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I got a few shout outs to given my trading group. This person stated signed up for vip elite. I took your suggestion. I doubled my money in less than a week. This person i’m up 58 000 in 10 days. I’Ve got a cryptocurrency trading group. I’Ve got six chat groups ruby’s, calling out breakouts posting charts working together to trade. This market i’ve got 41 videos in a playlist. If you don’t know anything about trading at all, nothing. You can watch these videos you’ll, be making profitable trades number. One reason why people join my trading group is i post profitable trading setups every single day and we’ve been killing it. If you guys want to join the cryptocurrency trading group, you want to pay in crypto email me: crypto bitcoin, chris i’ll get you set up and in the group today you pay for six months in crypto, you get a 20 discount. You pay for the year. In crypto, you get an additional month for free and a 30 discount. If you do want to pay with a card month to month on a monthly basis, you can do so there’s a patreon link that’s. In the description. I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution. We talk about everything crypto daily before we jump to this video. I want to ask you guys: smash the like button subscribe to the channel jumping right into the market bitcoin after a pullback again, bitcoin ran up and and essentially tested the resistance level right before all time.

High. Okay, so i mean it’s not too surprising that bitcoin got rejected here right now, bitcoin came back down and retested this previous support level. Where you can see you had breakout volume previously now your stochastic rsi is over sold, i mean. Potentially, you could get a situation where bitcoin ranges here, which would be. You know, good for the altcoins. If you get a further retrace uh, you don’t want it to go too much lower than say 37 000, but bitcoin when it breaks out of this. Essentially, all time high, you want to focus on bitcoin and ethereum when bitcoin takes off and big ones moving it’s hard for these all coins to keep up. I mean people sell all coins to ride with bitcoin, so just kind of keep that idea in mind. This is the one hour chart. I drew this falling wedge and i want to see if this trend line holds right here and then when will we see a breakout again, we don’t want to see a move much lower than here, because the the bullish idea of this cup and handle is valid. As long as the price action stays above, the confirmation line, remember bitcoin breaks all time highs, you’re, looking at about 44 and a half thousand dollars. Forty eight thousand dollar bitcoin there’s, a ton of upside bitcoin, will take off i’ve got some amazing, shout outs to given my trading group. This person stated i’ve probably made over twenty thousand dollars on ada alone.

In the past two months. It has had tremendous amount of upside. I gave you guys this setup huge gains. This person took 3 100 in profits on mana in less than an hour. These both of these gentlemen joined the group and they didn’t know how to trade at all. At all. I’Ve got 48 videos in a playlist that will blow your mind. I’Ll teach you everything i know about trading this market. This is the biggest financial opportunity of our lifetime. Make sure you got to take full advantage of this opportunity you got to make it count check out my website john shout out to john hit me up on twitter. He said i can’t. Thank you enough. Who’D have thought that i’d be paying off my credit cards. Yeah get out of debt like that’s life, changing think about it. There’S people that live a life where they’re just trying to pay down their cars or potentially they’re, not even paying them down, they’re, just basically keeping up with the monthly minimums and just accruing that interest and it’s kind of a devastating situation in america where debt is The is the american dream so good to see people getting ahead in life life changing money – if you guys want to join the cryptocurrency trading group, if you pay in crypto right now, it’s 50 off so to my website. Cryptorev.Net boom. This is rif. 38 profits took two days. This is unfi 65 gains on this setup, and i think it took about three days on this one.

So amir helene came out and stated that new partnerships, the increasing use of iot devices and the ease of mining, h and t are pushing the price of helium to new highs. This did pump the price of hnt. I had a good setup on this. One lron e gld came out while impressive and significant the load generated by the mayor launch, which i cover this with you. The app represents only a fraction of the elrond network capacity. Our mainnet is ready to take defy and blockchain adoption at an internet scale. He said egld killing it elon musk do this guy. Does he work? Is he on the dogecoin team because he stays pumping dogecoin dodge coin? I mean, if you look at dogecoin’s chart it just keeps pumping. He said the future currency of earth dogecoin to the moon. All other crypto combined there’s a poll. This is some news that came out in china. Chinese local court auctions, 2100 government seized bitcoin miners, the reserve price was 1500, there were 70 bidders that were bidding 40x. The reserve price definitely ready to mine some bitcoin in china. Remember, ethereum cme futures are going to be launched tomorrow on the 8th. Interestingly enough, like a lot of times on finance, for example, you see like binance is going to launch derivatives trading or futures on these coins after they’ve had an amazing run up. So again, you can’t be scared and just worried about this news, just trade, what you see on the charts take profits, use, stop losses, be smart 500, bitcoin, giveaway i’m, giving away 500 in three days to win.

You have to subscribe to this channel like the video leave a comment: i’m gon na pick a random comment over seven days of videos and give away five hundred dollars in bitcoin boom flex. Savings version two launch date and million dollar yield farming program is happening tomorrow. For bella protocol and i’ve got a setup for you guys in bella protocol. This is the korean team of bella protocol and they said it can change a lot of people’s life only if they invest and not eat it. All million dollar yield farming program biggest altcoin boom in history has arrived, says nicholas merton from datadash. I would say it started a long time ago started back here january right after this, you get this downtrend like when bitcoin dominates trends lower all coin season, it’s been epic it’s been epic. The key is needs to continue lower for these all coins to take off. If this bounces, all coins will bleed, so i mean we had a balance yesterday and potentially it started to roll over a bit so again. If this can continue lower, all coins will continue to take off, but if bitcoin breaks out and goes crazy, there’s a high probability that bitcoin dominance is going to increase and this will bounce ethereum. So what we don’t want to see out of ethereum here i mean so you have this trend line, this rising, rising channel right it broke to the downside. You got volume to confirm it right.

Okay, what you don’t want to see is a break below about 1600. there’s, a small like bull flag, that i talked to you about previously, which kind of rolled over right bitcoin with bitcoin’s pullback. What you don’t want to see is a bounce, and then you don’t want a lower high. You want a higher high, so the bulls have to put in a high higher than this previous high right. You get a lower high and you got potential of a shoulder head, shoulder right and shoulders pattern right here and then this breaks lower and it puts you down in this pattern and then not good for ethereum. So how does that tie into ethereum futures, cme futures opening, and then you just have to wonder, are a bunch of professional traders? Are they going long on ethereum at all time highs, or are they going to short it and get some institutions to dump and take profits on ethereum and make money going both ways so pay attention to what’s going on with ethereum we’ve got? You know: bitcoin price moves happen over the next 24 to 48 hours, so i’m. Looking for some volume to come in the market right now, trading, all coins is tricky right. Let me show you why up here i mean what you don’t want, is bitcoin to retrace down here, go back and test the support level right, and this is very strong resistance right. So if bitcoin breaks out and goes higher, it’s not going to be good for all btc pairs.

For sure i mean it might drag alt usct highers, but you have to think bitcoin dominant is going to bounce and it will bitcoin will outperform the the the usdt paired all coins, because so it’s kind of at this major turning point and so it’s just kind Of all coin trading is risky right now, so be smart about it. The fourth largest cryptocurrency is now ada. Past xrp that’s huge ada. You guys remember this video. This was on february the 1st, and then i gave you another reminder on february. The 3rd 13 584 saw this video right here possible retest, and then i did another update on the february 3rd. Four days ago, 13 272 people saw this boom killed. It see this retest right here. This is the retest. Ada is up 80 max gains in a couple days, huge remember. They came out with some news. They said hey main net end of the month. I covered it with you guys, make sure make notes on these setups. If you do not understand how to trade. These setups or or draw charts like it’s, not hard it’s like reading a map like if you’ve, never read a map before yeah it’s going to be difficult, but after you get used to it, it’s surprisingly easier than most people would think. Major correction for d5 is bitcoin rejected again above 40, 000. what’s next did d5 need a reset did yeah, i mean d5 was booming.

I mean a lot some of these d5 coins 10x in no time at all. In a month, five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks i mean they’ve taken off and so it’s okay pullbacks are part of it. Mike novogratz predicts bitcoin rally will extend into 2022.. I think we see a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin is possible this year. I think that it’s quite possible that this will market cycle will be longer than four years. Will it extend into 2022 sure i think so. I agree with that. Like there’s a lot of upside for bitcoin, i mean just think about all the there are so many people that are pumping crypto now that are talking about crypto, a bunch of youtubers that that never in my wildest dreams, i watch their vlogs and they’re talking about Bitcoin, all of a sudden bitcoin bitcoin cash b. I mean they’re talking about crypto. All of a sudden. You know on a regular basis on a regular basis. Things have changed and then you’ve got think about it. Michael saylor, i mean he looks like a genius. He bought like almost 580 million dollars for the bitcoin and bitcoin took off with micro strategy and square cash square. Did it too right and they bought? You know 50 million. I think – and so i think, we’ll see more of that as far as institutions and so there’s a ton of good fundamentals here, always trade, what you see on the charts, but definitely fundamentals matter all right.

This is our sxp longer term trade. Longer term, as in this is the beginning, look at the price of sxp in this video, a dollar a dollar a dollar. This was on the 24th of january 15. 648 people saw this video listen hit. The like button for real quick for me subscribe to the channel, so you can win 500 from the bitcoin giveaway that’s going to happen in three days: let’s go sxp boom. Sxp is two dollars and 15 cents right now, and so you can see it’s up 108 percent. In two weeks, 108 percent you doubled your money shout out to everybody that got into xsxp. I want everybody to feel their face right now. Is it melted because dude these all coin setups are melting, faces off it’s crazy? Look at this 15 648 people saw this video egld by the breakout of this level, perfect cup and handle rounded bottom rounded bottom let’s go look at egld now, boom ‘ gains on this move had to form this little handle. We started buying this in the trading group actually down here, but we’re up about 249 about a month ago, five weeks ago, 200 – and i mean just 2.5 x – i mean think about you, put a couple thousand bucks in this and you’re. You know that’s good money, snoop dogg is pumping dogecoin, he’s, chilling, dogecoin and then gene simmons, which we talked about previously. He said: he’s, the god of dogecoin brother doge coin pumps, the all these people coming out of the woodwork like they’re, all in crypto now and they’re pumping dogecoin, interesting tazos.

I don’t want you guys to miss this setup, hasn’t taken off yet but we’re going to buy the break out of this level. All right! Look at this bottom, i mean remember larger caps. Aren’T going to move like the smaller caps i’ve got some smaller caps coming setups for you, guys there’s some upside here, but bitcoin has to act right right, bitcoin pulls back. This will too always just remember like no matter what you can have the best all point setup in the world. Bitcoin does something crazy. The puppet master destroys the all coin setups in a second it’s like building a cat building a sand castle in the too close to the ocean. You know there’s going to be a wave that comes in and potentially at some point, rexure castle extra altcoins right bella. So we talked about all that news, it’s happening tomorrow, we’ve been waiting on this handle to form all right. So you got this bull flag falling wedge. I mean you can buy the break out of that falling wedge. Okay, bella’s got some upside, i mean you could see. 2.50. 2.70. 2.95. 3.25. 3.82 cents. You know 50 gains possible for bella over time, it’s not going to happen in a day unfi. This thing already broke out just my luck. So anytime, you see these parabolic curves and you see this that’s bullish right i mean you want to buy. You could buy something like that before the breakout.

I mean it’s yeah again depending on bitcoin, and i mean there’s still there’s still some upside here it’s. Just like how do you get into it and so that’s? What i do is i’ll zoom into the lower term time frames, and then you can find entry right. Just like you would have found entry right here, see that pattern, okay, and so you can go through in the fi, the five minute time frame 15 minute time frame you find entry there and then boom nineteen dollars. Cutum is another one with a lot of upside there’s, a bigger pattern here, it’s a bigger pattern here once gets going, it’s going to have a bunch of upside and you can see you got this parabola forming all right. So i mean: do you get some type of bull flag here? It doesn’t really matter you’re going to buy the break out of this level right around four 4 45 cents. You got to charge this though i mean this is not by now ave. This is part of the defy reset ave. I mean it ran up to 540. It was 84 about five weeks ago now, you’ve got this falling wedge right, falling wedge. What you’re looking for is, i mean potentially a move down here to about close to four fifteen. Four hundred dollars ave and then that’s, going to put you at your 0.5 or 50 retrace level, so there’s a high probability that you get a bounce in this area.

I mean essentially you’re buying the break out of this falling wedge and then you’re going to take profits on the way up. At 450, 480 490. 517 540. bitcoin has to act right, paypal, it’s, crazy paypal just comes in and says hey, you know what we’re going full speed ahead in crypto. Now they have tons of volume, tons of volume coming through paypal. They launched their business unit dedicated to cryptocurrency. I mean man, you can go on paypal right now: hit buy bitcoin and boom. You got some bitcoin litecoin bitcoin cash ethereum as well, and now they have a whole business unit, because why businesses are going to be accepting crypto everywhere.

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