FIFA Club World Cup, Al Ahly SC, FC Bayern Munich, UEFA Champions League, Pitso Mosimane, Al-Duhail SC Hans-Dieter Flick BELIEVES FC Bayern München CAN win a SIXTH title and MAKE history

We have objectives things that we want to achieve yesterday. You know the team trained a little bit in order to move a little bit. We arrived, we were tested and then we went to the hotel and then this morning we did what we wanted to do. Yesterday we moved a little bit, try to get used to the climate, and then this afternoon we will have our final training session and then we prepare the team for the opponent. Sorry, i did not activate the microphone well same procedure for every match when we play in the bundesliga or the champions league or the club world cup. We have an assessment center within bayern munich, so we prepare for the opponent. We look at what the opponent looks. Like we talk about the opponent opponent within the training staff and then during our last training session, there are things that we tell our team. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of time, but we want to leave our team by itself. So it can, you know, be mentally prepared, mentally fit. Al hali is a team that has a good playing ability. They are very quick in the defense, but they have also a very strong wing backs. I like the way the win backs play. They have a pressing game and a head coach that is very impressive, very impressive in his way um of training, but also very impressive, with how he trains the team how he wants to correct their faults.

I mean it is a team that is continually improving and learning a very good team. I just met the head coach personally and he’s, a very impressive person. We know how we want to play football and our tactic led us to win many matches. First of all, we have an idea, but obviously it’s always very important – to keep an eye on the opponent and some things may change within the match, because we need to adapt – and this is what we will do in this semi final for our team. For the whole staff, you know our over arching aim is that we participate in the club world cup, and that is why it is our objective to win this match. We know that there is um a extra workload, but we just want to play this match. Have the same motivation be determined to win the match? This is a very important predominant objective to win the sixth title. I know that we have to perform in a very high level and then you know yesterday traveling i mean we have to let things happen in the past be in the past i mean. Obviously i was not very happy about what happened and to be stuck in the plane, and i mean we were there on time um. I just want to make sure that you know that we were on time in the plane that we were ready to take off, but you know those are things that i don’t know why they happened.

The way they happened, but it was not very pleasant but that’s. The way it was, and now we have to turn to the future, we are very much looking forward to play the semi finals, and today you know the the team will try to relax um regain energy so that we can win the match for us. This is our objective and i will try to ignore everything else. You can’t change the past. We can only influence the future. Thank you very much actually talk to them tonight and obviously i trust my players it’s their responsibility to perform and they are old enough. They know um how to deliver, how to rest, how to recharge their batteries, and that is why i will not make the rounds of their hotel rooms to make sure they are asleep and they rest and they don’t watch tv. I trust my team. We have a very important objective and i trust them that they don’t take unnecessary risks in terms of preparation. First of all, we won the champions league and we played many matches every three days, and that is why we prepare for the match that is ahead of us, so we’ll focus on the first match first and then on the second match and another third match friday. We were playing against herta bsc in the german bundesliga and then now we will focus on the semi final, so we will start preparing today for tomorrow’s match.

I mean when you are in football, you have objectives and when you read your goals, you have another objective. I think that we’ve done an outstanding job. We have always focused on the next aim. Now we won fifth five titles and my team and my training staff they couldn’t. They continue to evolve. They always want to do take the next step – and i mentioned this on several occasions – that success means that you continue to work and everybody needs to participate in order to succeed, and currently i can tell you that we have a very good mix, but also a Very good mentality within the team, good atmosphere and you’ve seen if you had seen the players in the plane, i mean they were very, very professional. They adapted through the situation quickly and now we need to always focus on. Our next aim. Do the best out of the situation? We continue to learn from our past mistakes and it is important to us that we take the next step that we continue to evolve. That is very important in sports. Obviously, there are certain things that we need to do better and we will. First of all, i am happy that i can work with bayern munich with a team that has a lot of potential, and i think that we will see after this tournament, who is the best team in the world, and we are right now. The best team in europe and such an international match tournament such as the club world cup, helps us to play against international opponents, and our overarching aim is to win the title.

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FIFA Club World Cup, Al Ahly SC, FC Bayern Munich, UEFA Champions League, Pitso Mosimane, Al-Duhail SC Joshua Kimmich BELIEVES Al Ahly is the "Egyptian FC Bayern München"; HE WANTS to MAKE history

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