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First, what you do is you’re going to sign up for a dodge coin: wallet you’re, going to go to my dot dodge chain that info you’re, going to land on this page and then you’re gon na hit create a wallet then you’re, gon na type, in your Email type in your password, then you’re gon na hit create wallet, and then they will give you a key, so um it’s a unique uh wallet identifier, so uh you just have to copy this and put in a safe place. So that way, when you’re gon na log into your wallet, you may need that and you also can reset the password. So please remember your password, because otherwise you will lose uh access to your funds, so you’re gon na hit open wallet. Then, when you open the wallet, you’ll see your uh dodge coin address right here. So uh, as you see here, dot chain online wallet. Did you send me an email let’s see what they say here. It says: uh hi. Your new wallet was just created a dodge coin, so uh they sent me that id that they showed earlier. So what do you have to do? Next is uh: go to changely i’ll, put the link on the screen and you have to pick what you want to exchange so, for example, let’s do ethereum to dodge coin. So now you select the dodge coin dodge coin and then you select floating rate or fixed rate, so fixed rate.

They will try to match you with the exact amount, but it’s going to be probably lowered and if there’s nothing going on that could affect the price. You can just go with the floating rate and then they’ll give you more dodge coins, so um you’re gon na hit exchange now you’re gon na hit exchange. Now again, you could still pick here fixed rate or floating rate, so i’m floating. It actually shows more fixed rate, it shows less you hit exchange now and then right here you go to dodge coin. You put this address in to your wallet you paste it here hit. I agree just make sure everything is uh exactly like its new wallet. Otherwise, the funds will be lost, so then you go to next and now uh go to sign up to make a payment so uh. This is a quick overview that it’s gon na be network fee. It’S gon na be fifty dodge exchange fee is going to be 12 dodge and you’re, saying you’re sending 0.2 ethereum. You actually have to uh sync quite an amount because uh they have like minimum there’s, like 500 xlm minimum to send. But if you really want dodge, then that’s one of the ways to do it, so you can sign up here, hit sign up button, and now you have transaction id on top and says: please send exact amount from your wallet or exchange account to the following address. So you’ll be sending 0.

215 ethereum to this address or this qr code, and you have about 35 hours and 59 minutes to do it so after that they just cancel the transaction, so it doesn’t cost you anything. But once you do that now the exchange will pick it up on the blockchain. I know that for a fact, because i get i did it the other way around the other day, so it will pick it up on the blockchain. This will change. It will show you the process where it’s at and then, when you refresh your wallet here, okay, so we log in here and changely will send you dodge coins right here and then you can hold them whatever you want. You could actually export them to a paper. Roll too so uh that’s how you get dodge coins if your exchange doesn’t support and you want to hold some for a while.

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