is, i don’t restrict any types of foods within my diet. So when i take you along with me today and show you my chipotle order, the reason that i’m making the choices that i am is because it’s my favorite bowl both for taste and it fills me up and is satisfying and one of the keys to success. When on a weight, loss journey is adherence whatever you can stick to and do sustainably that’s when you’re gon na have success. So, by ordering this bowl, specifically i’m able to get my nutrients make sure that i’m getting enough calories, but, most importantly after i eat this, i don’t feel like i want to go out and eat more food, or i don’t feel like i’ve, restricted myself.

So much that i want to snap and binge, which is one of the things that i’ve had issues with with diets in the past, is: if you restrict yourself too much for too long, what you end up doing is falling off the wagon completely. So i love a sustainable, slow approach, that’s tough for a lot of people, but it’s the way that you can continue to have success. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and head in and i’ll show you my favorite chipotle order. Well, i always get the bowl over the burrito. I just feel like you get more food and i get the brown rice over the white rice just because it does digest a little slower it’s going to keep me fuller for longer and when it comes to beans. I usually get pinto, but i may mix it up and get black that’s just a preference thing. I get pinot beans and then i always enjoy steak as my protein every once in a while i’ll get chicken but most time i’m getting steak and then the mild salsa. I have them put plenty of that on there just because it tastes good and it is filling and then sour cream and cheese, just some good fats in there and i’m only getting guacamole on it. If i’m looking to increase my overall calories but fairly simple and a delicious bowl again, this is my go to you can see the calories there, 760 calories and a good breakdown, so there it is.

This is my standard chipotle bowl i’m, getting this 99 times out of 100 when i’m going to chipotle every once in a while i’ll throw guacamole on it that’s only if i’m looking to increase my calories for the day, if my calories have been a little lower, I’Ll put guac on it, but generally i’m ordering this every time and the thing that i love about. This bowl is it’s a great mix of protein fats and carbs i’m, getting all my macros in, and it is completely satiating so i’m going to eat this today. As well as i may have one other meal and a few snacks, but again i’m finishing up an 18 hour fast, and this is going to be just perfect for me. So if you haven’t already, i highly encourage if you’re looking for a meal on the go, the chipotle bowl is a great option full of healthy ingredients and things that you know just a great meal versus a lot of the other fast food stuff out there. So, hey again, if you enjoyed today’s video and are interested in starting with intermittent fasting or want to see what i eat on a regular basis to lose the weight that i have i’m going to leave some videos on the screen. Now i encourage you to check those out and remember: we’re, not looking to lose weight fast, we’re looking to lose weight forever and willpower is a limited resource thanks.

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