FIFA Club World Cup, Al Ahly SC, FC Bayern Munich, UEFA Champions League, Pitso Mosimane, Al-Duhail SC OESN'T feel pressure as AlAhly PLAYS in the Club World Cup against FC Bayern München

So then they have been here before so i wouldn’t say is the the biggest mess ever for for for allah. It’S an important match: yes, yeah it’s normal for the allah, clap and it’s normal for the spectators to one more and we want more as the players and the technical we believe we can get more uh, but it’s, not gon na be easy. It’S gon na be very difficult uh, but it’s, okay, it’s, we are where we are. We have put ourselves in this position by by winning the champions league in africa by winning our first match, so we continue with our journey it’s a good journey. We believe in the whole team we believe in our players: uh, there is no team, even including buying money that we we were watching them. The last match that there are mistakes, every team has his own strengths and weaknesses, and everything makes mistakes. So we have made mistakes in the in the mess before we will make mistakes in bayern will make mistakes. When you go back to egypt and play the national team, i mean i mean there are our our league games. Football is about corrections and every mess until your entire you’re gon na make corrections and they’re gon na be mistakes, there’s, no perfect team. So we have our mistakes. We. We are humble enough to correct to acknowledge our mistakes and and and it’s part of football. It doesn’t mean if somebody made a mistake, he’s no longer good or we have to change him because he made one mistake.

You know you’re going to say how many games has this guy played and how many mistakes has he made. So you go with the history of the number of games he has played and he has played them well, so we also have to give Music space to call to correct. No team is perfect and we talking about criticism. I don’t i don’t read arabic. I don’t understand arabic, so i don’t know what you’re talking about, but all i know in football in bayern there’s criticism in liverpool, that’s criticism manchester united, this criticism. As long as you are in this game of football, it will be criticism and you’ve got to be humble and accept that when you’re in football there’ll be criticism, everybody’s criticized so it’s. Okay, we we understand, but the most important thing is to be humble and accept your mistakes and try and correct, but you cannot make everybody happy where we are. As the team is we come from Music winning three titles. We won the dowry, we won the cup, the egyptian cup, who won the champions league. We we now in the world cup we’ve won our first measure in the semi finals. We are progressing very well. If you ask anything in the continent of africa, no one has done what we have done and then we doubt ourselves now. No, we are a good team. We are where every everything anytime in africa wants to be where we are and then we doubt ourselves because of criticism.

We accept criticism, we will be criticized tomorrow. We will be criticized the next match. We will be criticized, but we move on. If you take an individual on any job that you are doing, and i focus on you – i’ll see your mistakes and i can criticize you, but but we move on. No one is perfect in life, we’re playing football within covet 19 and we are trying our best to look after our health. We are trying our best to look after the opponent’s health trying our best to keep everybody safe within the game, and football has to continue and same as other sports like in the nba continues. They live in the bubble to finish their games, so it’s normal. I was in south africa and where we have a very a pandemic, very strong and we had to finish the leak we lived in a in a in a bubble in a safety hub like we are now, and we had five weeks in the bubble. We finished with no problems so for me personally and my staff from south africa. This is even easier than than it was in south africa, so we comply and and make sure that the safe safety of the players, opponents and and and everybody is – is – is controlled and in the head and head too. So we can play football yeah in the bubble. Yes, it is difficult, of course, it’s not normal, but it’s for everybody, so we continue to play and inshallah the the the coronavirus can be controlled.

That is not in our hands as as football people is to the health organizations and – and i think everybody is doing very well to to to to to help with the coronavirus the game tomorrow i said, it’s a difficult game. Uh is going to test us as individuals and as a group to see how far we can do, but i always say that within the difficult part of the game and the stresses we should not enjoy to enjoy ourselves because any work that you do, you need To enjoy yourself, if you wake up in the morning you’re going to your work, you’re very unhappy that’s, not the right job. We do so. You must be happy to go to work. So we are happy to play football. Yes, it’s difficult. We blame bayern munich but uh, who who would want to swap our positions? No, we want to play by the big team. We are a big team. We’Ve got our own culture, we are the champions of of africa. As the captain was saying, we should trust and believe in ourselves and and see how far we can go and everybody has a chance, and god loves us all. So maybe we can cause us as a surprise and it would be a wonderful story at this point. In time with the big game like bayern, i need to motivate the players they’re self motivated. We motivate the players. When we play a small team that they expect to win, then you work on motivation at this point in time.

You work on the anxiety that they must never be too anxious to do things, so not motivation but work on the on the anxiety not to over respect but to respect. You know so that’s to be on the floor and it’s not easy to be honest because there are the human beings, we are all human beings. Imagine if you put you yourself in that position, it’s not very easy, so we just have to work on the anxiety of the players and they must do what they always do. We must never change and do new things because we’re playing bayern. We do exactly what brought us here and exactly what made us to win the last game and that’s our we’re best. If we give our best and our best is not good enough, then we have we’ve, given everything we are not here to to to perform miracles or, but we will play with our pride for our supporters for ourselves for the badge of the club and we will Represent africa that i know my team will go for it. I’Ve been in the world cup as a coach in 2010 in south africa, um and i’ve also been in brazil, not as a coach but as a spectator. I went to russia as a spectator, and we are here now and the preparations are good here. The quality of the stadia is very good. The quality of the hotels is good. The quality of the training pages is good.

The the pla, the playing stadiums, are good, and so i think those are for for the technical side everything complies here. I will talk technical because i’m technical, i don’t know about defense and and and and other other things as around outside the state outside the game. I can’t comment on that, but i think the airport is good see the transport system is good, the roads are good, the infrastructure is good and i think those are the most important things that makes you to host the world cup for me that they get a Good ride a green thick, so i think it will be success.

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